Cuckoo (OV)

2012 • BBC3
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Cuckoo, Season 1 episodes (6)

1 The Homecoming
Ken and Lorna are looking forward to seeing daughter Rachel again when she returns from her gap year, but are surprised when she introduces them to her new husband - travelling hippie and huge goon Cuckoo. Ken struggles to find something to like about his new son-in-law before being pushed into a somewhat radical course of action.
2 Family Meeting
Ken is keen to lay down some ground rules for Cuckoo in the Thompson house and proposes a family meeting. But getting his own way turns out to have devastating knock-on effects at Rachel's coming home party.
3 Ken on E
Ken is over the moon when he is picked to become a local councillor. Cuckoo is full of advice, as politics is his special subject. But Ken is devastated when Dylan kicks a guy in the testicles and unwittingly ruins everything. Can wise Cuckoo pull Ken out of his hole and get him his dream back?
4 Grandfather’s Cat
The family are off to see Lorna's dad Tony to celebrate his birthday. Ken is afraid that Cuckoo will send his beloved father-in-law to an early grave, but thanks to the intervention of a surprise feline guest, Cuckoo is a big hit. But events surrounding the cat put Ken in the doghouse.
5 Connie Sings
Lorna's best friend Connie is round for dinner, and self-appointed guru Cuckoo manages to motivate her to leave Steve and pursue her childhood dream of becoming a singer. The only cloud on the horizon is the fact that Connie's voice is horrible. Ken survives three days listening to the caterwauling harpie before he realises it's time to act.
6 The Wedding
Rachel and Cuckoo discover that their nude Thai ceremony on the beach wasn't quite as official as they thought. In fact, they are not legally married. Lorna is delighted that she's finally going to see her Rach get married, but Ken realises this might be his one opportunity to get rid of nitwit Cuckoo once and for all.

About this show

BBC Three comedy starring Greg Davies as the over-protective father of a girl who's impulsively married an American hippie on her gap year.

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2 reviews
Angel of Rock
December 11, 2017
This show is amazing... please add this to Google Play :D
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