Jabberjaw: The Complete Series

1976 • ABC
23 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (16)

1 Dr. Lo Has Got To Go
Jabberjaw and his friends try to defeat Dr. Lo, who has developed a growth ray which is threatening the underwater cities.
2 There's No Place Like Outer Space
Jabberjaw and The Neptunes run into an alien invasion as they give a concert.
3 Atlantis Get Lost
Jabberjaw and his friends travel to Atlantis and meet Dorsal, a power-hungry prime minister and his naive queen.
4 Run, Jabber, Run
Jabberjaw races to foil an espionage group and win the underwater Olympics.
5 The Sourpuss Octopus
Jabberjaw and the gang are safari-bound with archaeologist Dr. Acosta, who seeks the ancient treasure of Panaqua using Sao Museum's famous code disc. The sinister Octopus steals the disc not for himself.
6 Hang On To Your Hat, Jabber
The Brotherhood of Evil threatens the undersea world when it learns the Power Helmut, invented by Profesor Ortega, grants its wearer 's every wish. Jabberjaw accidentally runs into the Brotherhood's evil henchmen and exchanges Shelly's sombrero for the Power Helmut . The henchmen chase after Jabberjaw in order to retrieve the Power Helmut.
7 The Great White Shark Switch
Hoping to capture the nation's leaders and rule the undersea lands, Commander Shark boards an ocean liner and kidnaps the Ambassador of Aquatania. Since the Neptunes were aboard the ship at the time, they are accused of the kidnapping and are ordered to return the Ambassador or go to prison.
8 Claim-Jumped Jabber
Using a powerful beam of ice, Coldfinger confiscates all the deeds to the richest mines in Aqualaska - except for Jabberjaw's gold m ine.
9 Ali Jabber And The Secret Thieves
Jabberjaw and the Neptunes, touring the undersea kingdom of Hydrabia, meet two henchmen of the evil Volton, who lives in a magic electrolamp. Jabberjaw buys the lamp as a souvenir and unwittingly releases the evil energy of Voltron.
10 Help, Help, It's The Phantom Of The Kelp
The Phantom, using a high-powered growth ray, plans to raise an army of ferocious prehistoric plants, which would make the Aqua Inte rnational Corporation bow to his demands.
11 No Helpin’ the Sculpin
Jabberjaw and gang encounter the sinister Sculpin, who stole an unfinished time machine from Professor Thorstein, the inventor. Sculpin orders the Professor captured so that he can complete the time machine. Unfortunately, Clamhead looks just like the Professor an d is captured instead.
12 The Bermuda Triangle Tangle
Jabberjaw and the gang accidentally enter the domain of Sorceress Madame Sargasso and are taken prisoner. They discover the sorceres s has electro-magnetic powers which must be fed by diamonds. Jabberjaw must save the Neptunes after she turns them into zombies to w ork her diamond mines.
13 Malice In Aqualand
Jabberjaw and his friends travel to an underwater amusement park where they encounter Dr. Cybron and Zokon, who are planning to rule the world by kidnapping the president of the Undersea Nations Organization and replacing him with a robot.
14 The Fast Paced Chase Race
Evil Dr. Robek invents a microbe with a fantastic appetite for oil. He plans to smuggle his invention to Petrolaqua so he can coerce world leaders to capitulate or he will destroy undersea oil deposits.
15 The Piranha Plot
Jabberjaw and the Neptunes are passengers on a tanker that is suddenly snapped up by the jaws of the Pirahna's ship. They discover a giant rocket and uncover Pirahna's plan to launch it, spreading a mist over the country.
16 There's No Heel Like El Eel
El eel demands tribute from the entire undersea world by threatening to turn its inhabitants into stone using a mysterious power.

About this show

The year is 2076 and Great White Shark Jabberjaw is the star of the Neptunes, a teenage rock group. In his spare time, Jabberjaw, along with teens Biffy, Shelly, Bubbles and Clamhead, fight deep-sea crime. But it's tough down there for a shark. Catch the tidal wave of adventure, music and laughter in this animated collection.
23 reviews
itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis
July 6, 2016
A great white shark that talks like Curley and has the catchphrase of Rodney Dangerfield! And i love Bubbles too!🐋
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Me Bro
November 13, 2020
loved this as a kid!! 🤘🏾😝🤘🏾
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SingerNation Studios
February 25, 2018
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