Alone Together

2018 • Freeform
15 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Pilot
Esther and Benji are platonic best friends who want nothing more than to be accepted by the vain and status-obsessed culture of Los Angeles.
2 Road Trip
It's Benji's birthday and Esther and Jeff take him on a road trip full of fun stops along the way.
3 Fertility
Esther decides to donate some eggs, while Benji awaits the results of a sperm test.
4 Pop-Up
When Esther and Benji stand in line for a Kylie Cosmetics pop-up store, Esther tries to avoid distractions while Benji roams off.
5 Dean Girls
When an aggressive woman won't leave Benji's brother, Dean, alone, Benji hatches a plan to help her get over Dean: post photos online to make it look like Esther and Dean are dating.
6 Dinner Party
When Esther invites a lesbian couple from her building over for a dinner party, Benji has to help out so she doesn't embarrass herself.
7 The Big One
When Esther freaks out about "The Big One", Benji dismisses her Midwestern panic.
8 Sleepover
Esther throws a sober sleepover party to rekindle friendships she made at a bachelorette party, while Benji tries to move a childhood camp friend out of the friend zone.
9 Music Video
Benji's excited when he is given the opportunity to accomplish a goal that dates back to his old ska band days: to make a music video.
10 Property Management
While Benji manages his brother Dean's apartment complex, both Benji and Esther get swept up in the allure of retirement life, until realizing it may not be all it's cracked up to be.

About this show

Two misfits from different backgrounds try to make their way into the vain and status-obsessed culture of Los Angeles. Along the way, they find salvation in their male/female, strictly platonic friendship.

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15 reviews
Vi Stasiya
January 24, 2018
It's awkward and cringeworthy with the characters constantly throwing verbal attacks at each other. I have no idea why tv executives think 20 minutes of deadpan humor qualifies to be a TV show
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Jessica Johnson
July 31, 2019
omg... I am starving to death for JayTea, What are we doing? I have been misreable since. nothing or none else will due. i need him like my next breath. I will not allow anyome take him away, I know now what i have lost, dieing without my heart
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A Google user
March 5, 2018
Such a good show. It has some of the best one liners and an adorable platonic relationship between to the two awkward comedians.
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