The Tudors

2007 • Showtime
198 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Episode 1
When England's King Henry VIII wants to wage war with France, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey proposes a treaty that will ensure their place in history as the Duke of Buckingham plots to assert his own claim to the throne.
2 Episode 2
In the wake of signing a treaty with France, Henry learns of Buckingham's plot to assassinate him as Lady Blount finally bears him the son he has always wanted.
3 Episode 3
Henry moves to cement his new alliance with Spain's Emperor Charles V as Anne Boleyn begins her seduction of the English king.
4 Episode 4
While Henry is named "Defender of the Faith" by a Pope grateful for his spiritual and political loyalty, fidelity is scarce in Henry's court. His sister, Princess Margaret, marries the decrepit King of Portugal, only to murder him soon after and returns to the lustful arms of Charles Brandon. The Duke of Norfolk and Sir Thomas Boleyn continue to conspire against Cardinal Wolsey. And the King grows ever more enamored of Anne Boleyn. His increasing disinterest in his Queen, and the realization that he still hasn't produced a legitimate heir to the Tudor dynasty, conjure an urgent desire for radical action.
5 Episode 5
Resolved to marry Anne Boleyn, Henry presses Wolsey for a divorce; a betrayal of their treaty by Charles V sends Henry seeking a rapprochement with the French.
6 Episode 6
As Wolsey struggles to have the Church grant him a divorce, King Henry's infatuation with Anne Boleyn continues to grow.
7 Episode 7
As the plague that is sweeping England threatens Anne's life, Henry anxiously awaits word from the Pope regarding his request for a divorce.
8 Episode 8
The arrival of the Pope's envoy brings a decision on Henry's request for a divorce closer than ever.
9 Episode 9
As Wolsey is driven into exile as a result of the campaign waged by Norfolk and Boleyn, Henry turns to More to be his new chancellor.
10 Episode 10
As More begins his bloody campaign to cleanse England of heretics, the exiled cardinal Wolsey makes one last attempt to return to power.

About this show

Tells the story of Henry VIII in the tumultuous early years of his 40-year reign over England. Bold and passionate about his country and his women, Henry's obsession with ensuring his legacy led to beheadings of friend and foe, waging war and challenging the Catholic Church of England - events that would forever change the soul of the British Empire. The series portrays his scandalous and romantic relationships with Catherine of Aragon, his brother's widow, and the infamous Anne Boleyn, the first of his wives that he beheaded. Also delves into Henry VIII's political relationships, including those with philosopher Sir Thomas More and Cardinal Wolsey.
198 reviews
June 4, 2021
Great series about the life of Henry VIII and his six wife's who he married in his desperate need to have a son as his heir to the kingdom and his failure to do so would tear the country apart from the Catholic Church of Rome and the New Church of England was born so he could marry Anne his second wife but the expected son turned out to be a girl who became Elizabeth Ist and ruled England for 45years this tells the story of all his marriages and the life of the court where theirs love and loss
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Liz Navarych
August 12, 2016
Henry 8th 40 yr tempestuous reign. Brilliantly done.
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Paula Surry
January 29, 2016
Henry viii & his merry merry wives of where ever, to me, lives to this day in this lavish series.. drama, passion and torture/death/be-heading and alllll that goes with these days of yor... love it, bought to life ... and being a Historian proff., i enjoy this emensly.
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