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Season 1 episodes (24)

1 Sins of the Past
Xena journeys homeward determined to make amends for the sins of her past, but her efforts to begin a new life are challenged by the vengeful warlord Draco. Though she has lost her hunger for power and destruction, Xena cannot stand by when a group of warriors under the command of Hector, a vicious lieutenant of the cruel warlord Draco, threatens to slaughter the peasants of a small village. Xena single-handedly drives off the brutal attackers. Though the villagers are grateful, they are also fearful of her reputation and ask her to leave right away. All, that is, except a spirited young woman named Gabrielle who, bored with life in the village and the prospect of a loveless marriage, pleads with the warrior princess to take her along on her journey.
2 Chariots of War
Xena comes upon a peaceful town that is under attack by the evil Cycnus and his son Sphaerus. In a peaceful valley where settlers have joined together to build a new barn, thugs under the command of the evil Cycnus suddenly swoop down in chariots and destroy the structure. Xena rides up just in time to pull a young boy to safety before he is crushed by the collapsing timbers. For saving the boy's life, Sphaerus, Cycnus' son and the leader of the thugs, strikes her down with an arrow and rides off. Darius, the young boy's father, nurses Xena's wound and insists that she stay with him and his children until it is healed. That night, however, Sphaerus and his men ride out of the darkness to attack again.
3 Dreamworker
Xena must enter the magical realm of the Dreamscape to rescue Gabrielle after she is kidnapped and betrothed to the Dreamgod Morpheus. Seeking a way across the Mystic Mountains, Xena and Gabriella are set upon by a group of highwaymen. A furious battle follows and ends when Xena slays their leader. Unbeknownst to Xena, the whole encounter is observed by a Mystic High Priest named Manus. When they enter a nearby town, they are confronted by warriors. Outnumbered, Xena is busy parrying the attack when Gabrielle is taken away. As Xena searches for her, Gabrielle is told by her captor Manus that she has been chosen to undergo a series of challenges to determine whether she is a bride worthy of the god Morpheus.
4 Cradle of Hope
When an oracle predicts that a newborn child will one day occupy the throne of King Gregor, Ophelia, a young girl protects a helpless infant doomed by the prophecy that identifies him as a future threat to the King. She spirits the child away before the King's advisor, Nemos, can find him. She places the child in a basket and sets him floating down a river. The child is later found by Xena and Gabrielle. On their way to find the baby's parents, Xena saves a woman from a lynching and learns she is Pandora, granddaughter of the legendary woman and the present keeper of Pandora's Box. Searching for the missing child, Nemos' men confront Xena at a country inn, where they find her with Gabrielle and the baby. While she fights off the attackers, Nemos quickly snatches up Pandora's Box and steals away. When a panicky Pandora explains that the Box will open automatically and release the Hope of Mankind if it is out of her hands for another day, Xena arranges for a meeting with Gregor and Nemos.
5 The Path Not Taken
Xena's plan to prevent a war by rescuing a kidnapped princess brings her back into contact with murderers and mercenaries from her dark past. One dark evening, Jana, the beautiful young princess of Boeotia, sits under the stars with her handsome young fianc̩, Agranon, the prince of Colonus. As they celebrate the fact that their impending marriage will end a bitter, centuries-old feud between their two nations, several masked men overpower Agranon and ride off with Jana. Xena learns of the kidnapping when Agranon approaches her in a seedy tavern where she and Gabrielle have stopped for a meal. Impressed by the ease with which Xena fights her way past several lascivious drunks, Agranon pleads with her to find Jana. He names Mezentius, an arms dealer who will get rich selling weapons to both sides if war breaks out, as the probable kidnapper. Responding to the prince's obvious anguish, Xena agrees to help, though it means returning to the treacherous city of Trachis where she will be recognized by former colleagues from her dark past.
6 The Reckoning
Ares sets a trap for Xena aimed at returning her to her former life as a ruthless warrior. When Xena comes upon a hooded swordsman about to kill Teracles, the last survivor of an ambushed party of four villagers, she draws her sword and charges the brutal attacker. After proving himself a match for Xena with his quick reflexes and powerful blows, the swordsman suddenly disappears, leaving Xena to tend to the badly wounded man as the other villagers arrive. Distraught over the slaughter, they assume Xena is responsible for the killings. Unable to convince them of the truth, Xena manages a quick escape on horseback with Gabrielle. Rallying most of the villagers behind them, they set a trap for Xena, and when Gabrielle is caught, Xena surrenders. Xena is thrown into a prison cell where she is visited by the hooded Ares, who reveals himself and promises to rescue her and make her queen of the world. Xena resists him and prepares to meet her fate.
7 The Titans
Xena must save an entire village when Gabrielle unwittingly frees three ancient Titans, who have been imprisoned for centuries in stone. While Xena pursues a group of murdering thugs led by Hesiod, Gabrielle stumbles into a cavern where a group of priests are performing a ritual. When she corrects the pronunciation of a young woman who is chanting words from an ancient scroll, the huge rock sculptures of three Titans known as Theia, Crias and Hyperion spring to life from the cavern wall. Thrilled at being liberated, the Titans drop to their knees before Gabrielle, whom they proclaim a great goddess. Meanwhile, a skeptical Xena warns her friend that there may have been a very good reason why the Titans were entombed by the gods in the first place.
8 Prometheus
Hercules and Iolaus join forces with Xena and Gabrielle to free Prometheus, who has been chained by the gods. After being attacked by four sword-wielding bounty hunters, Xena saves the life of Demophon, one of the attackers who has been badly wounded in the fight, and waits out a terrible storm with her captive and Gabrielle in a local tavern. When both Demophon and a loudly coughing customer in the bar suddenly die - and a man's howling scream is heard over the sound of the thunder - Xena realizes that Prometheus has been captured by the gods. Gabrielle explains to the innkeeper that according to legend, if Prometheus is ever bound, mankind will lose all the gifts he gave them, including fire and the ability to heal themselves.
9 Death in Chains
Xena must rescue Hades' sister Celesta, the embodiment of Death, from the clutches of King Sisyphus or all mankind will be doomed to eternal life filled with suffering. As his wife, Queen Merope, nervously looks on, a confident King Sisyphus greets Celesta, the embodiment of Death, who has come to escort him to the Underworld of her brother, Hades. Through trickery, the King captures and chains his visitor, rendering her helpless by seizing her eternal flame. Meanwhile, Xena is attacked by the evil Toxeus while traveling through the forest with Gabrielle. In the heated battle which follows, Toxeus tries to stab her with a hidden dagger, but Xena narrowly escapes, driving the knife deep into the chest of her attacker. As she and Gabrielle walk away, they do not notice that the imprisonment of Celesta has already begun to have an effect - Toxeus' eyes pop open and his mortally wounded body is suddenly very much alive.
10 Hooves and Harlots
To avert a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs, Xena must discover who murdered the Amazon princess Terreis. When Xena and Gabrielle enter Amazon territory, they are quickly surrounded by four young Amazon warriors who are impressed that Xena knows their symbol of peace. But before they guarantee the trespassers safe passage through their hunting grounds, Terreis, the sister of the Amazon Queen Melosa, and her comrade Ephiny decide to take them to the Queen. On the way, Gabrielle and Terreis strike up a friendship and when the Amazons are ambushed and Terreis is mortally wounded, Gabrielle risks her own life to shield her new friend from further assault. Before Terreis dies, she gives Gabrielle her Right of Cast, which clearly angers Ephiny. What Gabrielle doesn't realize is that her acceptance of this Right of Cast has made her an Amazon princess, responsible for avenging Terreis' death.
11 The Black Wolf
When a band of freedom fighters, following a shadowy figure known only as the Black Wolf, ambush and kill a group of armed men collecting taxes, Xerxes, the cold-blooded ruler of Argos, threatens the villagers with death unless they betray the identity of the rebel leader in their midst. A dozen courageous citizens step forward claiming to be the infamous Black Wolf, and Xerxes angrily orders his guards to arrest them all. Xena arrives a short time later, just in time to witness her old friend, Hermia, being abused by Xerxes' guards when she begs to see her imprisoned daughter, Flora. After Xena teaches the guards some manners, Hermia tells her that Flora has fallen madly in love with one of the Black Wolves, and is now in prison for having taken up their cause to overthrow Xerxes. Xena vows to come up with a plan to rescue the young woman.
12 Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
Xena is summoned by Helen of Troy to help end the bitter ten-year-long war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Helen, the beautiful Queen of Troy, awakens from a recurring nightmare in which she is about to be murdered by a dark and mysterious warrior. At her side, Paris, the handsome ruler of Troy, reassures her that victory is at hand in the Trojan's war with the Greeks. Helen is not consoled, however, and privately dispatches her personal guard Miltiades to find Xena and bring her to Troy to help end the conflict. Not far from the city, Xena and Gabrielle come upon Miltiades as he is being attacked by three hooded men. Xena jumps into the fray but is unable to save the life of the guard, who relays Helen's message with his dying breath. Xena sets out for Troy with an excited Gabrielle, who can't wait to meet the legendary Helen.
13 Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
When Gabrielle decides to audition for a coveted spot at the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards, she helps another young hopeful regain confidence in his extraordinary talents as a storyteller. After Gabrielle enthralls the crowd in a local tavern with tales of Xena's heroic exploits, she is approached by a gentle young man named Orion, who asks if she's planning to participate in the Bard Competition at the Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards. When she learns that the top four contestants will be admitted as students to the Academy, she decides to audition, especially when Orion's father, Polonius, tells her that the Academy is definitely not for young ladies. She bids Xena a bittersweet farewell and travels to Athens where the tryouts are about to begin. There she manages to con her way onto the list of registrants after mesmerizing Orion and a group of other student hopefuls with a tale of the spectacular battle between Xena and the villainous Draco which took place in her village.
14 A Fistful of Dinars
Xena goes in search of a legendary lost treasure which includes Ambrosia, the sustenance of the gods, in an effort to keep the precious food from falling into the wrong hands. Xena intercedes to save her old friend Lycus from a furious attack by his pursuer Klonig, but only manages to save what the two men are fighting over - a leather pouch containing one of four clues to the location of the Lost Treasure of Sumerians. Only Xena knows that part of the treasure is the Titan Key, which unlocks the Hall of Ambrosia where the legendary food of the gods can be found. When Xena learns that the wily assassin, Thersites, already possess two of the clues to finding the treasure, she has no choice but to team up with him in the search.
15 Warrior...princess
Because of her startling resemblance to King Lias' daughter Diana, Xena is asked to pose as the princess to help flush out a band of would-be assassins. When Xena responds to a summons for help from King Lias, she is attacked moments after entering the castle by the vicious Timus, whom she overpowers. The King orders his men to go after the deadly intruder and explains to Xena that the attempt on her life was meant for his daughter, Diana, who someone is trying to kill before her impending wedding to Mineus of Liberium. When Diana enters the room, Xena is stunned to see that she looks so much like the princess; they could pass for identical twins. Lias pleads with Xena to masquerade as his daughter in order to flush out the would-be assassins and she agrees to help. The real Diana, now disguised as Xena, leaves the palace in search of Gabrielle.
16 Mortal Beloved
Xena is summoned to the Underworld by the ghost of her beloved Marcus to help defeat the madman Atyminius, who has stolen Hades' Helmet of Invisibility. One night, the ghost of Marcus appears to Xena to ask for her help. He tells her that the Underworld has been thrown into total chaos and that good souls are in danger. Xena follows his instructions and dives deep into the Alcyonian Lake to gain entrance to the Other Side. When she arrives on the shores of the River Styx, Charon confirms that the wicked now have the run of Elysian Fields, while the innocent are suffering in Tartarus. He ferries her across the river where she rejoins Marcus and witnesses the evil that has overrun Paradise. Questioning Marcus, Xena realizes that he was put among the wicked when he died. She is, therefore, quite moved by the selflessness of his request for help in restoring order in the Underworld.
17 The Royal Couple of Thieves
Xena enlists the aid of Autolycus, the cunning "king of thieves," to recover a priceless chest containing a weapon of enormous power from the evil warlord Malthus. Xena sets a trap for Autolycus and captures the self-proclaimed "king of thieves" to ask for his help in recovering a priceless chest containing the most powerful weapon in the world. She tells him the chest was stolen from Kelton and his people, and is going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder by the evil warlord Malthus. Xena and Gabrielle succeed in appealing to Autolycus' vanity in order to gain his help. Disguised as the notorious assassin, Lord Sinteres, Autolycus, accompanied by Xena, boards the ship bound for Malthus' island castle. They are welcomed on board by Malthus' evil lieutenant, Arkel, and meet a number of unsavory passengers, including the scarred and sinister Prognese. Prognese and the rest of the passengers are stunned when Autolycus reappears on deck. Bracing for a sword fight, he is unaware that Xena has come up behind him.
18 The Prodigal
Gabrielle joins forces with the warrior, Meleager, to save her home village from the ruthless brigand, Damon. When Gabrielle and Xena are ambushed by a group of armed highwaymen, Gabrielle becomes paralyzed with fear and is almost killed before Xena can intervene. Thoroughly shaken by her failure to act, she decides to leave Xena and return home to try to sort out her feelings. On the way to Poteidaia, she learns that Damon, who demands periodic tribute, is headed for her village with his band of thieves and she races to warn the citizens. Upon her arrival, however, her younger sister, Lila gives her an oddly restrained welcome. Gabrielle soon discovers that the villagers have placed all their hopes for survival on Meleager the Mighty, a famous warrior they summoned for help, who unfortunately arrives in town drunk.
19 Altared States
Xena and Gabrielle intervene to save young Icus from being sacrificed by his own father, Anteus. Icus, the gentle 12-year-old son of Anteus and Zora, runs away from home when his desperate mother warns him he's about to be sacrificed by his own father. Xena and Gabrielle intercede before a group of religious Zealots, led by Icus' older brother, Maell, can capture the frightened and defenseless young boy. When Xena learns about Icus' terrible predicament, she leaves Gabrielle in a hidden cave and sets out to confront the boy's family. Arriving at the boy's home, Xena is surprised to find the aging patriarch, Anteus, genuinely torn apart by the decision to sacrifice his young son. His elder son, Maell, however, angrily insists that God has commanded Icus' death and orders Xena to return his brother. Xena refuses and leaves. She soon grows suspicious of Maell's real motives.
20 Ties That Bind
In an attempt to win Xena back to lead his army, Ares masterminds a plot involving Xena's estranged father Atrius. Xena and Gabrielle sneak up on the army encampment of General Kirilus to witness several frightened young women being corralled and locked up by guards. Xena is about to move in when a mysterious warrior, edging towards the camp, is spotted by Kirilus' men. Shouting for the release of the captives, the warrior is attacked and nearly overpowered when Xena jumps into the fray to rescue him. When Gabrielle arrives and calls out Xena's name, the mysterious stranger stuns them both by announcing that he's Xena's father Atrius, a claim the warrior princess rejects immediately.
21 The Greater Good
Xena responds to a cry for help and stops a group of soldiers sent by the evil warlord Talmadeus from kidnapping Salmoneus and burning down his water factory, but before she can pursue the fleeing soldiers, she is hit by a poisoned dart in the back of her neck. She soon learns that Lord Talmadeus is seeking revenge on Salmoneus, known locally as Lord Seltzer, for being swindled in a weapons deal. Meanwhile, Talmadeus receives news of Xena's interference from his lieutenant Ness, and doubles his resolve to destroy Salmoneus. As Xena grows weaker, Gabrielle must disguise herself as the warrior princess in a plan to save Salmoneus from being killed by the warlord Talmadeus.
22 Callisto
Xena must battle the fierce woman warrior Callisto, who is set on revenge for the death of her family. Callisto, a ruthless woman warrior leading a band of cutthroats on a bloody rampage, tells a terrified village survivor to spread the news of her devastation and identifies herself as Xena. The real Xena learns of this cruel charade from Melas, a grief-stricken young man who has lost his two-year old son to the murderers and vows revenge on the warrior princess. Determined to stop the destruction, Xena and Gabrielle set out to find the imposter. Heading toward the ransacked village where she was last seen, they encounter the warrior Akteon, who believes he has come to join Xena in a campaign to plunder Thebes, based on a message he received from Callisto in Xena's name. Playing along with the deception, Xena changes the rendezvous plan and sends Akteon off on a wild goose chase.
23 Death Mask
Xena is reunited with her brother Toris and the two join forces to overthrow Cortese, the raider who destroyed their village many years before. When Xena and Gabrielle turn the tables on two masked assassins who ambush them on a mountain trail, Xena learns their leader is none other than Cortese, the ruthless warlord who set her on the path of war and destruction. Determined to defeat him once and for all, Xena rides into a small town under siege by Cortese's masked bandits, emits a piercing war cry, and charges into the battle to take on the entire raiding party by herself. But the fighting is soon interrupted by the arrival of a company of king's soldiers under the command of Aescalus. Cortese's lieutenant Malik and his raiders beat a hasty retreat into the woods, but not before Xena is recognized by one of Cortese's men, who turns out to be her estranged older brother Toris.
24 Is There A Doctor in the House?
Xena forces an end to the Mitoan-Thessalian War while using her medical knowledge to save the lives of numerous casualties, including Gabrielle. Xena and Gabrielle find themselves approaching a terrible battle scene. Xena explains that the Mitoans and the Thessalians have been waging a civil war against each other, and are fighting for control of the pass which is the only route between Thessally and Mitoa. Suddenly, they hear a woman moaning and discover the Amazon Ephiny, a friend of Gabrielle's, hiding nearby. Newly widowed and about to give birth, Ephiny explains that she and her husband Phantes wanted to have their baby in Athens, but on the way there, Phantes was captured and killed by the Mitoans. Xena, determined to put an end to the war, leaves Ephiny in Gabrielle's care and sneaks up on Mitoan General Marmax as he talks to his aides. When he rides away on his horse seeking a better vantage point, Xena succeeds in wounding and capturing him.

About this show

Lucy Lawless stars in this cult phenomenon that offers a combination of mythology, fantasy, and martial arts action - all set in ancient Greece. The series chronicles the adventures of a formidable female fighter, one of the fiercest, sexiest, and most self-empowered women in television history.
853 reviews
Holli Hayes
June 18, 2022
This show is the best one ever on air. You have two women traveling in ancient times kicking tail and taking names. They have adventure, love, drama, comedy, music and all kinds of Greek and Roman influence. I mean Lucy Lawless and the way she voices for Xena, Just terrific. I wish there was a season 7 or a movie or a book. Something to lift her from that death. Horrible way to leave fans but I get it.
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James DeMatteo
September 25, 2014
Not only the best show of it's genre, this may very well be one of the greatest shows to ever grace television. It's the story of Xena and her soulmate, Gabrielle. Watch them meet, become a team, and fight for the greater good throughout the ancient world.
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NiLa Warrior Princess
November 14, 2016
16 years from the shows first airing & still nothing comes close to phenomenon of Xena: Warrior Princess. Yes, there is plenty of enjoyable television, but Xena will always be on a class by herself. There is no other show that is as inspiring, exciting & passionate while also showing the triumphant, kind, resilient & perserverant nature of women. The story of Xena & Gabrielle shows us that no matter the Sins of the Past & the hardships we endure we can always fight to become who we are destined to be.
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