Six Feet Under

2001 • HBO
32 reviews
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Season 3 episodes (13)

1 Perfect Circles
In the Season Three premiere, Fisher & Sons has become Fisher & Diaz, and Rico is doing all he can to make sure he's not a 'gofer' anymore. Meanwhile, David and Keith decide to give couple's therapy a try and Claire gets to know a crematory worker.
2 You Never Know
David and Rico are at odds over doing business with the family of a deceased telemarketer, Claire finds she has more in common with a fellow art student named Russell than with Phil, and Ruth meets a new friend, Bettina.
3 The Eye Inside
Keith and David find the reality of a resort vacation different than advertised, Ruth learns the meaning of 'express checkout' during a shopping excursion with Bettina, and Claire gets a lesson in 'sick' art from a new teacher.
4 Nobody Sleeps
While the partner of a recently deceased gay man is orchestrating an operatic tribute at Fisher & Diaz, Lisa plans an unwanted birthday party for Ruth. Meanwhile, Claire has a night to remember with Russell and two outlaw art teachers.
5 The Trap
Fisher & Diaz deal with the recently discovered body of a man missing for years. Meanwhile, Ruth sets the ground rules for a new live-in apprentice named Arthur and David meets an old acquaintance during an L.A. Gay Men's Chorus rehearsal.
6 Making Love Work
A nosebleed proves deadly for one audience member queuing up to see the 'Dr. Dave' advice show. Meanwhile, Lisa takes Maya on an illuminating camping trip, and Rico wrestles with the challenges of a double-wide corpse and 'triple X' casket.
7 Timing & Space
A group of familiar relatives and friends is united in mourning. Meanwhile, David and Keith (reluctantly) play 'Leading Ladies' at brunch with members of the Gay Men's Chorus and Ruth and Arthur perform a rendition of 'My Favorite Things.'
8 Tears, Bones and Desire
After the patriarch of a cultish new-age clan dies, Fisher & Diaz is overrun by the wives and children left behind. Meanwhile, Keith gets back at David and his brunch pals during an intense game of paintball.
9 The Opening
The Fishers run into some unexpected guests at an art-school benefit featuring works by Claire, Russell and Olivier. David and Keith have an awkward video-store meeting with Father Jack, then haggle over the 'rules' of three-way sex with a stranger.
10 Everyone Leaves
A bee sting during a family picnic ends a life. Nate tends to Maya while Lisa visits her sister in Santa Cruz. Meanwhile, Vanessa seems back to her old self, to Rico's relief; Russell's decision to share a secret with Claire backfires.
11 Death Works Overtime
Fisher & Diaz is brimming over with activity after a trio of unrelated deaths. Meanwhile, Nate anxiously awaits Lisa's return from Santa Cruz; Vanessa and her sister Angelica enjoy a therapeutic shopping excursion, to Rico's chagrin.
12 Twilight
After a serial killer is executed in Texas, his daughter brings him home for a fitting Fisher & Diaz funeral. Meanwhile, Ruth spends some quality time in the company of George Sibley; David arrives at a crossroads in his relationship with Keith.
13 I'm Sorry, I'm Lost
In the Season Three finale, Death continues to shuffle its deck randomly for would-be clients of Fisher & Diaz. Meanwhile, Nate looks to quell his inner demons through extreme remedies offered at a local bar.

About this show

When death is your business, what is your life? From Oscar(R)-winning screenwriter Alan Ball ('American Beauty') comes this drama series that takes a darkly comic look at a dysfunctional L.A. family that runs a funeral business.

Rating: MA15+

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32 reviews
Andrew Green
August 14, 2016
Just thinking about this series fills me with so many emotions; good, bad and everything in between. I've watched a lot of tv shows in my time and in my 'humble' opinion nothing can steal this show's crown as the most intelligent, warm, painful, joyous thought provoking entertaimment of all time.
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Rory Jackson
October 31, 2020
One of the most beautiful and brilliant series ever made. You can't help fall in love with the fabulous Fisher family as you laugh and cry with them. I strongly recommend everyone watch this heart warming show.
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Pete Wood
July 12, 2014
I absolutely love this show. Dysfunctional, caring, twisted & funny... What's not to like?
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