American Crime

2015 • ABC
506 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (11)

1 Episode One
In the series premiere, following the home invasion murder of Matt Skokie--a war vet--and an assault on his wife Gwen, four suspects are brought into custody: Tony Gutierrez, an impressionable teen who got in way over his head even under the watchful eye of his dedicated and hard-working father, Alonzo Gutierrez, Hector Tontz, a young man who has lived life on the fringes of society and has made bad decisions just to survive, and Carter Nix and Aubry Taylor, two incredibly lost souls whose addiction to drugs and to one another has become destructive and paralyzing.
2 Episode Two
Thirty-six hours have passed and reality is starting to sink in for all sides. Barb and Russ must come face-to-face with the suspects, Carter and Aubry, for the first time at the arraignment hearing. For Aubry and Carter, the hearing is their first opportunity to see one another since being arrested.
3 Episode Three
Nearly a month after the arraignment of the accused, the emotional complications of all involved continue to deepen. Carter’s sister Aliyah (Regina King), a devout Muslim, arrives to support her brother despite their strained relationship, and her stark disapproval of his involvement with Aubry.
4 Episode Four
Russ and Barb's youngest son, Mark arrives in Modesto in support of his estranged parents. At the same time, the families of both victims begin to lose control of their emotions as they hear that Carter's defense team has been granted a bail hearing due to new information. Carter's sister, Aliyah, makes it clear to Carter that he must follow her conditions and stay away from Aubry, whose parents pressure her to attend an NA meeting.
5 Episode Five
Soon after Carter is released from bail, he and Aubry reunite. In a desperate attempt to keep him from facing trial and possible execution, she cuts his ankle bracelet and forces him to make a run for the Canadian border. Meanwhile, after Matt's funeral in Oakland, Mark finally has the courage to tell Barb that he is engaged to a woman she may not approve of.
6 Episode Six
Following Carter and Aubry's failed attempt to flee the country, Barb becomes more dogged in her fight for justice and turns to media outlets to bring more attention to her son's case. Aubry is held in hospitalized care and continues to push her family and the authorities away. Back behind bars, Carter's situation worsens and Aliyah is desperate for contact with him.
7 Episode Seven
While Carter sits in solitary confinement, Aubry blindsides her family when asked to testify against Carter in order to stay out of jail. Meanwhile, an incriminating video leads to Tony being re-arrested and sent back to juvenile detention. Elsewhere, Mark’s fiance Richelle arrives in Modesto and meets Barb, who unashamedly questions her plans to marry Mark.
8 Episode Eight
As news of Aliyah's organized march for Carter's cause spreads, tensions and emotions within the community rise. The city tries to stifle the demonstration and the DA attempts to offer Carter a plea deal. Demonized and the target of violent threats, Barb refuses to back down and desperately rallies her own group of supporters to attend the march.
9 Episode Nine
Following the march in support of Carter that erupted in violence, Aliyah and her lawyer use the turn in public opinion to leave the court no choice but to move up Carter's preliminary examination date. Emotions felt by the families on both sides of the case come to a head when Aubry's mother, Ruth, sets up a meeting with Aliyah.
10 Episode Ten
Revelations from Aubry's recent statements have far-reaching implications as new and damaging allegations against Matt Skokie's role in the incident come to light. This setback is finally one that from which Barb will be unable to recover, leaving Russ to pick up the fight. Carter is handed a new lease on life while Hector's prospects turn for the worst after Aubry's account renders his testimony regarding Carter and the murder weapon inconsequential. Hector's immediately deported and turned over to the Mexican authorities.
11 Episode Eleven
In the provocative, heart stopping season finale, the criminal case comes to a shocking close for all those involved as we see each life forever altered by this incident. Charged with emotions and unexpected twists, certain journeys will end while others begin.

About this show

Anthology series with stories revolving around preconceptions on aspects of the social and economic experience, often highlighting tensions across racial or class lines, and from the point of view of the victims.

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506 reviews
Mark Clark
February 14, 2016
I watched season one and it was intriguing to say the least. the characters are well acted and the actors suit their respective roles. Season two is just as good. it deals with a subject lifestyle I'm not comfortable accepting , but I will not miss an episode. the portrayal of all the ways behavior and lifestyle choices impact all parties involved and the consequences of such is close enough to be believable. Great series. I hope they continue to hit on all of societies issues of our planet for many seasons
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Christina Thomas
April 11, 2015
I'm. not giving the show a 1 star I'm giving it to google play store. how are you gonna charge me for a tv series that is free to watch on tv. Its just convenient for me to show on my phone sometimes. Just so u know i would never pay for something that i don't have to to begin with. And u shouldnt charge people either. I the movies are a different story if someone want to pay for a movie thats fine
5 people found this review helpful
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brent wilson
May 17, 2017
Excellent timely drama about current issues in society with an amazing ensemble of actors who play different characters each season. Great writing means no easy, black or white answers to complicated problems we are facing. Some of the best TV ever made.
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