Buddy Valastros Cake Dynasty

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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Totally Wicked Cake
When Buddy is tasked with making a 20th-anniversary cake for the cast of the Broadway show Wicked, his team struggles to create a life-sized masterpiece in only three days.
2 Secretariat of Cake
The Mother's Day rush is one of the busiest times of the year, and Buddy is stressed! He needs to create a custom cake for the 50th Anniversary of Secretariat's Triple Crown win.
3 A Country Cake
When Buddy is tasked with making a cake for International Country Superstar Walker Hayes, the team must find a way to transform the lyrics to his hit song "Fancy Like" into a sweet masterpiece!
4 Cakes on a Plane
When Buddy gets a request from Anthony Shriver to create a cake for the Best Buddies Challenge, a charity event held at the Kennedy compound, he's thrilled.
5 Neil Patrick Harris Cake
Work collides with family life when Buddy is tasked with creating a magic-themed birthday cake for Neil Patrick Harris on the same week as Junior's prom and graduation.
6 Spumoni Surprise
When a local Italian Social Club asks Buddy to create a cake for their "Prosciutto Open" golf event, Buddy and the team take an epic swing.
7 Daniel Boulud Cake
When Sofia earns an internship with Daniel Boulud, Buddy is tasked with making a cake for the famous French chef and his staff. But a New Jersey heatwave threatens to ruin everything, including Buddy's dad's famous cream puff cake recipe!
8 House Beautiful Cake
Buddy makes a cake for an old friend and the current Editorial Director of House Beautiful Magazine, Joanna Saltz.
9 A Cake Fit for Caesar
When Las Vegas landmark Caesars Palace requests a cake from Buddy, it's all-hands-on-deck to create a giant cake replica of the casino, complete with statues and fireworks.
10 A Fair-ly Crazy Cake
Buddy and the team embark on an enormous cake for the Meadowlands State Fair during the same week that a giant retailer tests Buddy's ability to produce 90,000 cakes per month for their nationwide stores!

About this show

Buddy Valastro's Cake Dynasty goes behind the scenes at Carlo's Bake Shop alongside Buddy and his extended family as he works to balance the demands of a rapidly expanding business empire and demanding home life.

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