2008 • Starz
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Pilot
Axel begins an investigation into a murder of a Korean man; Christine's father gets sick at her 40th birthday party and talks him into staying at their house, much to Peter's dismay.
2 The Doctor is In
Peter continues to voice his concerns about Christine's father moving in with them; Anthony introduces Ben to his drug dealing uncle; and Axel's investigation into a murdered man leads him to a gang known as the K-Town Killas.
3 Panic
Peter and Christine's arguments continue, this time over the remodeling of their bathroom, while Christine's father worries about the nurse they've hired for him; Axel takes extreme measures to make sure Eddie doesn't talk about a couple of murders.
4 Railroaded
Christine becomes infatuated with her new African-American architect; the cops begin their search into who shot Axel; and Anthony gets a chance to record at Jim Jones' studio thanks to Ben.
5 Your Ass Belongs to the Gypsies
Anthony gets his first taste of what it is like living as a music producer; Kenny begins to makes plans on how to get Inez all to himself.
6 Clusterfuck
Megan sneaks out with Charles, following her parent's protesting of the relationship; Ben fires Anthony, which angers him and leads him to the brink of returning to his old ways.
7 Los Muertos
A drug-addled Ben, who continues to be haunted by the Doctor, coerces Anthony into driving him into the desert for a powwow with his shaman; Cesar takes great satisfaction from his first steps on American soil.
8 Three Men & A Bebe
Cesar rethinks his past and what it took him to get Los Angeles; Amy and Kenny's marriage takes a turn for the worse, prompting Kenny to think about what he ever saw in Inez.
9 Pissing in the Sandbox
Ben begins to think of ways that he can take his company back from his daughter; a new detective ruffles some feathers at the precinct; Eddie helps a Korean man, which leads him to finding a young girl that is in desperate trouble.
10 The Future Is Free
Cesar gets a job in a car wash, while Christine learns more about Peter's departure; a K-Town rapist is questioned; Jules gives Ben a challenge; Kenny tries to makes amends with Amy.
11 F-36, Sprint Left, T-4
Anthony finds himself in the crossfire between Ben and his daughter; Cooper starts questioning Axel's wife about the shooting while Kenny goes to marriage council with his wife; Bebe continues her efforts to convince Eddie to go against Mr. Park.
12 Ring Dings
Doubts are raised in the precinct when Axel is questioned about the K-Town shootings; Kenny is left holding the kids for once; Ben learns some disturbing news about his former business partner.
13 The Pain Won't Stop
Anthony and Ben visit Ben's old partner, while Eddie confronts Mr. Park; Bebe joins the search for Axel; Christine tries to re-enter the job market; Inez crosses the line with Kenny.

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From the producers of the Academy Award-winning Best Motion Picture of the same title, Crash takes an in depth, up-close and deeply personal look at some of the lives slamming together in the melting post of Los Angeles. Led by film icon Dennis Hopper, it's here where all ends of the social spectrum meet that collisions happen, shattering lives and creating new futures.

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19 reviews
Siobhan McDonough
July 15, 2017
Why did ut end
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November 28, 2015
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parham “mokhi” mokhtar
June 24, 2015
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