The Jack and Triumph Show

2014 • NBC
142 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (7)

1 Triumph Comes Home
UNCENSORED. Years after mysteriously disappearing, Triumph shows up and convinces Jack to capitalize on their former fame at an autograph convention.
2 Coffee
UNCENSORED. After hearing about Kopi Luwak, the coffee made from beans that have passed through civet cats, Triumph enlists Jack in a new business venture.
3 Something Racist
UNCENSORED. With racism in the news, Triumph has an idea for a way to make Jack famous again.
4 Siri
UNCENSORED. When June gets a new iPad, Triumph sees a challenge in the unflappable Siri and attempts to break her spirit with insults.
5 Sorvino’s Pants
UNCENSORED. After Triumph smells Paul Sorvino's pants at a restaurant he becomes obsessed with their aroma and plots a way to satisfy his craving for more.
6 Dog House
UNCENSORED. When June kicks Triumph outside and puts him in a doghouse, he is left with no choice but to try to burn it down.
7 Commercial
UNCENSORED. Triumph tricks Jack into filming a commercial in Irkutsk, Siberia – a foreign land where “Triumph's Boy” is still wildly popular.

About this show

"The Jack and Triumph Show" features Jack McBrayer as a former child star of a popular Lassie-type TV series that's reunited after 15 years with his crude and decadent but beloved friend and former co-star, played by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Also starring June Squibb and featuring special celebrity guest stars, this new half-hour live-action comedy series is produced by Robert Smigel ("SNL," "TV Funhouse," "Conan") and Michael Koman ("Nathan For You," "Eagleheart").
142 reviews
Daniel Benedon
March 1, 2015
The Jack and Triumph Show. It Tends to stray away from the Norm. The One most people usually like watching. I think Jack McBrayer finally found his fit. I liked Jack McBrayer when he was on that show ( 30 Rock) he was very Funny. He was funny then, but now I find him Hilarious. This is a Coming of Age Sitcom. And, this Show is very Different and I think that's a Good thing. The Times are a Changing. And, this Show will Truly make you Laugh til' you cry, Cause ya can't Laugh Anymore.
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Wayne Ray Chavis
November 24, 2019
I purchased one episode, now I am Apparently stuck with it for life on my YouTube channel. I spent several hours with YouTube on the phone, they couldn't find a way to delete it. The actors are great, but I am not a fan of this movie. I truly regret the purchase, so be careful when you purchase a video, you may want to delete it, but to only discover, you won't ever be able to.
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A Google user
March 22, 2015
I love this show. The characters fit perfectly within the show. I love Jack because of his politeness, but Triumph is my favorite because of his crude honesty. It's possibly my favorite show currently on Adult Swim, also the time's also pretty convenient!
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