Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

1968 • PBS
187 reviews
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Volume 1 episodes (9)

1 Mister Rogers Talks About Divorce: A Boy in a Wheelchair
Jeff Erlanger, a young boy who uses an electric wheelchair, visits Mister Rogers and talks openly and honestly about his disability. Together they sing "It's You I Like."
2 Competition: A Favorite Factory Visit, Crayons!
Mister Rogers shows a favorite factory tour, How People Make Crayons. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday announces a "Draw the Neighborhood" contest, and Lady Elaine Fairchilde decides she will be the winner!
3 Grandparents: A Neighborhood Opera, a Granddad for Daniel
A whimsical musical story about timid Daniel Tiger who is in search of his long-lost grandfather. There’s an aquarium with starfish, an old goat and a Trolley Conductor, all helping each other realize how important families are.
4 Mad Feelings: A Visit with STOMP!
Mister Rogers visits with STOMP! the percussionist performers who use everyday objects: brooms, pipes, buckets and their hands and feet, to make exciting music. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine is working on saying “I’m sorry.”
5 Sharing: Dump Trucks at a Construction Site
Bill Nye "the Science Guy" stops by to show a science experiment using baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon. Mister Rogers shows a video of dump trucks at a construction site, and In Make-Believe, all that was lost is found.
6 Be Yourself: The Flying Karamazov Brothers
There’s a visit with the juggling group, the Flying Karamazov Brothers, a video of how people in a pasta factory make macaroni and talk about liking you "just the way you are." In Make-Believe, X the Owl is giving free flying lessons.
7 Be Yourself: A Visit with Magician David Copperfield
Magician David Copperfield teaches Mister Rogers how to do a magic trick. It takes lots of practice. In Make-Believe, X is giving flying lessons, and there’s a video of what the world looks like from a bird’s point of view.
8 Little and Big: A Visit with Architect Maya Lin
Mister Rogers visits with Maya Lin at her studio to see how she first makes small models of big things she is working on. They go to Penn Station to see what she created there. In Make-Believe, there's a video visit with cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
9 Celebrating the Arts: Appreciating All Kinds of Art
In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe Arts Festival, the neighbors find their own ways to express themselves. Mister Rogers has a video that helps us appreciate the wide variety of art, and says that being appreciative is a sign of growing.

About this show

Fred Rogers was a pioneer in children's television who created a place where children feel safe, respected and cared for. For more than forty years "Mister Rogers" has served as a trusted guide to help children learn about themselves, their neighbors and the world around them.
187 reviews
Jason Morrison
June 15, 2015
This show is remarkable. Mister Rogers understood the inner workings of children's minds and knew exactly how to talk to children about their lives, hopes, and fears without talking down to them. I remember growing up with the show but watching it again with my daughter I was amazed at how well the show spoke directly to her, in both the one-on-one segments with Mister Rogers and the Land of Make Believe. It's also a great change of pace from many modern kids shows - the show takes a very conversational pace, and there are colorful imaginative elements without sensory overload.
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Nathan Kopetsky
April 11, 2020
I Grow Up Watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, & Would Be Nice If We Had The Next Mister or Mrs. Rogers TV Series, & The 2 Very Important Episodes Mister Rogers' Neigbhorhood From Season 21 Mouthes and Feelings Episode 4 & From Season 26 Brave and Strong Episode 19.
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Joshua Denson
March 5, 2021
I never had a grandfather growing up Seeing him every morning teaching valuable life lessons made me feel like I had a grandfather that spoke to me everyday My favorite episodes were when he brought out the toy models & he brings out the little version of Trolley! Ah! The mems! I'll never forget him, and I have PBS to thank for helping me be able to see this show at such a young age.
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