Roswell, New Mexico

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Season 3 episodes (13)

1 Hands
While Liz settles into her new life and career in Los Angeles, Max, Isobel and Michael must figure out if the stranger in the cave with the familiar face is friend or foe on the season three premiere.
2 Give Me One Reason
Jones (NATHAN DEAN) fills Michael and Isobel in on bits from the past as they look for a way to save Max’s life. Meanwhile, Maria goes to extremes to try and stop a murder. And in order to move forward in her research, Liz will have to face her past.
3 Black Hole Sun
While Liz confronts Max, Maria is desperate to figure out the mystery of her vision and Isobel learns more about her abilities. Meanwhile, Kyle has a strange encounter and Michael is fueled by his anger.
4 Walk on the Ocean
Isobel and Maria take a trip together to look for answers. Kyle receives a message from his past and Michael makes a disturbing discovery.
5 Killing Me Softly With His Song
Liz makes the choice to lie to Heath (recurring guest star STEVEN KRUEGER). Maria and Rosa stand up to Jordan (guest star MICHAEL GRANT TERRY), while Isobel does some digging into Jones.
6 Bitter Sweet Symphony
While Max investigates the break-in, Alex continues his research. Rosa and Isobel team up, and Liz makes a shocking discovery.
7 Goodnight Elizabeth
Liz’s plan does not go as expected, putting herself, Isobel and Michael in danger. Meanwhile, Eduardo (guest star DAVID DeSANTOS) confides in Alex.
8 Free Your Mind
Liz needs Rosa’s help. Maria learns what Jones wants from her. Meanwhile, Michael and Alex team up to help save Max.
9 Tones of Home
While Liz and Max continue to search for a way to stop Jones, Michael is worried about Alex. Elsewhere, Isobel finds a big piece of the puzzle.
10 Angels of the Silence
Liz and Max race to find Heath in the hopes that he can help find a way to get Jones out of Max’s body. Meanwhile, Michael and Isobel try to get through to Dallas (guest star QUENTIN PLAIR).
11 2 Become 1
A desperate Liz agrees to a deal. Meanwhile, Rosa helps Isobel make a big discovery and the fight to save Max begins.
12 I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
While Isobel helps Kyle save a life, Jones needs something from Michael. Liz and Heath continue to work on the science in the hopes of stopping Jones. Everyone is working together to try to defeat the dictator, but will they all make it out alive?
13 Never Let You Go
In the season three finale, the ultimate showdown with Jones is finally here, and Liz must trust herself if she is going to save the man she loves.

About this show

Based on the Roswell High books, ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO is a love story, a relationship drama and the story of a small town…which happens to have aliens. Romantic and emotional, this is a story about people who feel like outsiders in their world — all alienated for different reasons, whether in their community, in society or even in Roswell.
97 reviews
George Weatherford
August 11, 2021
I watched the first two seasons, but had a hard time doing so. So much seemed melodramatic and the story went all over the place. The actors seemed good, but the show-runners seemed to want to force the characters in certain directions at the expense of pace and character development (seemed every character changed course every two episodes). For some reason, this season actually seems to be focused and the actors feel much more grounded in their roles. Not sure why that is, but this season has me much more invested and honestly is (early in) by far my favorite.
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Jean Luc Pressoir
March 4, 2019
Roswell, New Mexico is a town with history of the unknown and mostly believe in alien life around the city for centuries which the federal government tried doing cover-ups for years protecting from anyone not knowing about any alien that might still be around in the present. Roswell is more than any other town in the U.S. to know about aliens and find information to be sure if they are alive or dead, it's not like aliens will appear open to the public and someday know they are real if the aliens are a threat or around in normal peace as everyone else. Roswell, New Mexico is the reboot of the WB classic series, Roswell
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Hunter Coleman
January 25, 2021
Having watched Roswell New Mexico, I was pretty much taken aback by this show's poor quality of carrying over from the original Roswell. 1) RNW is heavily politicized regarding immigration, LBQT sexuality, and feminism, 2) RNW keeps creating unnecessary drama between Max and Liz. High school Max and Liz does it with grace and aplomb than the 30 year old somethings, 3) the dialogue for two seasons horribly are cliched, and 4) Max Evans is more whiny and soyboyish. OG Roswell over RNW 100%!
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