The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

63 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (10)

1 Breaking Ground
As the team recommences their monumental search for answers on the notorious 512-acre property, an excavation of a mysterious pit at Homestead Two leads to a frightening encounter.
2 Carved in Stone
As the mystery of a dead cow grows even stranger, a guest investigator alerts the team to a never before seen site that might hold the keys to unlocking the truth about Skinwalker Ranch.
3 Laser Focused
After a military investigator shares his disturbing report about the phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch, the team conducts a laser experiment leading to startling results.
4 There's No Place Like Homestead Two
When a lidar scan reveals a dark mass at Homestead Two, the team invites a Rabbi to perform an ancient ritual believed to reveal inter dimensional portals, leading to chilling results.
5 The Ranch Strikes Back
Following a thermal experiment at Homestead Two that reveals more evidence of a strange presence, the team is suddenly affected in dangerous and disturbing ways.
6 Skin Deep
After an investigator presents the team with evidence of a mysterious cavern system running beneath the ranch, they find reason to believe there may be unnatural features buried all across the property.
7 Can You Dig It?
While conducting a drilling operation at the Triangle Area, the team not only detects dangerous energy spikes, but also discovers something that may have come from outer space.
8 Shocking Revelations
When the team uses high-powered Tesla Coils to shoot electricity into the oddly conductive soil of Skinwalker Ranch, they stimulate what may be their most otherworldly encounter so far.
9 Look, Up in the Sky
As the team launches high-tech rockets into the mile-high zone above the Triangle, unidentified aerial phenomena suddenly appear.
10 It Follows
As members of the team investigate the Triangle Area nearly a mile above the ranch in Brandon's helicopter, they are shadowed by an invisible entity.

About this show

For the first time ever, HISTORY is gaining full, unprecedented access to one of the most infamous and secretive hotspots of paranormal and UFO-related activities on earth, Skinwalker Ranch.

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63 reviews
Mark Birchette
July 5, 2020
Living in Utah and many years ago when Robert Bigelow owned the ranch myself and two friends went there and snuck on the ranch. It wasn't as we guarded then as they make it sound. I believe it was at the end of Mr. Bigelow caring much. I'm an Army Veteran well versed at bypassing cameras, alarms, etc. We saw strange shafts of light, heard growling that sounded like it encircled us and vibrated chest bones. But saw nothing. Suffice to say we were well armed. Something is using wormholes. Opinion
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Kenn Tollens
April 25, 2020
Very interesting, but also annoying that they are scientists who have seen power drains, but bring one laser, no backup, no extra batteries and give up on the experiment because one little thing went wrong. I like Dr. Taylor, "Something strange going here, grab up them Duke boys and get on back to the Boars Nest" back at the command center Boars Nest, "We had ourselves a big event, better call in Boss Hog."
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deborah elliott
August 15, 2021
Save your money. They didn't find diddley. It's just hype. I think the place is fascinating, but whatever is really going on there, it's not going to jump out there on camera and "perform." This series is a rip-off. If the History Channel discovered anything really interesting, the Pentagon would shut them up.
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