Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge

2011 • SYFY
85 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 What Lies Beneath
Brian Henson welcomes 10 talented creature designers to Jim Henson Studios for their first Creature Brief: design and build an original underwater creature for a screen test on the Henson Soundstage.
2 Return Of The Skeksis
The creature designers tackle sculpting, molding, and mechanizations as the Henson classic The Dark Crystal inspires re-imagined Skeksis who return to the castle for a screen test with the original Dark Crystal.
3 Assembly Inspired
The creature designers breathe life into unconventional materials from a junkyard to create a believable half scrap, half fantasy creature trapped inside a hanging cage.
4 Heads Up!
Humor is the key to this week's Creature Brief as mounted creature heads in an enchanted trophy room return to life under the spell of a wizard, played by Scrubs' Donald Faison.
5 Life In Motion
An appearance by Lady Gaga's unicorn inspires the creature designers to create a larger-than-life creature with realistic movement, performed on a black light soundstage.
6 Swamp Things
The Henson Soundstage is transformed into a mystical swamp for a screen test revealing camouflaged creatures hiding in plain sight. Face Off's Neville Page guest judges.
7 Alien Press Conference
Gigi brings Farscape co-star Rygel into the workshop as inspiration for the creature designers to build original alien species attending an intergalactic press conference. Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld guest judges.
8 Tavern At The Crossroads
Eliminated creature designers return to help the final three face their toughest Creature Brief: design, build and perform a full body mystical creature, including props and special effects. Only one is awarded the coveted job at Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

About this show

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge is a competition series featuring ten aspiring creature creators competing to out-imagine one another in a series of challenges showcasing the fascinating process behind creature building, from conceptual design to sculpting, fabricating and mechanization.
85 reviews
Amelia Delatte
April 4, 2014
Ok this show must go on! Face off is nothing compared to the magic that is Jim Henson. Dont pass it up like most do, Crash and bernstein is re casting ATM so dont freak out that no new episodes are coming for awhile. Muppets and creatures.
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Jonnie Fortier
May 23, 2015
I have always loved Jim Henson and all that he did. I am so proud that his son keeps his legacy going. I know being in the shadow of your father can be hard, but you have done a wonderful job and you should be very proud of yourself. You have keeped our beloved Muppets alive. Thank you very much.
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Mrs.Holly Irene
May 14, 2014
I freaking love this show! Jim Henson has been a inspiration to me and loved all his creations since I was a child. Glad they made a show to showcase other talents who have the same passion as he did! Can't wait for more seasons to come.
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