When Calls the Heart

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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 Lost And Found
When a wooden plank inscribed with a sentimental message is discovered in the mine, new constable Jack Thornton tries to discover the plank's rightful owner; Elizabeth struggles with capturing the enthusiasm of her students in the wake of tragedy.
2 When Calls The Heart - Cease And Desist
When all the widows in Coal Valley receive eviction notices from the Coal Company to make way for new miner recruits, Elizabeth hatches a plan to keep the widows from moving out of the only town they know.
3 When Calls The Heart - A Telling Silence
Elizabeth helps a mute student who is struggling to cope with the death of her father; Jack investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the burning of Coal Valley's only church.
4 Secrets And Lies
After finding the cans of whale oil, Jack investigates Cat Montgomery for her possible involvement in the church arson case. When the evidence points to Cat, Gabe becomes infuriated by the idea of his mother being imprisoned for something she didn't do.
5 The Dance
When a group of new male miners comes to Coal Valley, many of the town's women get caught up in the idea of the single men. One of the new miners begins courting Elizabeth and Jack seems to have concerns that resemble jealousy.
6 These Games
The Miners' Games allow the townspeople to cut loose and have a little fun; Elizabeth and Billy Hamilton spend more time together; Jack investigates a series of robberies that are plaguing Coal Valley.
7 Second Chances
Abigail must pay a steep price to complete a top-secret project she's been working on; one of Elizabeth's students has trouble reading so she enlists Jack's help for a creative solution; Abigail gives Jack some fine advice on a woman like Elizabeth.
8 Perils Of The Soloists
Elizabeth must put on the Coal Valley Founders' Day play on short notice; the only surviving miner from the explosion comes home from the hospital with a shocking surprise; Jack has a heart-to-heart with Adam in hopes of bringing them back together.
9 Change of Heart
Elizabeth's sister visits Coal Valley and stirs up trouble when she meets a wounded man and brings him back to town; Jack finally asks Elizabeth to dinner in an act of courtship, but he's about to receive some shocking news that could change everything.
10 Love Comes First
Abigail does some detective work and learns more about Gowen's dangerous conduct leading up to the mine disaster; Julie Thatcher is becoming closer with Nathaniel when the rest of the Tolliver gang arrives in Coal Valley.
11 Rules of Engagement
Jack is back in Coal Valley along with an unexpected visitor that threatens he and Elizabeth's relationship; Elizabeth receives some unforeseen news that will force her to make a very difficult decision.
12 Final Adieu
Bill Avery continues his investigation into the mine explosion with help from Jack; a budding romance grows between Bill and Abigail; Elizabeth struggles to make a decision about the teaching offer.

About this show

In the sweeping frontier drama 'When Calls the Heart,' the town of Hope Valley adjusts to the changing times – while still maintaining the small-town bonds that connect them. The series follows single mother Elizabeth Thornton, Hope Valley’s beloved schoolteacher who navigates life alone when her husband is suddenly killed on duty. Other central characters include Rosemary Coulter, the town’s lovable busybody once described as 'part Broadway showgirl, part Frontier woman,' and her patient husband, the upstanding businessman Leland Coulter. Sheriff Bill Avery works hard to protect the town and to cement his position as Hope Valley’s ultimate authority, and Dr. Carson Shepherd keeps Hope Valley healthy all while negotiating his own personal challenges in life and love. New to the community are Mountie Nathan Grant and mysterious gambler Lucas Bouchard. Finally, Elizabeth will continue to teach the children of Hope Valley – and although there are potential suitors interested in her, the only relationship she is focused on is the one with her baby. The series is inspired by Janette Oke’s bestselling book series about the Canadian West.

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1.75K reviews
Michelle Lunsford
April 28, 2015
It's rare to find television of this quality that also features themes and scenarios that the entire family can watch together. For those looking for such programming, When Calls the Heart is a gem. The show was off to a wonderful start in its first season. The premiere of season 2 looks to carry on their high standard of entertaining storytelling and compelling drama. This first episode includes motifs of personal choice, and dealing with the consequences of choices, as well as the struggle of love striving to overcome differences in family of origin. There's also strong nods to family and community in this story, plus the rewards of maintaining integrity and seeking justice. I'm so excited to see what the cast, crew, and creators of When Calls the Heart have in store for us with the remaining season 2 episodes.
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Allyson Lapp
April 28, 2015
Season 1 of When Calls The Heart was wonderfully family friendly television and sublime storytelling. Season 2 has started the same way. This series has it all: wit, warmth, faith, heart, romance and intrigue. There is nothing like it on television (Hallmark Channel USA Saturdays beginning April 25, 2015.) Purchase the season pass here so you watch it over and over from your living rooms or on-the-go. This will be the best $20 you spend on entertainment. Ever. Period. If you missed Season 1, get it as well. Binge Watch; I dare you not to fall in love and clamor for a Season 3 and Season 4...and Season 10.
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Lily. Orchid
February 21, 2018
The show captured my heart from the very beginning! My mother was at home with me and she was dying , but I didn't realize it, she had cancer and we didn't know. I started watching the show with my mother , and we watched it all the way through as far as we could go. And, it has been near and dear to me ever since. My great-grandmother came from a small town in Texas to Austin Texas in the early 1920's . She rode into town in a horse-drawn buggy with three Children & was a widow. She then went to work for the Driskill Hotel. She worked there for 23 years ,and raised her three children, and remarried when she was 40 years old. She had a marriage that lasted for over 40 years, my family is blessed to have been in the restaurant industry here in Austin, TX for many decades, and it took standing together and having each other's back to make it work. When Calls the Heart reminds me so much of my family, and having to stick together , and taking the time to show humor and love toward one another and among our hard work , we created and you never forget this kind of love.
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