Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

2010 • Boomerang
44 reviews
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Season 2 Volume 2 episodes (7)

1 The Gathering Gloom
While watching a free screening of an old Vincent Van Ghoul movie with half the town at Crystal Cove Cemetery, the gang is attacked by the Graveyard Ghoul! Wanting to investigate, the gang heads back to the cemetery the next day. The first person they see is an absolutely perfect suspect, Gorak the caretaker. He looks just like the Graveyard Ghoul and even hisses at them. But, not wanting to commit "villain profiling," they broaden the investigation to include the Bjorklund house on cemetery grounds. The Bjorklunds are a mother and her three beautiful, stunning, charming, and perfect daughters! Fred and Shaggy soon want only to enjoy the amazing Bjorklund hospitality as Daphne descends into a chocolate addiction. Velma, Scooby and Sheriff Stone do the unthinkable. They go after the obvious suspect. And, for once, it really is the obvious suspect! Gorak was siphoning natural gas from the Crystal Cove Gas Company. As a side dish of evil, Mr. E and Professor Pericles are reunited.
2 Night on Haunted Mountain
Climbing Mount Diabla out in the desert, two hikers are attacked by Lilith, a dark-winged Angel of Destruction. Back at Crystal Cove hospital, the gang talks to the climbers and sets out to solve this mystery. They travel to Scorpion Wells at the base of Mount Diabla to find a small trailer-town of very suspicious, and unfriendly characters. Lilith attacks - driving the gang out of town. Unfazed, the Mystery Inc. gang climbs Mount Diabla to discover a crazed old-lady miner named Boron who claims Lilith is on the ship with her. Her ship. The confused gang discovers an ancient Spanish galleon high atop the dry, desert mountain! It was dragged here by El Aguirre, the Captain of the Conquistadors who stole a cursed treasure and buried it under Crystal Cove! The ship contains a captain's log full of important information...and, of course, Planispheric Disc Piece #5! Fighting Lilith over the priceless artifact, the gang takes a crazy ride down the mountain on the ancient ship!
3 Grim Judgement
When a crazed ghostly puritan judge named Hebediah Grimm starts terrorizing Crystal Cove and judging its youth, the Mystery Inc. gang gets involved... perhaps a little too deep. Ethan and Gary seem to be reaping the benefits of these strange attacks as they are rescuing and then dating some of the prettiest girls in school! This makes them prime suspects but both have ironclad alibis...both have been seen fighting against Hebediah! With their leads quickly running out, the gang turn to Fred's real parents, Brad and Judy, for help. These expert trap makers are overjoyed for a little time with Fred, and together, they all concoct a trap that nabs BOTH Hebediah Grimms! As it turns out, Ethan and Gary were both alternating as Hebediah Grimm in a real scream of a mystery. And, their motives? Girls. There were trying to get dates with girls! Only in Crystal Cove...
4 Night Terrors
On a ski trip into the cold, snowy mountains, the Mystery Inc. gang gets diverted by a huge avalanche to have to stay the night at a creepy old library that was once the 1880s mansion of famed railroad baron and adventurer Oswald Burlington. The Burlington Library is full of mystery...and when the gang start seeing phantasms and monsters, they have to get to the bottom of those mysteries or they might just not make it off this mountaintop alive. As they delve deeper into these nightmarish apparitions, they find they are victim to a type of wood smoke that causes horrible delusions and phantasms. It's being burned by none other than the caretaker of the Burlington Library - hoping to scare everyone off and finally close the place to go someplace warm. But wait, there's more. Turns out the Oswald Burlington had his own Mystery Solving gang called "The Benevolent Lodge of Mystery" and he was hot on the trail of the Planispheric Disc, too!
5 The Midnight Zone
When Cassidy Williams is continually attacked by deep-sea killer robots, the Mystery Inc. decides to help her unravel the mystery of who is sending these robots and why. This is going to call for a little deap-sea adventure! They enlist the aid of Tom and Tub, two deep-sea diver kids with their own submarine: Moby Dick and their very own sea lion named Scooby! The kids take our gang and Cassidy deep into the Midnight Zone -- under the sea's surface where sunlight never reaches. Here, they find the abandoned Missionary town that slid into the sea some 300 years ago. And it's full of killer robots, digging for something. The robots attack the gang, forcing them to take refuge in a big undersea laboratory built long ago by Abigail Gluck - mad scientist and one of Burlington's original gang members. She was searching for the sixth piece of the Planispheric Disc.
6 Where Stalks the Scarebear
The Mayor enlists the Mystery Inc. gang to investigate the mystery of the Scarebear - a mutant bear that's terrorizing the town of Destroido. The gang soon runs up against George Avocados - a local avocado farmer who's angry at Destroido and is prime suspect numero uno! But as the gang goes undercover, using Scooby as their entree, saying he's an experiment gone wrong, they soon discover that the Scarebear is hacking into the town's computer system - not something that a mutant bear should do. When the gang corners Avocados at a charity event, things come to a head. But he's not the Scarebear. Beacause it's RIGHT THERE! And there's a bomb (set by the old Mystery Inc. as a way to get rid of our heroes once and for all)! The Scarebear helps with the bomb and the gang launches it safely away - right into the middle of Avocados' avocado farm. Turns out the Scarebear is, in fact, Benson Fuhrman, a victim of Destroido's corporate greed looking for a little payback on the town's wrongdoing.
7 Wrath of the Krampus
When the strange appearance of a mean goat/man demon named Krampus terrorizes naughty kids all over town, the Mystery Inc. gang decide to look into things. Chasing Krampus all over Crystal Cove, they try to second-guess the crazy, evil goat-man's motives - and who could be behind the mystery. Meanwhile, the old Mystery Inc. is trying to steal the gang's three pieces of the Planispheric Disc while our heroes are distracted by Krampus. The gang finally captures Krampus only to reveal that its Charlie, the Haunted Robot. Someone is controlling the robot... but whom? The old Mystery Inc. succeeds in stealing the gang's three pieces and now has the whole Planispheric Disc...or so they think. When Pericles and Mr. E. go to get their three pieces out of the vault, they find it empty! Our gang has stolen the pieces instead. Our heroes explain everything via a DVD they left behind.

About this show

Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo solve mysteries in the spooky town of Crystal Cove, a village boasting a long history of ghostly sightings, werewolves and glowing deep-sea divers. The townspeople of the hotspot don't appreciate the sleuths' meddling, but the gang demands extraordinary proof for extraordinary claims.

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44 reviews
Kathryn Hislop
July 20, 2016
I grew up with scooby as a kid, and years later i wasnt dissapointed. Congrats, tothe old and new talet of the show
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Timmy Bobimmy
April 17, 2020
Possibly the greatest Scooby Doo show, compared to the other generic ones. Love the character's development and over-arching story!
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Bryce Schneider
April 9, 2016
Its SO COOL!!!!!!!
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