Absolutely Fabulous

1992 • BBC America
671 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Fashion
Edina Monsoon and her best friend Patsy face a heavy day. Eddy is frantically preparing for her debut fashion show and trying to prove to her daughter, Saffron, that she can function without booze. Patsy, content for alcohol to remain a substitute for food, isn't helping.
2 Fat
Eddy is contemplating ways to lose weight. The problem becomes critical when she hears she is going to be visited by her reed-like model friend from the '60s. Drastic measures are taken as Eddy embarks on an aggressive weight loss regime which includes 'sleep running'.
3 France
When Eddy and Patsy take a trip to Provence, they find the language barrier is the least of their problems. Tension between them mounts as they drive round in circles looking for their accommodation, trying to remember which side of the road the French drive on.
4 Iso Tank
Banned from attending Saffron's college open day, Edina sulks in the brand new isolation tank she's had shipped over from LA. As she slips into a dream-like state, her world begins to change, but not necessarily for the better.
5 Magazine
Patsy decides to go to work for the first time ever, sending shock waves through her magazine company. To drum up publicity she organizes a fashion show, but it's put in jeopardy when at the last minute all of her models quit. Will she be able to persuade Saffron to help her out?
6 Birthday
Edina has reached a milestone in her life - her fortieth birthday. But far from rejoicing, the horror of reaching the big four-zero has traumatic effects and she tries to hide away from the world. Unfortunately, Saffy has organized a surprise family lunch for her.

About this show

Edina runs a fashion agency, wears designer clothes and lives the life of a jet-setter. Her friend Patsy smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and dresses like a dream. Life would be one long party - if only Edina's swotty daughter would stop complaining and start joining in like a normal teenager...
671 reviews
Joseph Nucifora
February 8, 2014
The current writers of American sit coms (formula -canned laughter- insult to intelligence-keep the public stupid) .. need to watch every episode and see what funny and clever really is. Maybe we would have something to watch on television for more than half a season.
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T.C. Wade
July 26, 2015
Ab Fab is guaranteed to make you laugh even if you don't want to! It pokes elaborate fun at what is "IN" (such as wearing designer clothes even if they look HORRID on you) & WHO is in. Wonderful actors across the board!
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Robert “Jackie Sparkles” Johnson Jr.
September 22, 2014
To start off, I just got into this truly brilliant series a month or two ago, and it is ABSOLUTELY incredible. Lovable characters, hilarious antics, and just plain addicting to watch. If you want an intro to British Telly, then you should totally check this one out.
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