2015 • AMC
1.59K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Episode 1
The Hawkins family buys a Synth named Anita. But are they in danger from her? And why is the hunted young man Leo desperate to find her? Meanwhile, George’s beloved Synth, Odi, malfunctions, and Pete is jealous of his wife’s Synth.
2 Episode 2
Niska stages a brutal escape from the brothel, and Leo’s secret is revealed. George is horrified to be given a new Synth, Vera.
3 Episode 3
Anita saves Toby’s life—but is there something strange about her? George breaks away from Vera, and Pete stews over the brothel murder cover-up. Niska enjoys her freedom—but has she found a second victim?
4 Episode 4
Joe crosses a boundary with the beautiful Anita, while Pete stays at Karen’s place following an argument with his wife. Leo gets one step closer to finding Mia, and Niska wreaks revenge.
5 Episode 5
With Karen hot on her trail, Leo sends Niska to George’s house and an unlikely friendship begins. Joe’s secret threatens to destroy the Hawkins family.
6 Episode 6
Laura tells Mattie her secret, but Pete rejects Karen when she confesses the truth. Leo and Mia are reunited, and Max makes the ultimate sacrifice.
7 Episode 7
A desperate Karen continues her pursuit of Niska. The Synths stay with the Hawkinses, but Hobb is not far behind.
8 Episode 8
The Hawkinses help the Synths escape, and they are finally a family again. But what is the future for Synths and humans?

About this show

In a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a 'Synth' - a highly-developed robotic servant that's so similar to a real human it's transforming the way we live.

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1.59K reviews
Hayley Hicks
March 19, 2017
Clever, well written, and thought provoking. Carrie Ann Moss is a welcome addition. Her character is intellectual, tactless, driven, highly intelligent and an interesting juxtaposition of social morality (telling her new boss that the reason she judges him so poorly is because he uses his genius and enormous wealth to build human toys instead of developing solutions for world hunger, disease, etc) and self absorbed, egotistical, grandiosity. The premise of a society where life like, almost human, androids are common place and present in almost all aspects of daily life is an interesting study on how society will adapt and adjust. In addition, there is software out in the wild capable of affecting consciousness in an the degree that they love, hate, cry, fear, and respond emotionally to the experiences they had prior to consciousness in that there memories from when they were used as sex toys, or abused as laborers, and there basic human interactions now shape their schematic of the world. They now have to learn to navigate emotions and feelings, how to deal with their memories, and who they are all the while being hunted for being unique.
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Michele Monti
September 26, 2015
This series is AMAZING!! Like others have said, it really makes you think and wonder what life would be like if we did get this fare with Artificial Intelligence. The actor/actress were brilliantly picked. I also loved the family drama. Real life drama really made me connect with the show. I will admit I didn't think it would be all that good, but the first episode really caught my attention. I couldn't stop watching it after that. I can't wait till the next episode. I hope this series last a long time. I would most definitely recommend this series to anyone I meet.
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Em Kay
August 28, 2017
Besides the portrayal of crappy parenting, the series isn't bad. Unfortunatley, this is a trend in Hollywood where the children are in control and the parents seeks their advice. That is bass ackwards. Life don't work out too well that way. Kids need guidance, rules and tough love at times. Not the parents being their buddies!
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