The Larkins

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The Larkins: Season 1 episodes (7)

1 Family
There is excitement at the approaching May Day Fair, but Mariette drops a bombshell, and the tax man comes calling.
2 In Which the Larkins Woo Charley the Tax Man
With their wit, charm, and a little bit of cunning, the Larkins woo Charley the tax man. Mariette agrees to put her plans on hold and stay for the summer.
3 In Which Pop and Ma Go on Holiday
Ma is worried that Pop is working too hard and books a weekend in Margate, leaving Charley and Mariette to mind the kids. Margate, however, threatens to be a letdown.
4 In Which the Larkins Rescue the Railway Station
Determined to stay in the running for Mariette’s hand, Charley decides to resign from the tax office. Pop learns the train station will be shuttered and tries to save it.
5 In Which Ma's Sister Bertha Comes to Visit
Ma cleans like a demon ahead of the arrival of her countryside-hating sister, Bertha. Things aren’t going very well between Mariette and Charley, so Tom makes his move.
6 In Which the Larkins are Determined to Convince Mariette to Stay
The Larkins dash to the railway station to stall Mariette's departure to France. They convince her to stay for a donkey derby/gymkhana and cocktail party in a few days.
7 Christmas Special
As the Larkins prepare for Christmas, Pop and Ma are overjoyed to have Mariette and Charley back for the holiday, but when Charley’s parents arrive, chaos descends.

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This new, 1950s-set adaptation of the classic novel “The Darling Buds of May” captures the warmth, optimism, and escapism of the Larkin family for a modern generation.

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