Welcome Back, Kotter

1975 • ABC
25 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (23)

1 Career Day
It's Career Day at Buchanan High with a Japanese inventor visiting the class, who offers Gabe a lucrative job in Chicago. Pat Morita guest stars.
2 Inherit The Halibut
When the Sweathogs' treasury money is stolen, all fingers point to Washington who has just purchased a new bike.
3 Sweatside Story
Gabe tries to dissuade the Sweathogs from forming a gang to combat the New Utrecht High "punks."
4 The Fight
The Sweathogs stop speaking to each other after a series of inconsequential misunderstandings.
5 The Museum
Gabe takes the Sweathogs on a field trip to a museum, only to become locked in a tomb with a mummy for the night. John Astin guest stars.
6 Gabe Under Pressure
The Sweathogs pressure Kotter to get a physical checkup that the school is offering for free.
7 Sweathog, Nebraska Style
Barbarino, the Sweathog heartthrob, winds up the only one without a date for the school dance.
8 Sadie Hawkins Day
Barbarino, the Sweathog heartthrob, winds up the only one without a date for the school dance.
9 Hello Ms. Chips
A new student teacher, Ms. Wright, finds teaching the Sweathogs much different than she was learned in college.
10 Horshack vs. Carvelli
Horshack is the only volunteer to fight Carvelli, the toughest guy at New Utrecht High. Written by Garry Shandling.
11 Sweathog Clinic for the Cure of Smoking
Epstein is going to kick the smoking habit with the help of Gabe and the Sweathogs in their makeshift smoking clinic.
12 Hark, The Sweat Kings
The Sweathogs befriend a homeless man who appears in the Buchanan schoolyard every year at Christmastime.
13 A Love Story
Epstein really loses his temper when his sister, Cameron, becomes a Sweathog and Barbarino asks her for a date.
14 Caruso's Way
Barbarino is humiliated when the school gym teacher hits him in front of the girl's gym class.
15 Sweatgate Scandal
Barbarino and Epstein investigate to find out who has been substituting the cafeteria's liver with a meat substitute.
16 Kotter and Son
Gabe's father visits from Florida -- disrupting both Gabe's class and his life.
17 Chicken a la Kotter
After having a $1,200 root canal operation, Kotter has to find a second job to pay the expense. His only option is to dress up like a chicken for a restaurant chain.
18 Whatever Happened to Arnold? Part I
Arnold walks off as lead of the school play and the Sweathogs, unable to locate him, fear something is wrong.
19 Whatever Happened to Arnold? Part II
Horshack's fifth stepfather dies, and Arnold is going to take over as head of his house. Andrea McArdle, star of Broadway's Annie, guest stars.
20 The Littlest Sweathog
Kotter and Julie discover that they are expecting. John Astin gust stars.
21 Radio Free Freddie
When Freddie becomes an overnight success as a disc jockey at a local radio station, neither Freddie nor the Sweathogs can deal with his new fame. George Carlin guest stars.
22 I'm Having Their Baby
Gabe is out of town at a teacher's convention, and the Sweathogs try to cheer Julie up from her prenatal depression.
23 I Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe Now?
Epstein spies a sexy art teacher kiss Kotter and assumes that Kotter is cheating on Julie.

About this show

Take a time-trip back to the wide lapels and bell bottoms of the '70s in one of that decade's biggest comedy hits! Teacher Gabe Kotter (Gabe Kaplan) returns to his former high school, teaching the remedial class--of which he had been a member--known at the "sweathogs." But, for some reason, the lovable losers and delinquents of Buchanan High accept their new teacher as they provide a nonstop string of laughs on Welcome Back, Kotter. The series that launched John Travolta's career.

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25 reviews
A Google user
November 12, 2018
I love Welcome Back, Kotter and I am happy I purchased the Complete Series for $59.99 plus tax. I think the missing Season 1 Episode 2 has shown up. If it has, I would have all 95 episodes. 😁 On my home screen, it shows Next Watch Season 0 Episode 2 with a screenshot of Horshak.
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SuperRob 3000
April 16, 2019
okay if anybody is looking for the missing episode of season 1 you can find it on Google play movies look up best of welcome back Kotter and it is the first episode on there you just got to pay $2 hope that helps everyone that got the complete series
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Yvonne Perez
May 9, 2020
I remember welcome back litter. Those were awesome tv shows wish they would still show them!!
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