Pam and Tommy

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Pam and Tommy - Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Drilling and Pounding
Handyman Rand Gauthier seeks revenge on the celebrity client who stiffs him.
2 I Love You, Tommy
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee meet, get high, and get married… all in four days.
3 Jane Fonda
Rand teams up with an old porn-world associate to shop the tape around town.
4 The Master Beta
Pam and Tommy resort to increasingly desperate measures to get their property back.
5 Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie
The tape falls into the hands of Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione.
6 Pamela in Wonderland
During a grueling deposition, Pam is pushed to the emotional brink.
7 Destroyer of Worlds
Tommy confronts Rand in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.
8 Seattle
A cocky young Internet entrepreneur enters the picture, changing everything.

About this show

Set in the Wild West early days of the Internet, PAM & TOMMY is based on the incredible true story of the Pamela Anderson (LILY JAMES) and Tommy Lee (SEBASTIAN STAN) sex tape. Stolen from the couple's home by a disgruntled contractor (SETH ROGEN), the video went from underground bootleg-VHS curiosity to full-blown global sensation when it hit the Web in 1997. A love story, crime caper and cautionary tale rolled into one, the eight-part original series explores the intersection of privacy, technology and celebrity, tracing the origins of our current Reality TV Era to a stolen tape seen by millions but meant to have an audience of just two.

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