The Resident

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Season 6 episodes (8)

1 Two Hearts
When Padma's pregnancy takes a dangerous turn, the doctors come together to find a solution and turn to Ian to perform a miracle. Meanwhile, Conrad makes a decision regarding his love life and Devon leads his own clinical trials at Chastain.
2 Peek and Shriek
The high stakes governor election results in violence at the polls, causing multiple victims to arrive at Chastain. Conrad finds common ground with an aggressive patient, helping lead to diagnosis for his outbursts. Meanwhile, when another patient's lung collapses, the doctors fine a serious root of the issue.
3 One Bullet
When a gunshot victim comes into the ER, his injuries prove to be so catastrophic throughout his body that multiple doctors need to jump on the case. Meanwhile, Ian is faced with a mandatory drug test and Padma prepares for her C-section.
4 It Won't Be Like This for Long
Ian is faced with performing a surgery on a Jane Doe NICU patient while he continues to struggle with his personal issues. Meanwhile, Conrad asks Devon to cover his shift so he can spend a day at home with an anxious Gigi.
5 A River in Egypt
A college professor comes into the ER and Conrad realizes it's a former patient of his from when he was an intern. Meanwhile, Devon ends up admitting a man – who swears by an anti-aging regimen that he thinks is the answer to eternal life – into the hospital after he collapses.
6 For Better or Worse
On the day of Kit and Bell's wedding, Bell and Conrad get pulled away to tend to the ill daughter of a major hospital donor. Meanwhile, Billie takes Gigi and Sammie dress.
7 The Chimera
When a prison doctor believes a death row inmate is lying about his symptoms, Conrad and Raptor are called in to examine him. Meanwhile, Devon sees a traveling British couple who are nervous about the cost of American healthcare, and Kit and Bell meet with the Georgia Governor.
8 The Better Part of Valor
After a teenage boy is taken into Chastain for falling unconscious from a suspicious pill, Conrad takes action to find the boy's brother before he meets the same fate. Meanwhile, Dr. Bell deals with being served court papers from a former patient.

About this show

Entering its fifth season, THE RESIDENT continues to shine a light on the daily heroism of our health care workers. The provocative medical drama follows the doctors and nurses at Chastain Memorial Hospital as they face personal and professional challenges and fight for their patients' health. In a propulsive and emotional Season Five, the ante is upped, as the doctors continue to save patients and fight corruption in the healthcare system, this time with a partner. The alliance with Big Pharma that found a cure for sickle cell disease last season proves to be a very sharp double-edged sword. Old relationships will be tested, new ones formed, and the emergence of a widespread Medicare fraud scheme ensures Chastain will never be the same.
36 reviews
Jo R
March 13, 2018
Love the show unfortunately I cannot access the episode that aired on March 12 (The elopement). It says "Season only" which is weird because I did purchase the season on google play movies. Even when I try to repurchase it for another $24.99, it says I already own the item. Such a hassle!
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Sonja Kerr
September 8, 2021
Thank you because it's my favorite show to watch to see what happens in the show the resident I want to know going on thanks love sonja kerr
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Taras St Jean
November 9, 2018
I enjoyed Matt Czuchry from The Good Wife and he's perfectly capable of performing great on this show as the main character.
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