Kung Fu

1972 • ABC
328 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (15)

1 King Of The Mountain
Kwai Chang Caine (DAVID CARRADINE), the half-American Buddhist monk from China, wandering the American West as a wanted fugitive, befriends a homeless boy, foils a bounty hunter, and experiences the pain of love.
2 Dark Angel
Kwai Chang Caine (DAVID CARRADINE), a half-American Buddhist monk from China, restores the eyes and faith of a phony preacher (JOHN CARRADINE), blinded by Indians, and finds his own roots in America.
3 Blood Brother
In Arizona Territory, the half-American Buddhist monk, Kwai Chang Caine (DAVID CARRADINE), attempts to arrest the killers of a young man with whom he grew up in a Chinese temple. Robert Urich guest stars.
4 An Eye For An Eye
Caine (DAVID CARRADINE), the half-American Buddhist monk from China, wandering the American West as a hunted fugitive, teaches forgiveness to an old man and his daughter after a rape has led to double tragedy.
5 The Tide
Caine (DAVID CARRADINE) escapes from a mantrap and is caught in a far more dangerous snare, this one set by a beautiful woman. Mako guest stars.
6 The Soul Is The Warrior
Caine (DAVID CARRADINE), the half-American Buddhist monk, using a lesson learned in a Chinese temple, explores the depths of a man's soul in order to save another's life.
7 Nine Lives
Caine (DAVID CARRADINE) teaches a gold hunter that a good turn received indebts a man to perform 10 good turns for others, and that true riches is a matter of the human heart.
8 Sun And Cloud Shadow
Kung fu and karate confront each other in a full-dress showdown as Caine (DAVID CARRADINE), the man of peace, teaches a girl in a crisis in her life that there is no peace without self-respect.
9 Chains
Shackled to a brute of a man thirsting for his enemies' blood, Caine (DAVID CARRADINE) probes the cause of his hatred and leaves him transformed in the wilderness.
10 Alethea
Caine (DAVID CARRADINE) goes manhunting to teach a little girl (JODIE FOSTER) the importance and fragility of human integrity and to heal the wound in her soul after she has saved him from the gallows at the cost of her sense of innocence.
11 A Praying Mantis Kills
A frightened boy, defending a jail against the bandits who killed his sheriff father, inspires courage in an adult coward. At the moment of truth, Caine (DAVID CARRADINE) teaches them both to temper justice with mercy.
12 Superstition
Caine's (DAVID CARRADINE) peace of soul reaches out to break the power of a curse more deadly than the cave-in sealing him and a group of other prisoners in a mine.
13 The Stone
It's kung fu vs. Brazil's fighting technique of capoeira as a man learns from Caine (DAVID CARRADINE) that to fight injustice anywhere is to fight it everywhere.
14 The Third Man
Caine (DAVID CARRADINE) challenges a killer to be his own judge, and a woman to accept the verdict.
15 Ancient Warrior
Ancient Warrior, an aged Indian accompanied by Caine, seeks burial in his sacred, ancestral land. But the burial site is located dead center in a violent, Indian-hating town called Purgatory. Gary Busey guest stars.

About this show

Wanderer. Warrior. Priest. David Carradine stars as Kwai Chang Caine, a man of peace in a land of violence. From his first days as a Shaolin “grasshopper” and the tragedy that made him a fugitive with a price on his head to the fulfillment of his long quest, here are the adventures of the Old West’s most unusual hero.
328 reviews
Robert Stratman
June 10, 2016
I love the old shows. They had boundrys. The makers of today's T.V.shows hold NOTHING Sacred.. I'm LIVING REAL LIFE. After a full day of Real Life's twisted cruelty I don't want to sit & watch a SHOW that lined up assaulted women & dead little one's.. I watch tv to ESCAPE all that crap. Take me to MAYBERRY
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Annica McCarthy
February 12, 2018
Kung Fu is about empowerment with truth and insight. It is much more than a martial arts series. It teaches the worth and potential of all people and always leaves me musing deep in thought. I watched it as a new series. I watch it now as a 63 year old woman and this has let me contrast my old and perspective on things. I find I understand this series on many more levels then I did in my teens and early twenties
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Michael Calibri
April 9, 2015
I'm happy I barely paid anything for the DVDs legitimately. To think that Google expects me to pay almost $80 for something this aged although great is preposterous. This is like the weird situation where Google offers you a price increase for HD quality for a show that wasn't even filmed in HD quality. Overpriced but terrific show. The show however is Excellent. Just stop robbing people Google.
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