The Brink

2015 • HBO
24 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 Pilot
Series Premiere. When a coup erupts in Pakistan, three Americans--the U.S. Secretary of State, a lowly Foreign Service officer in Islamabad, and ace Navy fighter pilot & prescription drug dealer--become entwined in an emerging geopolitical crisis.
2 Half-Cocked
With President Navarro and Defense Secretary Grey ordering a military response to General Zaman's threats, Walter argues that an air strike could unleash a world war. Meanwhile, Zaman's men drag Alex to an undisclosed location for interrogation.
3 Baghdad My A**
Alex is tasked by Zaman's half-brother Raja to get a message to Walter--a mission which Alex hopes will save him from being sent to Baghdad. On the aircraft carrier, Zeke and Glenn await their inquiry into the downed drone.
4 I'll Never Be Batman
In New Delhi, Walter defies doctor's orders and meets with the Indian Foreign Minister to urge him to withdraw his troops. Zeke contemplates the merits and perils of leading a double life. In Islamabad, Alex tries to deliver a package to Raja.
5 Swim, Shmuley, Swim
Zeke and Glenn narrowly escape from two armed men in the tribal region before being picked up by an eccentric British couple. With Fareeda missing, Alex and Rafiq head to her school and encounter a group of girls with nowhere to go.
6 Tweet Tweet Tweet
Ordered to return to DC, Walter runs into Joanne in Tel Aviv, and angles to use her new position to his advantage. Held hostage by Martin and Vanessa, Zeke and Glenn agree to participate in role-playing games in hopes of a release.
7 Sticky Wicket
Zeke is challenged to a fight; Walter fakes a medical emergency; Alex plots an escape for schoolgirls.
8 Who's Grover Cleveland?
With tensions rising in Islamabad, Walter tries to convince the President to act with caution. On the aircraft carrier, Zeke must deal with the women in his life before he and his fellow pilots get new orders.
9 Just a Little Crazy Talk
Walter tries to strike a deal with Zaman's highest-ranking general. Zeke and Glenn find a way to pass the time after being grounded. With Rafiq translating, Alex tries to figure out if and when he should initiate Walter's 'Plan B.'
10 There Will Be Consequences
Season One Finale. With a global crisis looming, Zeke and Glenn once again find themselves in a compromised state. Walter tries to diffuse the situation with various heads of state via videoconference; Alex tries to connect with Zaman on a personal level.
101 Season 1 Trailer
Tim Robbins, Jack Black and Pablo Schreiber are the hapless hopes for saving the planet from World War III in this HBO comedy series.
102 On the Brink Featurette
Visit the set of 'The Brink' as stars Tim Robbins, Jack Black and Pablo Schreiber open up about the satirical series.

About this show

Full episodes of The Brink Season 1 will be available for playback on October 26, 2015.

A world crisis plays out like a three-dimensional chess game through the perspective of three disparate and desperate men in this comedy series. Tim Robbins, Jack Black and Pablo Schreiber star.
24 reviews
Alex Woody
February 11, 2016
Best new show on TV.... Tim Robbins as Secretary of State, who plays dictators and Congressman to advert nuclear war.... Then there are two navy pilots on an air craft carrier, who get drunk, fail drug tests, & sell pills to there peers and commanding officers. This show will have u laughing so hard that your abs will be sore before the show is over.
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Chrissy Adams
February 2, 2016
Great cast, great storyline. I love a show that handles current issues with a light hand and we'll executed satire.
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James Maynard
August 6, 2022
I loved this show it was funny AF and it will keep you interested wish they wouldn't have cancelled this show
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