We Bare Bears

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Volume 1 episodes (17)

1 Our Stuff / Viral Video
After the bears play a little pickup basketball (they're very bad), they go back to grab their stuff by the side of the court only to find it's been stolen! The Bears race across town trying to track down their stuff and end up cracking a giant case in the process. / The Bears think they have what it takes to make and star in a viral video, but when Nom-Nom decides that they don't, Grizz breaks into the koala's limo in an effort to change his mind.
2 Food Truck / Chloe
Food Truck: The Bears open up a food truck after being disappointed by the food options available to them. In an effort to drum up business, they start selling their food to animals until the animals go a little crazy. / Chloe: Chloe spends time with the Bears in an effort to research them for an upcoming presentation. But when the Bears sneak a peek at her very dry report, the Bears decide to jazz it up with exaggerated "facts" about themselves and their lifestyle.
3 Panda's Date / Everyday Bears
Panda's Date: When a vendor at the Farmer's Market (LUCY) sticks Panda with an EpiPen reviving him after an allergic reaction, Panda comes to in the arms of his dream girl. Panda tries to woo this woman of his dreams but his brothers and his own insecurities get in the way. / Everyday Bears: It's a normal day for the Bears. This means that Ice gets in a fight with a Roomba, Panda's life gets turned upside down when a mouse invades his room and Grizz gets stuck in a tree. You know, everyday stuff for a bear.
4 Burrito / Primal
Burrito: Grizz likes Burritos. A lot. So much so that after a restaurant makes a Bear-Sized Burrito, Grizz can't bring himself to eat such a majestic work of art. He carries the burrito everywhere making it a new and increasingly smelly part of his life. / Primal: Have the Bears lost their survival instincts by living in the modern world? Grizz wants to know so he purposefully gets the Bears lost in the deep forest.
5 Jean Jacket / Nom Nom
Jean Jacket: The Bears find a bedazzled jean jacket in a dumpster. It's just about the coolest thing they've ever seen and seems to make the wearer of the jacket extremely lucky. But after the Bears fight over who gets control of the jacket, they have to consider that their denim blessing has become a curse. / Nom Nom: When Nom Nom shows up on the Bears' doorstep, disheveled and deposed from his spot as cutest internet star ever after a recent meltdown, he enlists the Bears to help him regain his title.
6 Shush Ninjas / My Clique
Shush Ninjas: The Bears are fed up with the decay of etiquette at today's theaters. Aren't you? The Bears take it upon themselves to be the police of the theater sneaking up like ninjas to shush people who ruin the movie for others with their bad manners. / My Clique: Chloe, a child prodigy, finds it difficult to connect with her much older classmates. The Bears take her under their wing showing her how to make great college friends.
7 Charlie / Brother Up
Charlie: You know that one annoying friend who just can't get the hint? That's Charlie, and he's Bigfoot. The Bears meet him when Charlie signs up on a home-sharing website to spend a weekend with the Bears. Charlie is the worst possible house guest for the Bears and nearly destroys their house. / Brother Up: After Panda stumbles and accidentally scares a pack of wolves away in the process, the hierarchy of the Bears is disrupted. Suddenly, Panda has become the alpha bear, and he and Grizz have to deal with the consequences of an emotional Panda being the leader of the three Bears.
8 The Road / Occupy Bears
The Road: This episode takes place when the Bears are young cubs! The three bears, on their way through the desert, come upon a giant warehouse. It's like an Amazon fulfillment center. The Bears try to make this box-filled paradise their home. / Occupy Bears: When the city plans to destroy the Bears' cave in order to make way for a new cell phone tower, Grizz and Panda must find evidence from their past that proves they have rights to their land. And in case that fails, Ice Bear protests and tries to sabotage the construction crew.
9 Panda's Sneeze / Emergency
Panda's Sneeze: Panda bears have a very adorable and violent sneeze, and Panda is no exception. When a Vine video of his very cute sneeze goes viral, Panda becomes a "cute" sensation, which causes Nom Nom to try to fend off of this new challenger to his throne. / Emergency: When Grizz comes home with a live crab, he thinks it can become a pet for the brothers to share. However, after the crab pinches Ice Bear's ear and won't let go, Panda and Grizz have to get their injured brother to the hospital, and fast!
10 Tote Life / Charlie and the Snake
Tote Life: When a hipster grocery store clerk shames the Bears for asking for plastic grocery bags, the Bears realize that eco-friendly tote bags are their way of gaining acceptance amongst the progressive people of the Bay Area. But in their effort to gain popularity, the Bears let the culture of tote bags take over their lives. / Charlie and the Snake: Charlie is a solo guy who, like the Bears, would love to find a place for himself in the world. In an effort to do so, Charlie throws a party, but ends up going on an adventure with the unlikeliest of animals, a wild snake.
11 Video date / Pet Shop
Video Date : Panda is an avid e-dater, and when a lovely French woman matches with him and agrees to a video chat date, Panda and his brothers engineer the situation so Panda is able to show the best side of himself on the video chat, even if that side of him is completely exaggerated. / Pet Shop: Pet Shop tells the tale of where the Baby Bears once lived, and after a run-in with a video crew shooting a Sarah McLachlan-type animal adoption video, almost seized an opportunity to find a home separated from each other.
12 Chloe and Ice Bear / Cupcake Job
Chloe and Ice Bear: On a day out with just Ice Bear, Chloe realizes Ice Bear only runs errands for his brothers. Determined to show him a fun day in the city, Chloe promises to help Ice Bear have a good time, even if it means staying in a museum after it closes. / Cupcake Job: When the Bears' beloved laptop breaks, they finally have the need to do something they've never done before: get jobs. Working at a trendy cupcake shop, the Bears find that the working world is much tougher than they realized.
13 Hibernation / Charlie Ball
Hibernation: The bears, being an urban bunch, hadn't ever heard of the idea of hibernation until Chloe tells them about it. Grizz, loving the idea of eating a ton and then just sleeping to his heart's content, goes for it with reckless abandon. But Grizz is so excited for hibernating... that he can't fall asleep. / Charlie Ball: After Panda gets injured on the basketball court, the Bears invite Charlie to be on their basketball team. But when Charlie gets too good, he starts to ruin all the fun of the game.
101 Basketball Skills
Check out Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear's mad basketball skills! And check out We Bare Bears, a new series coming on Cartoon Network.
102 Bear Cleaning
Check out the fun Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear have cleaning. And check out We Bare Bears, a new series coming on Cartoon Network.
103 Behind the Scenes
Check out a behind the scenes clip of the brand new series We Bare Bears.
104 Meet the Bears
Meet Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear from the brand new series We Bare Bears.

About this show

Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear are three brothers awkwardly trying to fit in the human world and make friends which can be kind of hard to do when you are a bear. Being a bear in a civilised modern world is tough, but at least they have each other.

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1.98K reviews
cameron iacono
February 25, 2016
This show is just a humble delight to watch. Unlike most shows that try to be an action comedy this show is a slice of life comedy. Now there are of course unconventional situations the Bear trio find themselves in like having to dig themselves of a hoard of reusable bags or be ninjas at the movie theater, but this show has a good sense of pacing si things aren't rush and still have quirky humor to it.
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Jacob Bacci (Adrennec Wolf)
June 16, 2017
As a member of the furry fandom, I saw this show recommended on a Reddit Furry thread and decided to give it a shot. Glad I gave it the chance. This very quickly made it up my list of favorite cartoons (Among Archer, MLP:FIM, Rick and Morty, Sealab 2021). The whole tl;dr of this show is basically three bears attempt to integrate into society and bond back at home. It definitely has some good guest stars (Jason Lee of My Name is Earl, Ellie Kemper of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Patton Oswalt of several shows and successful stand-up comedy). The only complaints I have are the show is often hit and miss. The only warning sign is an episode where Grizz is the only bear in the episode (or is prominently featured). Also, beware of cub episodes. While they are decent, the cub actors belong on a different show.
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Random Penguiness
April 23, 2016
I haven't seen many episodes of "We Bare Bears", but by watching those few episodes, I can see that this show is one of those shows with fun, loving characters, and an ok plot. I could see myself watching more of "We Bare Bears"
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