Eastbound & Down

2009 • HBO
1.16K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Chapter 1
Series premiere. Burned out and broke, former big-league pitcher Kenny Powers returns home to North Carolina to teach PE at the local middle school he once attended--and sets his sights on winning back his high-school flame April.
2 Chapter 2
To avoid selling his beloved jet ski, Kenny looks to score some extra cash by pitching himself as spokesman for a local luxury-car dealership. Later Kenny and his driver, Clegg, make a memorable cameo appearance at the middle-school dance.
3 Chapter 3
Kenny enlists the fawning Stevie to be his personal assistant. Meanwhile, Dustin's wife Cassie offers to sell Kenny's baseball memorabilia on eBay, while Kenny gets serious about getting in shape by any means possible.
4 Chapter 4
Kenny looks to rekindle an old flame at a barbecue hosted by April and Cutler; Stevie cuts a greatest hits DVD for his favorite ballplayer in hopes of getting Kenny a big-league tryout.
5 Chapter 5
Convinced he's lost his stuff, Kenny decides to give up his comeback dreams and move on as a working stiff--but his resolve is tested by arrogant car dealer Ashley Schaeffer and his new pet celebrity, a major-league arch-nemesis named Reg Mackworthy.
6 Chapter 6
In the Season One finale, Kenny says goodbye to his life as a schoolteacher--and bids farewell to Dustin and his family--after he's tendered a big-league job offer in Tampa.

About this show

As a baseball star, Kenny Powers had it all. But he threw it all away. HBO presents this comedy series starring Danny McBride as the former pitcher who finds himself out of baseball and reduced to teaching Phys Ed at his old high school.
1.16K reviews
Russell Rogers
June 20, 2020
***Warning*** If you're sensitive to vulgar language, nudity, excessive drug/alcohol use, and sexual situations then this is not for you, but if you can handle this then you're in for a hilarious ride. Without saying too much, Kenny Powers is an incredibly arrogant guy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants (or regain his fame) and will destroy everyone (and everything) in his path to get there. If you like, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" then you'll very likely enjoy this.
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Brandon Brown (Francois Kutz)
June 23, 2020
Any show that has a plot that is revolving around sports, I'm all for it. I thought the part of the show with going to Mexico was kind of lengthy, but I tolerated it. The part that captured my heart and had me crying for weeks was the last episode. It's been some time, since I saw it, but the plot was explained perfectly while his kids was celebrating his life.
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May 1, 2016
You're thinking of watching this, it's why you're scrolling through the reviews. Just know that some of the people who gave this show a low rating, also gave rather high ratings to the Transformer movies.....so....there you go. Watch it and laugh your ass off.
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