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Season 10 episodes (23)

1 Haley and Ariel
Self-centered Bridezilla Haley faces her nemesis when her mother-in-law becomes her wedding planner. Teen terror Bridezilla Ariel goes on a wedding week rampage making sure everyone knows that she's the boss.
2 Dezjuan and Ariel
Irrational Bridezilla Dezjuan becomes irate when her bridal party struggles to meet her demands. Bratty Bridezilla Ariel proves grace and poise have no place in her world as she faces wedding adversity.
3 Amanda and Dezjuan
Stuck up Bridezilla Amanda takes manipulation to a new level, as only a southern belle can. Maniacal Bridezilla Dezjuan jeopardizes the ceremony as she goes from wedding nerves to a full blown mental breakdown.
4 Amanda and Dekeydra
Nit-picky Bridezilla Amanda pits her bridesmaids against each other as a fire nearly destroys her celebration. Demanding Bridezilla Dekeydra bulldozes her way through the week, high on self-entitlement.
5 Dekeydra and Joraine
Castigating Bridezilla Joraine runs her man through the wedding gauntlet in an eye-opening glimpse of his grim future. Demeaning Bridezilla Dekeydra insists on unwavering devotion, regardless of the fallout.
6 Joraine and Amanda
Derisive Bridezilla Amanda employs shocking measures in effort to achieve her perfect wedding week. Fussy Bridezilla Joraine comes unhinged as wedding stresses prove greater than predicted.
7 Amanda and Miyesha
Cold-hearted diva Miyesha sentences her bridesmaids to a week of wedding hell. Maniacal Bridezilla Amanda takes the wedding from crazy to all out mayhem, but still makes time to court an unassuming groomsman.
8 Miyesha & Stephanie
Heartless Bridezilla Miyesha nearly comes to blows with everyone, including the crew. Devilish Bridezilla Stephanie relieves her wedding planning stress by giving her fiance the shock of a lifetime.
9 Stephanie & Taneema
Spendthrift Bridezilla Taneema wages war on her fiance's finances then squares off with a tank. Bawdy Bridezilla Stephanie lets it all hang out in a shocking bachelorette party showdown.
10 Stephanie & Krystal
Spoiled Bridezilla Krystal dances her family's finances into the gutter. Delusional Bridezilla Stephanie's lies add up to a hefty wedding reality check.
11 Krystal & Evelina
Polish model and Bridezilla Evelina melts down when her high-fashion wedding shoot gets hosed. Explosive Bridezilla Krystal loses it with her bridal party and has to be restrained.
12 Evelina & Yovanna
Spoiled Bridezilla Yovanna demands a lavish wedding, draining her fiance's funds. Unbalanced Bridezilla Evelina ditches a bridesmaid and crashes her fiance's bachelor party.
13 Yovanna & Aleshia
Maniacal Bridezilla Aleshia forces her fiance to sing her a ballad while she loses her cool over a text. Unhinged Bridezilla Yovanna belittles her bridesmaids and hosts a party with a jaw-dropping price tag.
14 Aleshia & Sophia
Controlling Bridezilla Sophia proves size doesn't matter while belittling her bodybuilding beau. Over-dramatic Bridezilla Aleshia ignores all signs that her wedding is not meant to be.
15 Sophia & Ashley
Hillbilly Bridezilla Ashley struggles with a lackluster guest list and a wedding party of animals. Blubbering Bridezilla Sophia teeters on the brink of sanity until her anger boils over onto the crew.
16 Ashley & Ariane
Free-spirited Bridezilla Ariane enjoys some hardcore snacks and dirty dancing with her bridesmaids. Hillbilly Bridezilla Ashley hosts a wedding filled with moonshine and animals, but not guests.
17 Ariane & Roxy
Autocratic Bridezilla Ariane is enraged at her guests' attire, banishing the worst offenders in a heated argument. Survivor alum Roxy nearly comes to blows with an innocent bystander.
18 Roxy & Mai-Lee
Hot-headed Bridezilla Mai-Lee struggles to cage her rage when dealing with her less than obliging bridal party. Rigid Bridezilla Roxy gets righteous when her wedding fantasy, yacht and all, faces rough seas.
19 Mai-Lee & Angela
Pampered Bridezilla Angela gets her man waxed but hits a snag when she doesn't get the response she wants. Explosive Bridezilla Mai-Lee is psychotic about her schedule, especially when it's not met.
20 Angela & Adrianne
Gripe-Zilla Adrianne develops bad blood with her hunky brother-in-law when he stands up for the groom. Snotty Bridezilla Angela issues an ultimatum that leads to the first ever Bridezilla's wedding objection.
21 Adrianne & Willaura
Wannabe celebrity Willaura teeters on the brink when her make-believe prestige gets called out. Doom-and-gloom Bridezilla Adrianne attempts to control with self-pity, but will her tears be taken seriously?
22 Willaura & Megan
Conceited Bridezilla Megan goes heinously overboard with her DIY wedding. Phony socialite Willaura counts street brawls among her social graces and hosts her very own meltdown come wedding day.
101 Season 10 Sneak Peek
Check out this sneak peek from the 10th and final season of Bridezillas. Premieres Friday, May 31st at 8|7c.

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Bridezillas is the WE tv hit original series that exposes the stresses and temporary insanity among brides-to-be as they plan their weddings.

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96 reviews
Sharon Miller
June 4, 2013
Weddings r suppose to be a time of happiness & joy. All u see is selfishness & disrespect towards their parents, friends & future husband. Not sure why the groom doesn't call it off, unless they are that insecure. If my friend treated me like that I sure wouldn't stick around for more insults & abuse. Definitely interesting to watch these Bridezillas show millions of viewers how selfish & cruel they are to the man they love, their best friends, & their parents.
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Three Gamble
May 30, 2013
It can't end like this we need more Ziillas I live for the stress of BrideZillas this cannot be true what'll we do. I need to have a come back Where are they now episodes. Stop playing OMG WE TV:_(
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Maria Rose
June 25, 2013
What bull it said free n its 1.99 Google play lied
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