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Season 8 episodes (9)

1 No Good Deed
Archer tries to find out who killed his partner, but accidentally gets in bed with Mother, a notorious L.A. crime boss.
2 Berenice
A mysterious woman hires Archer to fake her death, but he’s unable to rise to the occasion.
3 Jane Doe
Archer tries to escape from jail with the help of a crazed heiress and a dysfunctional jazz quartet.
4 Ladyfingers
While investigating a kidnapping, Archer reveals too much about Figgis and Krieger reveals too much about his past.
5 Sleepers Wake
Dutch becomes a new man while Archer’s ransom exchange goes up in smoke.
6 Waxing Gibbous
All roads lead to Len Trexler as Archer and the gang try to avoid unfriendly ghosts.
7 Gramercy, Halberd!
Archer and Trexler try to escape a rampaging Dutch by telling the world’s worst knock‐knock joke.
8 Auflösung
Archer visits Dreamland and receives a big break that leads him to Woodhouse’s killer.
101 Dreamland
Take a sneak peek at the upcoming eighth season of Archer.

About this show

Animated comedy centered on a suave spy, Sterling Archer, and his misguided cohorts.
913 reviews
T C Barter
September 7, 2021
Absolutely love this show, some of the episodes have me laughing so loud my neighbor tries to get me to shut up unsuccessfully might I add. The show has a staying power that a lot of animated shows don't I have probably watched most episodes at least 6 times, that is saying something for me, although I can't imagine how they will replace "mother" as the actress that voiced her sadly is no longer with us, I am sure they will do what they can to keep it alive and well...... there my rant is over.
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Mike Stiel
September 14, 2018
Censored, compared to Netflix, I don't know why Google sells censored versions of shows, they should at least let you know that what you are buying is someone else's version of what's acceptable for you to watch. Unimpressed to say the least, I guess I should've researched more before purchasing, I won't make that mistake again, I'll just buy the DVD's or Bluray copies. Great show though !!
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Matthew C
May 21, 2019
I loved Archer. This is on an offer right now that i would love to take advantage of. But someone has written a review stating that the episodes are censored. The description mentions nothing about being censored. The store should have specific tags for censored content and really, both the censored and uncensored versions should be available in the same purchase. There is no actual way to find out other than to buy it and it potentially be an inferior product that most likely cant be refunded.
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