My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?

88 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (8)

1 Melissa and Ashley
Melissa finds herself overwhelmed with four children, a marriage on the rocks, and an unexpected pregnancy. When Ashley's weight loss journey hits a wall, she sets out to find new inspiration to get herself back on track towards a healthy lifestyle.
2 Christina and Paula
Christina's weight loss has gone too far, too fast, and now threatens her life. After losing 300lbs, Paula must endure more surgery to deal with a body entirely covered in loose and sagging excess skin.
3 Zsalynn and Olivia
Zsalynn is excited for a fresh start but her 360-body lift at a Beverly Hills clinic proves more challenging than expected. Lonely and depressed since her gastric surgery, Olivia wants skin removal surgery but struggles to lose the weight to qualify.
4 Bettie Jo and Susan
Bettie Jo battles depression and a cancer diagnosis and when she finds out she's pregnant, she and her husband must find a way to cope. Susan suffers a major setback after surgery for her excess skin, thwarting her hopes to conquer her obesity.
5 Joe
Joe has come a long way from being morbidly obese... He's in love and is contemplating proposing to his girlfriend.
6 Angel and Charity
Despite having lost 378 pounds, Angel's crippling knee pain combined with a legacy of extreme obesity threatens everything she's worked for.
7 Laura and Marla
Laura has lost 300lbs+ and is much less dependent on her husband Joey who now he's having trouble finding his way in the relationship. Marla, one of Dr. Now's most challenging patients returns and the fireworks begin all over again.
8 Chay and Pauline
Pauline must find the will to keep up her weight-loss progress after a medical emergency. Chaye's finally admitting what he's long known, that he's a transgender woman. However, the emotional stress of coming out could threaten his weight loss journey.

About this show

Check in on the men and women featured on My 600-lb. Life to see if they've been able to keep the weight off and maintain changes in their lives.
88 reviews
Robbie King
April 4, 2015
Its funny I was catching on this season and had made a. Comment to my husband how it would be nice to see a followup on the people who had been on the show. Then low and behold I find this series, it is great to see if these people took this wonderful gift for a renewed life of not.
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Kathy Adadms
May 20, 2016
I love this show it have inspired me to have the surgery as well just hoping that I find a good support group like everyone else I do have my fear but i think that everyone have did an outstanding job keep up the good work!!!!!!!👏👍✌💖💖💖💖💖
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A Google user
November 22, 2017
This is a great show. It inspires me to loose weight with diet and exercise and I have lost thirty five pounds in two months.
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