Village of the Damned

2017 • Investigation Discovery
283 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (5)

1 The "Curse" Begins at Christmas
In 1989, in peaceful Dryden, New York, a Christmastime massacre claims an entire family. Just when it seems the horror has passed, terror visits Dryden again. With these events, a so-called "curse" will descend on Dryden for ten years.
2 Thirteen Days in Winter
For thirteen days in winter, the Dryden community searches for a little girl, missing in the blinding snow. Not even the police suspect the horrible truth. Then, three years later, the "curse" of Dryden returns when a love triangle turns to murder.
3 Dryden's Dark Soul
As Dryden's dark cloud, two love stories turn to tragedy. In 1993, a woman awakes to see one friend murder another in a fit of jealous rage. Just a year later, Dryden's beloved football coach crosses paths with his daughter's deranged ex-boyfriend.
4 The Final Fall - Part 1
As news of the football coach ripples across town, Dryden prays the worst is over. But in September 1996, a month of terror brings the "curse: to a crescendo. Three tragedies will lead outsiders to call Dryden the "Village of the Damned."
5 The Final Fall - Part 2
In October 1996, Dryden's story reaches its terrifying conclusion when two popular cheerleaders vanish. Town residents have no idea that a twisted sociopath has been living in their midst for years. The events will scar the town forever.

About this show

Far in upstate New York, on the edge of the Finger Lakes there is a town. Welcome to Dryden. For ten years, a strange string of tragedies and murders stalked the people of Dryden. Some people say these events were all a coincidence. Others call it a curse.
283 reviews
Polypore Colors
September 26, 2019
I had never ordered this, or watched it, and it shows up UNDER ALL my Google accounts+ I don't watch movies, that are just blood , & violence with no plots. just the title is enough for me to know I will never watch it and I don't know why it's under my account (s) like there's any privacy or protection on Google 🤔🤪
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A Google user
December 17, 2017
So far this is a great show, but very sad, I can't stop watching if!! God Bless the community & the families that have had to deal with all the loss.
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sharon liggett
January 10, 2018
Its one of my favorites on ID but I can't afford to buy the rest of the series, guess I'll have to wait til they are free thank you very much, very good. Sincerely, sharon
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