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Season 14 episodes (17)

1 Episode #1401
Entering its 14th season, MADtv is a proven audience favorite with unrivaled pop-culture parodies and politically incorrect humor. This season promises to deliver more of MAD's celebrated "in your face" humor on the Presidential elections with Keegan-Michael Key as Barack Obama, newcomer Erica Ash as Michelle Obama, Bobby Lee as John McCain and Arden Myrin as Cindy McCain. Known for its signature characters, celebrity impersonations and music videos parodies, Season 14 welcomes returning cast members Bobby Lee, Nicole Parker, Keegan-Michael Key, Arden Myrin, Crista Flanagan and Johnny Sanchez. The latenight comedy introduces Erica Ash, Matt Braunger, Eric Price and Lauren Pritchard as featured cast members this season.
2 Episode #1402
AUDRINA PARTRIDGE, of the reality series The Hills, brings some real-life drama to the set of MADtv continues its 14th season of irreverent comedy with its own take on a Celebrity Roast of newlyweds Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi (series stars NICOLE PARKER and ARDEN MYRIN), a parody of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," takes on a new meaning as well as another installment of the "The Johnny Gan Show" featuring Bobby Lee on MADtv.
3 Episode #1403
Newcomer MATT BRAUNGER plays singer/songwriter "John Mayer" in a parody of his past love songs such as "The Jennifer Love Hewitt Song" and "Wading Through a World of Strange." Also, the MADtv audience gets political when they get to ask "Governor Sarah Palin" a few burning questions...and Arden Myrin reports from the red carpet of the Eagle Eye premiere. The sketch show parodies the popular reality show "Project Runway" and features an installment of "Albania's Got Talent" and faux FOX News segments on Barack Obama in an all-new episode of MADtv.
4 Best Of... Season
It's politics as not-so-usual as Nicole Parker debuts her impression of "Sarah Palin" when MADtv brings on the latenight political laughter with an all-new episode of MADtv's "Best of Politics." Keegan-Michael Key is "Barack Obama," Erica Ash is "Michelle Obama," while Bobby Lee introduces his "John McCain" and Arden Myrin debuts her "Cindy McCain." The group hosts all-new sketches along with the some returning favorites of presidents, senators and scandals in the best of political sketches and parodies in an all-new episode of MADtv.
5 Episode #1405
R&B singer NE-YO brings his moves to latenight on MADtv when he plays an amorous anchorman with a penchant for pasta in a sketch titled "Flirty News." Series star JOHNNY SANCHEZ returns as liquor store owner Farhid, who incorrectly guesses which customers are voting for which presidential candidate.
6 Episode #1406
He’s the hostest with the mostest! Emmy® Award-winning reality game show host Jeff Probst (Survivor) guest stars on MADtv when he partners up with fan-favorite character “Coach Hines,” played by Keegan-Michael Key in this hilarious episode of MADtv.
7 Episode #1407
Tennis sensation and Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams serves up a grand-slam as a tennis-playing superhero, called upon to serve her country in this hilarious episode of MADtv.
8 Episode #1408
If you can't stand the comedy, get out of the kitchen! Featured cast member ERIC PRICE plays "Gordon Ramsay" in a parody of "Kitchen Nightmares" where he starts fires in a soup kitchen at a homeless shelter.
9 Episode #1409
Tis the season for latenight laughs with the Best of MADtv #2: Holiday Edition. "Barack Obama" (Keegan-Michael Key) and "Connie Chung" (Bobby Lee) host a look back at some fan-favorite sketches in the "Best of Christmas Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular" on MADtv.
10 Episode #1410
Bobby Lee plays matchmaker with his castmates and revisits his alter ego, the Blind Kung Fu Master. Also "Al Pacino" and "Robert DeNiro" play sweetheart cops on MADtv.
11 Episode #1411
Guest star JERRY SPRINGER brings some of the drama from his daytime talk show to MADtv when an audience member asks him to submit to a paternity test to find out if he is the father of her baby. Bobby Lee plays "Ann Curry" and listens to tips from Nicole Parker on how to save money during these difficult economic times. Also, Crista Flanagan's fan-favorite "Luann" is back…and she's dating on MADtv!
12 Episode #1412
The KARDASHIAN family - Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner - plays "Family Feud" hosted by "Al Roker" (Keegan-Michael Key). And TILA TEQUILA and Bobby Lee report from Spring Break for "CNN" on MADtv!
13 Episode #1413
MADtv features "The Best of Michael McDonald." KATHY GRIFFIN hosts a special episode honoring MADtv alum MICHAEL MCDONALD and his fan-favorite characters, including "Stuart Larkin," "Mofaz," "Dr. Phil," "Hugh Laurie" and "Maury Povich," on MADtv.
14 Episode #1414
Cheech and Chong light up latenight when TOMMY CHONG and RICHARD "CHEECH" MARIN join Bobby Lee on a brand new "24" adventure that goes up in smoke on MADtv!
15 Episode #1415
Bobby Lee reprises his all time fan favorite character, when "Johnny Gan" returns to partner with his sidekick "Pongo" to play "Deal or No Deal" on MADtv!
16 Episode #1416
MADtv offers a look back at "Coach Hines" (Keegan-Michael Key) as he offers a final farewell to the high school kids he loved to torment. And Bobby Lee makes a last-ditch effort to win the heart of castmate Crista Flanagan!
17 Season Finale
Fred Willard returns to bid a final farewell to 14 amazing seasons of MADtv by hosting "MADtv Gives Back." Artie Lang is joined by the show's alumnae Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Will Sasso and Debra Wilson Skelton who return to recreate their notable MADtv characters as the show takes a look back at the fan-favorite sketches that put this side-splitting sketch comedy series on the map on the series finale episode of MADtv!

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Originally based on MAD magazine, this hilarious comedy sketch series with an ensemble cast features film and television parodies, political satire,commercial spoofs, social commentaryand pop-culture send-ups.

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68 reviews
Trever Hickey
February 16, 2021
Love the show, but only Season 13-14 were made for digital purchase, Season 1-4 for DVD, and a Best of Season 8-10 DVD. HBO Max has the show now, but only Select episodes from each season. Would love to purchase the season outright.
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Shamika Broadus
May 13, 2019
yesssss i been looking for my old favorite show and its been here!!! if u need something that'll make you spit your juice out this is it!!! random nonstop comedy!!!
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Amanda Marie
September 4, 2019
Love MADtv! Definitely one of my favorites of all time! Bobby Lee is my favorite!
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