Gold Rush

4.48K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (11)

1 No Guts No Glory
When the going gets tough, the tough seek new frontiers. Six recession-hit patriots from Oregon become greenhorn old miners and head north to Alaska to dig for gold and save themselves from financial ruin.
2 Gold, Guns, and Bears
The greenhorn miners are at risk when a mechanical accident threatens to close mining season.
3 Running Dirt
The crew races to set up the mining plant and start running dirt. When the families arrive from Oregon and question the lack of gold and the men's only mechanic becomes dangerously ill, the tension builds so high Dorsey and Todd come to blows
4 The Ultimate Price
The team attempts to finally run dirt through the wash plant. But a visit from the Department of Fish and Game reveals a violation, jeopardizing their vital water supply to the mine. Then disaster strikes asTodd's daughter fights for her life.
5 The Pain Barrier
The miners continue to run dirt but an equipment malfunction brings the operation to a halt. Meanwhile, James Harness collapses and Jimmy Dorsey drives a wedge between himself and the crew when he takes on an extra job to earn cash.
6 Gold Fever
After 80 days, the miners are behind schedule and out of money. They need to find $10,000 worth of gold within two days or the families will be sent home. Meanwhile, after Dorsey struggles with the wave table, tensions flare and fists fly.
7 Going For Broke
With winter weather closing in, a gold recovery expert comes to help the rookies. Todd discovers a major design flaw in the equipment and is forced to make huge modifications. With the credit cards maxed out, he is forced to take desperate measures.
8 Bad Blood
After a hundred days in Porcupine Creek, the miners have dug themselves into a deep financial hole. The claim's owner wants to be paid and brings in a veteran outsider to turn the operation around, leading to high tension around the claim.
9 Bedrock or Bust
Desperate to get to bedrock and large quantities of gold, Todd and Jack throw caution to the wind and dig deeper than ever before. With the brutal Alaskan winter threatening, they battle floods, cave-ins and equipment breakdowns.
10 Never Say Die
With the arctic winter looming, the crew races against the clock. Rain and thawing snow flood the mine and Jack puts his life on the line as the glory hole caves in around the massive 100,000 pound excavator.
11 Full Disclosure
The Hoffman crew spent five months and over quarter of a million dollars in a desperate attempt to find gold in Alaska. This special episode reveals what went wrong and how the guys plan to hit the mother lode next season.

About this show

The gold miners of the Yukon are back to put everything on the line in the hopes of striking it rich.
4.48K reviews
Lonnie Goins
November 1, 2017
The show is awesome. I love it when Parker puts ole Todd Hoffman in his place but I think Todd ought to do things different that's just my opinion. But in the end I wish Todd and his crew the best.I'm not downing anybody and both crews are great and I miss Dave Turrin . This is to both crews keep on rockin you all are great and be safe .This is coming from U.S Army retired SSgt. Lonnie Goins in speedwell Tennessee and God Bless you all over and out
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Adam Wheeler
February 23, 2019
The show is great, been watching it since season 1, but Google play are scam artists and thieves. I've seen many complaints about this same issue of not being able to watch episodes when you have paid 30$ for the season. You get millions of people's money and still have to scam us. Google play sucks
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Chris & Christina Pick
December 11, 2016
I don't understand how discovery/Google play handle the season passes.. the first episodes were available to watch 24hrs after they were shown on TV.. It is december 10 and the most recent episode to watch is nov 25.. there have been two episodes shown on TV.. why even pay for a season pass when I can't watch it.. might as well torrent them..
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