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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Episode 1
Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key attempt to say a forbidden word in regards to their women, Lil Wayne adjusts to life behind bars, and President Obama expresses how he really feels - with the help of his anger translator.
2 Episode 2
Jordan and Keegan showboat before an exuberant crowd at a community theater, a traffic reporter experiences turbulence while up in the chopper, and one-half of an R&B duo reveals his true feelings to his partner during a song.
3 Episode 3
Jordan and Keegan attempt to hide in plain sight from a Negro-hunting Nazi. Other sketches include two slaves struggling to get off the auction block and a pair of thugs encountering a slight complication before a big hit.
4 Episode 4
Jordan and Keegan explore the black college experience, and the hangers-on that success attracts. Other sketches include a neighborhood reacting to the appearance of a mystical creature, when you can - and can't - say a controversial word, and President Obama returning to address the nation with the assistance of his anger translator.
5 Episode 5
Jordan and Keegan play two mystics battling over the right to dispense sagacious advice. Other sketches include Jaden Smith and his agent discussing a new script, and a gay couple "celebrating" recent legislation. Also, President Obama tries a new strategy against his Republican opposition.
6 Episode 6
Jordan and Keegan engage in an epic game of flicker, and an MMA fighter takes trash talk too far. Other sketches include a wedding reception guest wanting the DJ to play some "old school" tracks, and a protective Keegan bringing high-quality burgers to a barbecue.
7 Episode 7
Jordan and Keegan debate who is blacker, and the expectation of being the only black guy at a party. Sketches include the Tea Party discovering a new hope, two military recruiters thinking outside the box, and Bobby McFerrin dueling Michael Winslow to death.
8 Episode 8
In the season finale, President Obama wants to be treated just like everyone else, Jordan looks at an apartment owned by a suspicious landlord, and a pair of party motivators get the party started at a bar mitzvah. Also, a toddler Forest Whitaker creates havoc for his babysitter.

About this show

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele take on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism in their cringingly accurate sketches, featuring classic characters like Wendell and President Obama's Anger Translator.
51 reviews
Kye Glanville
August 18, 2015
They are so funny luv them both:-)
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dead sama
November 12, 2015
Best :D
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