The Looney Tunes Show

2011 • Cartoon Network
749 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (26)

1 Bobcats On Three!
Daffy coaches Gossamer's water polo team despite having no experience or discernible skill for the job. Meanwhile, Bugs becomes addicted to Porky's unhealthy, butter-loaded catering ... and pays the price. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies "Laser Beam," Marvin the Martian's beloved laser cannon ceases to work, prompting a heartfelt lament on their relationship.
2 You've Got Hate Mail
When Daffy accidentally emails a letter to everyone he knows explaining what's wrong with them, he must suffer the consequences. Plus, Lola and her parents want Bugs to be in their family photo ... until he chips his front tooth.
3 Itsy Bitsy Gopher
When one of the Gophers is reported missing, Daffy and Lola take the case to look for him. Meanwhile, Bugs nearly destroys his home trying to kill a spider. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies "Sit Down," Pete Puma sings about the joys of sitting down and taking a rest.
4 Rebel Without A Glove
When Bugs loses his gloves, he also loses part of his identity, and the motorcycle gloves he gets as a temporary replacement prompt him into leading the life of a rebel. Meanwhile, Daffy actually becomes respectable when he is accidentally hired as a college professor.
5 Semper Lie
When Bugs tells a small lie to Porky, it gathers steam to make everything far worse — and inadvertently prompts Daffy to join the U.S. Marines. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies "Moostache," Yosemite Sam's mustache sings to him about all the wonderful times they've had together.
6 Father Figures
Volunteering in the Father Figure program, Porky is matched up with the troubled Henry Hawk and Foghorn is paired up with Daffy, who may have lied about his age. Meanwhile, Lola's father enters himself and Bugs into an annual Father and Son Tennis Tournament, since Bugs is like a son to him.
7 Customer Service
When Cecil Turtle, a customer service representative, intentionally cuts off Bugs' cable TV, Bugs declares war and gets revenge. Meanwhile, Tina gets advice from Lola on how to be more easygoing in the workplace. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies video "Parade Float," Daffy sings about his awesome, super cool parade float.
8 The Stud, The Nerd, The Average Joe and The Saint
Porky decides to run a marathon, threatening Daffy's definition of everyone's roles in their circle of friends. After all, if Porky is the jock, then who is Daffy? Plus, Yosemite Sam tries to get his guns back.
9 It's A Handbag!
Daffy's world is turned upside-down when his handbag is stolen at the mall, prompting him to hire Porky as his full-time bodyguard. Lola searches the globe for the ultimate anniversary gift for Bugs.
10 A Christmas Carol
When the overwhelming heat zaps everyone's enthusiasm for Christmas, Lola decides to stage her own version of A Christmas Carol to renew the town's holiday spirit, while Foghorn and Daffy set off for the North Pole to set up a giant fan that will blow cold air down to their sweltering town. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies "Christmas Rules," the cast sings about why Christmas is such a wonderful holiday.
11 We're In Big Truffle
While babysitting, Lola reads a spell book as a bedtime story to Gossamer and turns him into a frog. Meanwhile, a get-rich-quick scheme gets Daffy and Porky lost in the woods and attacked by a giant bear.
12 Dear John
Lola joins a monastery and Bugs buys a boat to sail around the world when they each mistakenly believe the other has ended their relationship. Meanwhile, Daffy runs against incumbent Porky for City Council as he thinks it will give him prestige and power.
13 Daffy Duck Esquire
When Tina's dad comes to town, Daffy decides to pretend he is a lawyer in order to impress him. By default, Bugs is forced to pretend to be Daffy's slacker, deadbeat roommate. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies video "Stick to My Guns," Yosemite Sam sings about how proud he is of all his bad life decisions.
14 Spread Those Wings and Fly
Daffy and Porky attend a self-help seminar, which inspires Daffy to want to learn how to fly. When that doesn't work, he settles for becoming an airline flight attendant. Meanwhile, Bugs and Yosemite Sam suspect each other for a series of neighborhood thefts.
15 The Black Widow
Daffy decides he needs to go on spring break, and drags Porky along when nobody else will go with him. They quickly end up in jail in a small town in Mexico. Meanwhile, Lola must impersonate movie jewel thief "The Black Widow" to cover up losing her mother's diamond necklace. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies video "Wonderful Bugs," Walter, Lola's father, sings about the joy that is Bugs Bunny.
16 Mrs. Porkbunny's
Tensions flare when Bugs and Porky start a business together selling carrot cake. Daffy decides to become an actor in commercials since it is easy, high-paying work.
17 Gribbler's Quest
Daffy becomes addicted to on-line shopping with Bugs' credit card, and Bugs becomes obsessed with a video game. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies videos "Parade Float," Daffy sings about his awesome, super cool parade float and, in "I Love to Singa!," Gossamer sings throughout the cul-de-sac, winning over the entire cast of characters from the show.
18 The Grand Old Duck of York
Daffy takes piano lessons from Granny despite an inability to learn. As a result, Bugs gets noise-cancelling earbuds and quickly realizes he can tune out everything, from Daffy's terrible piano playing to boring conversations. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies video "Daffy's Legacy," Daffy describes how he wants to be celebrated after his eventual passing.
19 Ridiculous Journey
The Tasmanian Devil, Tweety and Sylvester must put aside their differences and make an incredible journey together to return to their happy homes. Along the way, they run into such classic Looney Tunes characters as the Abominable Snowman, the Three Bears and Beaky Buzzard.
20 The Shell Game
Cecil Turtle returns, this time with a broken shell scam that he uses to con Bugs out of money. Meanwhile, when Daffy's beloved recliner finally breaks, Daffy and Lola combine their skills to search for a suitable replacement. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies video "Wonderful Bugs," Walter, Lola's father, sings about the joy that is Bugs Bunny.
21 Year of the Duck
Daffy is highly insulted when he discovers that ducks are not included in the Chinese zodiac. In an attempt to make ducks more popular, he talks Tina into entering a local beauty pageant. Meanwhile, Porky thinks it's the Chinese Year of the Pig, and is convinced he should host the pageant to capitalize on it being "his time."
22 Gossamer Is Awesomer
Daffy becomes campaign manager for Gossamer's run for Class President. Meanwhile, Porky moves in with Bugs and Daffy after his catering business goes broke, and spends his days reorganizing everything in Bugs' house — to Bugs' dismay.
23 Here Comes the Pig
Daffy convinces Porky that they should go on a road trip to Porky's third grade girlfriend's wedding in an attempt to win her back after all these years. Meanwhile, Bugs realizes that his life gets pretty boring pretty quickly without Daffy around. Plus, in the Merrie Melodies video "Season of the Turtle," Cecil Turtle describes the vengeance he will take out on the man who inadvertently "dinged" his car door.
24 Mr. Weiner
The fair comes to town! Daffy enters a hot dog--eating contest to try and win the title "Mr. Weiner" and Bugs gets roped into helping Yosemite Sam attempt to jump a school bus over a row of motorcycles.
25 SuperRabbit
Bugs explains to Daffy how he really was Super Rabbit for a while, and why he gave it all up.
26 Best Friends Redux
When Bugs' old friend comes to town, Daffy begins to question who Bugs' best friend really is: Daffy Duck or Rodney Rabbit.

About this show

The Looney Tunes Show is an all-new, modern half-hour comedy series starring Bugs Bunny and his best friend, and seemingly permanent houseguest, Daffy Duck. Their larger-than-life personalities offer an irreverent, comical take on everyday situations in the suburban neighborhood they share with the rest of their Looney Tunes friends.
749 reviews
A Google user
December 5, 2018
This is a very funny series. My 3 favorite episodes from the series are Reunion, To Bowl/Not To Bowl & Sunday Night Slice. My 3 favorite Merrie Melodies are I'm A Martian, Be Polite & Laser Beam. I just can't resist: Marvin the Martian is my favorite Looney Tunes character & I can just go up to him & give him a big & a sweet kiss. 💋 ^^
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DosRandom 8Guys
August 13, 2017
It was created to explore new things the franchise never touched (specifically, sitcom scenarios). Needless to say, it's great. I have no idea why it was cancelled, but there are too many haters who claim "1T'5 N0T T3H R3@L L00N3Y TUN35 R@HHHHH!!" Don't listen to them, it's still a pretty good retool of the franchise. The animation and writing is pretty good. Sadly, Daffy is far dumber and meaner, which is the show's main weakness.
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Christopher Spurlock
August 9, 2015
This series drops most of the slapstick comedy and replaces it with situational comedy. The slapstick moments are there, but not prevalent. It is basically the opposite of the old shows which were more slapstick and less situational. The 3D Road Runner shorts in some of the episodes, however, were terrible, but luckily they were discontinued from the later episodes. It is a shame this only lasted for two seasons.
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