ID: INVADED (Simuldub)

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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Jigsawed
Sakaido the brilliant detective awakens in a strange fragmented world. Can he and the police organization known as the Kura put the pieces together before the killer claims another victim?
2 Jigsawed II
The Perforator has slipped from the Kura's grasp, but not before capturing one of their own. Sakaido and the Wellside must find new clues among the pieces before it's too late.
3 Sniped
Matsuoka visits Hondomachi before the Kura goes after its next serial killer. As Sakaido struggles to survive long enough to solve the mysteries in the new killer's id well, Narihisago is haunted by his past.
4 Extended
As Narihisago faces consequences for his actions, the Kura struggles to operate. A notorious serial killer who has completely eluded the police kidnaps a 7th victim. Will a lucky break give the Kura enough time to intervene in the victim's fate?
5 Fallen
Hondomachi leaves her interaction with missing Perforator victim Haruka Kazuta in a state of confusion. However, Hondomachi's insight leads to a stunning breakthrough in another open case.
6 Circled
Hondomachi plays a major role in the Gravedigger case. After losing so many officers, the Kura and the Wellside search for ways to track down John Walker. Hondomachi's efforts in the Gravedigger case are rewarded.
7 Thunderbolted
Inami becomes acquainted with the other prisoners in the Kura. As the Wellside focuses all its attention on investigating John Walker, Hondomachi's skills are put to the test. A sudden breakthrough leaves everyone stunned.
8 Desertified
The Metropolitan Police work on the John Walker case as the Wellside's efforts to rescue Hondomachi continue. At Chief Hayaseura's suggestion, Togo tries something unprecedented.
9 Inside-outed
Narihisago wakes up in a very familiar world. As he unravels the mystery of his situation, will he have time to find Hondomachi?
10 Inside-outed II
Narihisago continues to help Kiki Asukai. Her mysterious situtation throws doubt on what's real and what's a dream.
11 Stormed
The brilliant detectives have to find a way to escape their id wells before they're trapped.
12 Channeled
Before he can be arrested, John Walker throws the Kura into chaos and finds a way to escape. As the brilliant detectives try to take him down, can Momoki do anything to save the Kura?
13 Channeled II
The brilliant detectives' confrontation with John Walker continues, and Momoki's convictions are tested as he attempts to save the Kura.

About this show

Meet Sakaido, a brilliant detective who solves cases by entering the world of the killer's unconscious mind: the id well.
10 reviews
November 27, 2020
I personally haven't purchased this show yet but it is very good! I watched it through a couple weeks ago, the mysteries were interesting and there were a lot of unexpected twists. Every mystery is somehow connected and the show got me to cry by like the seventh episode. Is highly suggest this show.
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Muaath معاذ
May 4, 2021
good show but not worth buying streaming it is better
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