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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Trash TV: Dirty and Deadly Talk
As 90's Talk TV evolved from the cerebral (Donahue) to the trashy (Jerry Springer), the new format fused combustive relationships, shock and violence to entertain the masses
2 The Viper Room: Hollywood's Sanctuary
The Viper Room was a refuge for Young Hollywood to hide from the prying eyes of the press, until one fateful night when the death of a rising star instantly made it headline news.
3 TV for Teens
The story of how the upstart Fox Network forever changed television.
4 Beanie Babies Go Bust
90's parents and kids bonded over collecting playful plush toys known as Beanie Babies until the toy's creator, Ty Warner, used the internet's power to create a frenzied market.
5 Grunge and the Seattle Sound
SubPop's classic 90's indie ethos was tested when they chased mainstream money. The story of grunge told through the eyes of the little label that started it all.
6 Baywatch: Sex Sells
The world's first influencer was a TV show. Baywatch's Southern California sun, action, and laser focus on beauty made it appeal to more than a billion people worldwide.
7 A Tale of Two Cults
Doomsday cults emerged in the 90's, seizing on Y2K fears. While we watched the tragic Waco massacre on TV, Heaven's Gate leader, Marshall Applewhite made his own plan.
8 Hip Hop: The East vs West Media War
90's hip hop had an uphill fight for airplay and recognition. When the media finally caught on, they told a story that twisted the narrative with sometimes dangerous consequences.
9 Secrets of the Runway
90's supermodels were part rock stars, part royalty, and all dusted in cocaine. But off the runway, many were abused by men using their power to conceal an ugly secret.
10 Internet 1: Don't Believe The Hype
In the 90's, the surge of internet-exclusive companies captured the dreams and greed of American investors. In its wake, one beloved mascot was killed ? the Pets.com puppet.

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The 90's was a time of extreme social change and pop culture shifts. Dark Side of the 90's takes a deep dive into the decade's untold history, revealing secrets, perspectives, and first-hand accounts like you've never seen before.
6 reviews
Rodney Reese
August 9, 2021
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