Princess Agents

2017 • Hunan Satellite TV
42 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Episode 1
Hitting her head, Chu Qiao sunk into the lake and lost her memory. The story started when she was picked up by a slave owner. She was transported to Chang'an with a bunch of maids who "made mistakes". She got dazed when Curly asked about her name, then she told him her name's Jing Xiaoliu. Meanwhile, in Chang'an city, Yuwen Huai, the grandchild of the third concubine of the Yuwen Household, was organizing a thrilling human hunting feast with four other handsome young masters. They gathered together, curious of the feast, only with Yuwen Yue's absence. And at the same time, Yuwen Yue was dealing with a murderess in his Qingshan Court. When the human hunt began and the wolves were out, Chu Qiao struggled to fight. Seeing her being attacked, Yan Xun shot the wolves and saved her life. Chu Qiao was fighting hard against the wolves when Chuwen Yue arrived. He witnessed the miserable situation of this hunting, and her endeavor also caught his attention.
2 Episode 2
Chu Qiao woke from nightmare. Zhixiang and the little eighth came to take care of her. Miss Song deliberately bullied them but clever Chu Qiao got rid of her. Zhixiang asked the sisters to take care of each other and never leave anybody alone. Yan Xun's birthday party was resounded with the Wei-Jin romantic. The princess Yuan Chun of the Great Wei was surrounded by the crowd but she only fell for Yan Xun. During the party Zhixiang accidentally became a pawn in a conspiracy. Chu Qiao took her chance to save her and she herself was once more draged out of trouble by Yan Xun. Her bravery and never - giving - up will touched everyone at the scene. However, her relstionship with Yuwen Huai grew worse. She was hung on a tree as a punishment.
3 Episode 3
Zhi Xiang understood that Xiaoliu blame herself for Linxi's death. Xiaoliu kept silence after she woke up. Zhixiang tried to confort her saying that they live in the time when life is cheaper than anything else. And that's why they feel sufferable. Xiaoliu said it's not true. She said Linxi will not die for nothing. Xiaoliu then stop blaming herself and try to get herself recovered. Linxi traded her life with his own. She must value herself.
4 Episode 4
The Old Mr. Yuwen Xi said that Yuwen Yue was big engouh, and as a master of the Green Hills Courtyard, he needed some woman.
Jing Xiaoliu atended the contest as well. Altough Yuwen Yue said that a iron bell maid wanted to atended, but he did't stop her.
Jing Xiaoliu made up her mind to be the maidservant of bedchamber of Yuwen Yue, and she had chance to turn back. After that,Yuwen Yue gave her a new name, Xing-er.
Yuwen Yue received a letter,which said that Jing Xiaoliu was wild and intractable with some spirit of animal, if he couldn't use her right, he might get hurt, so he should use her, guard against her and abandon her.
5 Episode 5
Chu Qiao helped Yuewen Yue with shaving as his bedchamber but did not kill him. Yuwen Yue threatened her to be loyal with Xiaoqi and Xiaoba. Chu Qiao woke up screaming in the bed and Yuwen fought with her. He taught her the gongfu for capturing. Yan Xun pretended to sleep to avoid the princess but he went joking with Chu Qiao later on. Jinzhu bullied Xiaoqi, Xiaoba but were stopped by a stone thrown by Chu Qiao. But after Yuwen came, he left her in a room full of traps as the punishment. Chu Qiao tore her clother to protect her from the arrows. She got more skilled but was also wounded. However her tribulation has just started...
6 Episode 6
Yan Xun came to find Chu Qiao, and spent funny nap with Yuwen Yue. They two used the sheets as the weapons to start a war as if they were gays ... Chu Qiao recalled her mother¡¯s teaching of stone in her dream, and the next day during penalty she used the stone to pass the Octahedral Copper Leopard Head test. She thought that was the last hurdle, but she did not expect there were more grinding punishment. Yuwen Yue decided to increase the difficulty of training Chu Qiao, so he gave her the Silver Bell. While this Silver Bell made her the envy of other slaves. Chu Qiao was making fast progress of swinging and leaping, which surprised Yue Qi. Chu Qiao convinced people by reasoning when looking for honey, so that other female slaves could unity. Jin Zhu tried to frame Chu Qi with an Obscene Relief, but Chu Qi smashed it to respond. Meanwhile she began to suspect that Jin Zhu was related to her fifth brother¡¯s death, because of the discovery of gloves.
7 Episode 7
Yuwen Yue got the Commander's Seal from His Majesty, and also urged by Imperial concubine Wei to get charge of the Eyes of God as soon as possible.
Yewen Xi told Yuwen Huai that there was a mysterious place called Afterlife Camp¡ª¡ªan organization aimed at training cold-bloooded killers, and then they came up with a double kill scheme.
Yuwen Yue told Chu Qiao a story about three people (Zong, Heng and Jian), and let her analyse military tactics and schemes so as to enhance Chu Qiao's judgment.
Chu Qiao suspected the critical shoot that saved her life in the hunting ground when she peeped at Yuwen Yue's shooting.
Yuwen Huai sent killers of the Afterlife Camp to sneak attack The Green Hills Courtyard while Yuwen Yue was holing up. Meanwhile, Chu Qiao's internal martial art was sealed up by the Snow Jade Dog sent by Jin Zhu...
8 Episode 8
Yuwen Yue was temporarily blinded for saving Chu Qiao.
Yuwen Huai intercepted Yuwen Yue's doctor in half way. He not only gained the intelligence but also killed the doctor.
Yuewen Yue finally ferreted out that it was Jin Zhu who manipulated everything under the instigation of Mister Zhu, the butler.
His Majesty took back the Commander' Seal that he gave Yuwen Yue, and instructed him to shut himeself up and ponder over his mistakes.
Jin Zhu was not thought highly by Mister Zhu, so she felt extremely resentful and decided to frame up the three sisters with the viper.
Jin Zhu led all the female servants to search the sisters' room, but was labbered by Chu Qiao.
Afterwards, Jin Zhu hated Chu Qiao so much that she pushed Chu Qiao down to the cliff...

About this show

During the West Wei Era, it was a real truceless time, that lot of civilian became slaves by the war. Slaves, mean nothing to the noble glass. A maid named Chu Qiao ( by Liying Zhao) was sent to the hunting ground for hunting by the nobles, while saved by the Price Yan Xun ( by Xiao Dou) of West Liang. Then she was taken to the powered family Yu Wen, in where she witnessed the death of her brother and sisters, and she sweared to save her little sister. As the same time, the noble Yuwen Yue(by Gengxin Lin) paid attention to her and made her accept the rigorous training. During the training , she established profound friendship with Prince Yan Xun and helped him out of the danger when his whole family were killed. However, when they were back to the West Liang, she could not bear the way of vengeance of Yan Xun, so she chose to be back to Yuwen Yue and helped him to accomplish his conviction of " Unifiy the China, Stop the war and Release the Slaves".
42 reviews
Shelley Vidal
August 31, 2017
Amazing acting. I was enthralled the entire time. Had me on the edge of my seat, crying, laughing and just about every other emotion one can imagine. The colors of the back ground scenery, their clothes was just breath taking,
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Lindy Caraballo
August 17, 2020
The only sad about this TV Show. They won't make a season 2, but I love it.
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Asomkutu Msha
October 20, 2021
My favorite drama forever I love yuwen yue and Xing'er their love story is sad ending I want season 2 of this drama I love their acting skills with a Martial arts skills
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