Falcon Crest

1981 • CBS
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Season 1 episodes (18)

1 In His Father's House
After his father's mysterious death, Chase Gioberti inherits 50 acres of Tuscany Valley vineyards that his aunt, Falcon Crest winery owner Angela Channing believes rightfully belongs to her.
2 A Time for Saboteurs
Angela promises Chase's old friend Paul a large sum of money if he succeeds in getting the Giobertis off their land. But Paul's plan also endangers the Falcon Crest vineyards.
3 The Tangled Vines
When Angela thwarts their attempts to raise money to pay a large tax bill, Chase and his family decide to sell their New York City house. Chase's son, Cole agonizes over giving up his dream of becoming an archaeologist to help his father in the vineyards.
4 The Harvest
Disenchanted with unruly, irresponsible grandson Lance Cumson, Angela pretends to court Cole as heir to Falcon Crest. Lance bribes Chase's grape pickers not to harvest the Giobertis' crop.
5 Tony Comes Home
Tony Cumson, Lance's father and Julia's (ABBY DALTON) husband, reappears after deserting them 12 years ago. Chase gets upset when Maggie takes a newspaper job working for Angela's ex-husband, Douglas Channing.
6 Kindred Spirits
Cole is badly injured on a journey into a wilderness area with Chase and Lance. Thinking she's about to be sent to a mental institution, Emma runs away from Falcon Crest.
7 The Extortionist
Emma Channing's (MARGARET LADD) lover, who was present the night Jason Gioberti died, blackmails Angela to keep the truth a secret. Maggie may be pregnant.
8 Lord of the Manor
Angela takes Cole to a wine-tasting competition in Rome, where her ex-husband, Douglas Channing, proposes that they remarry. Chase learns that Lance is a very dangerous person.
9 Dark Journey
When Chase and Maggies's daughter, Vicki, runs away to San Francisco to escape her overprotective parents, Lance introduces her to a woman involved in the pornographic film business.
10 Victims
Maggie's news reporting assignment uncovers an extortionist threatening Falcon Crest workers. Lance fears competition from Emma's unborn child for the family fortune, but Emma falls down a flight of stairs and miscarries.
11 For Love or Money
Angela schemes to force Lance into marrying Melissa Agretti despite his love for another woman. Chase finds incriminating evidence against Angela, while she misleads him into believing that his father hated him.
12 Family Reunion
Chase's wealthy mother, Jacqueline Perrault (LANA TURNER), returns to Falcon Crest, rekindling fear and hatred between Angela and her former sister-in-law, who has come to warn Chase of Angela's treacherous nature.
13 The Candidate
Angela struggles unsuccessfully to prevent Chase from being elected to the County Board of Supervisors. Emma is caught shoplifting in a jewelry store.
14 House of Cards
Angela sets out to destroy Melissa Agretti's budding romance with Cole. Chase and Maggie persuade Julia to take Emma to a psychiatric clinic, but Angela stops Julia with the truth about Emma killing Jason Gioberti.
15 Heir Apparent
Chase uses his political position to make inquiries into his father's death. A friend who Cole refuses to drive home after a party is killed in an auto accident. Melissa learns she's pregnant.
16 The Good, The Bad and the Profane
Lance is shattered when Melissa accepts his marriage proposal, and even more so when he finds out she's pregnant. Vicki and Mario decide to elope.
17 Penultimate Questions
Chase persuades the district attorney to order a coroner's inquest into the death of Jason Gioberti. Before Emma has a chance to testify, Douglas Channing suffers a fatal seizure in the courtroom.
18 Ultimate Answers
When Emma finally testifies that she pushed Jason Gioberti to his death, the jury awards Falcon Crest to Chase. Angela accepts Chase's offer of equal partnership while vowing to regain full control. Douglas Channing's illegitimate son inherits 50 percent of the newspaper.

About this show

Get lost in the award-winning drama of Falcon Crest, set in California's Napa Valley, as a feud rages within the lush region's most powerful family for control of the wealthiest vineyard. Among the long-running series' stars is Jane Wyman, who received a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal of matriarch Angela Channing.

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10 reviews
April 28, 2021
Amazing! And Susan Sullivan (Maggie) totally steals the show. Especially as the years went on. Why are there only 3 seasons?
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curtis johnnson
August 4, 2014
One of the best primetime soaps ever.
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Sharon Strike Touma
August 1, 2014
And these ones
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