Devious Maids

2013 • ABC
1.54K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Pilot
The women turn to one another for support when their friend and fellow maid Flora is brutally murdered.
2 Setting The Table
Zoila is irritated by Valentina's attempts to get closer to Remi.
3 Wiping Away the Past
Michael's ex-wife, Olivia, drops a bomb about Taylor's past.
4 Making Your Bed
The arrival of Genvieve's brother, Henri, complicates matters for Zoila.
5 Taking Out the Trash
A visitor from Carmen's past appears at Alejandro's house.
6 Walking the Dog
Zoila's job is jeopardized when Genevieve has financial troubles.
7 Taking a Message
A former student recognizes Marisol in front of Rosie.
8 Minding the Baby
Genevieve lies to her new boyfriend about her age, much to Zoila's dismay.
9 Scrambling the Eggs
Evelyn blackmails Rosie to get more time with baby Tucker.
10 Hanging the Drapes
Valentina worries about Remi's return from rehab.
11 Cleaning Out the Closet
Alejandro and Carmen have different opinions about his new relationship.
12 Getting Out the Blood
Marisol digs deeper into Flora's murder; Peri seeks Rosie's forgiveness.
13 Totally Clean
The mystery surrounding Flora's death comes to a head.

About this show

Inspired by the hit telenovela, "Ellas son la Alegría del Hogar","Devious Maids," features five close knit maids working for the wealthiest families in Beverly Hills. The maids are soon bonded together after one of their own is murdered.
1.54K reviews
Kimberly McBride
August 14, 2013
I was a fanatic Desperate Housewives fan, and this is the first show to come along that has all of the qualities I loved about my housewives. There is romance, mystery, twists, turns, raw emotion, etc. I am so glad that I got the season on Google Play so that I don't have to watch commercials and so that I can watch them one after another because, believe me, I could not wait a week to see what happens when an episode ends.
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Betty Lou Fuller
April 16, 2016
I watch these ladies every season. It is one of my favorite shows. They are always doing something crazy but they keep you wanting to yell, laugh, or cry. I recommend everyone watch rjem just once and you will be hooked. ♡♡♡♡.
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Jessica Aragon
June 3, 2015
So spicy. Lol. Jk. Oh and Sally C. I don't think there are illegals in this show. You are probably just one of those "they're taking our jobs" type of people. Don't worry I am sure you can find a job as a maid too. Lots of white maids in my area.
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