Craig of the Creek

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Craig of the Creek: Volume 1 episodes (21)

1 Itch To Explore
Craig's quest to map the entire Creek takes him and his friends into the treacherous Poison Ivy Grove.
2 You're It
A vicious game of tag wreaks havoc on the Creek, claiming Kelsey as the next it.
3 Jessica Goes to the Creek
When Craig and Jessica are locked out of the house, Craig has no choice but to bring his little sister to the Creek.
4 The Final Book
The last book of Kelsey's favorite fantasy series goes missing from the library, so Craig decides to help her solve the mystery of who took it.
5 Too Many Treasures
Hoping to fix their fort, Craig enlists the 10 Speeds to give them a ride to the legendary Junk Pile.
6 Wildernessa
An encounter with Wildernessa, guardian of the wilderness, inspires Kelsey to take up a cause.
7 Sunday Clothes
JP dirties his last clean clothes and he must wear his Sunday best to the creek.
8 Escape from Family Dinner
There's a huge water balloon fight at the creek but Craig is stuck at home for a family dinner, unless he can escape.
9 Monster in the Garden
Craig is determined to catch the monster that has been wreaking havoc in Granddad's garden.
10 The Curse
Craig, Kelsey and JP run afoul of some no-good teenage witches and are cursed! Lousy teenagers!
11 Dog Decider
Unable to make tough decisions, Craig decides to put his choices in the hands of a dog named Fred.
12 Bring Out Your Beast
Craig wants to play a popular card game, so he decides to borrow Bernard's vintage and valuable cards.
13 Lost in the Sewer
Craig agrees to help The Sewer Queen map the sewers, but he quickly finds himself in over his head.
14 The Future is Cardboard
The kids meet an eccentric Cardboard Creator that invites Craig to help finish his masterpiece.
15 The Brood
Craig's determination to get his granddad a cicada shell causes him, Kelsey and JP to become trapped in their stump
16 Under The Overpass
Craig and his friends travel to find honeysuckle in the creek but discover a whole new part of the creek.
17 The Invitation
Craig and his friends are invited to an exclusive tea party with delicious desserts, if they can last to the end of the party...
18 Vulture's Nest
Craig and his friends start a band, but Craig is haunted by a frightening nightmare.
19 Kelsey Quest
Kelsey accepts a quest from the Elders of the Creek, but is she ready for her terrifying opponent?
20 JPony
JP decides to follow his heart and tries to join the Horse Girls.
101 Sneak Peek
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About this show

Craig is a 10-year-old boy who spends his afternoons playing in the wooded stretch of suburban wilderness known as the Creek. When he loses his beloved staff down a storm drain, Craig must journey with his best friends Kelsey and JP to find the entrance to the sewers hidden in the Creek and get it back.
158 reviews
Terranze Board
June 20, 2021
It shows that kids can still have an imagination! So many negative people on here making stupid a** comments. It shows diversity in race and being open to different relationships. It's allows kids to be kids and not to be judgmental like the negative people we have in today's society. It shows kids that no matter the background they all can have fun and be friends. Some of the comments on here are so hateful, ignorant and immature.
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May 21, 2020
Just weird. Everyone is so dramatic! When one person gets hit with one stupid water balloon they act like they are dead. Also, why are these kids just roaming a creek without adult supervision. Kelsey is eight years old but has a full operating phone. Also everyone is so dumb.
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Code Jazzy
February 17, 2022
This show brings back so many childhood memories of how kids viewed the world. And for all those 1 star haters, when have kids ever not been overly dramatic, and their parents are well aware of what they do and if u think that they are bad parents for letting their kids have fun instead of being in front of a tv screen all day then u can fo and bite dust. Besides that, this show is just great, all stars from me😁.
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