Dead End Express

2015 • National Geographic Channel
15 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Welcome to the Wilderness
In Idaho, jet boat pilot Brice Barnes responds to a CODE 5 emergency message and must brave the Snake River by night to rescue a friend. Alaskan bush pilot Rob Kinkade makes an emergency medicine drop and tackles a hazardous landing strip in the high tundra. In Montana, horse packers Andy Breland and Chuck Allen push their animals to the vertical limit while rushing a backup power supply to a fire spotter stranded alone on a mountaintop.
2 Fire in the Canyon
Horse packers Andy Breland and Chuck Allen must deliver live fish up to an alpine lake before the oxygen in the fish tanks runs out. Bush pilot Rob Kinkade heads out to check up on an elderly off-gridder who missed her last radio check-in. Jet boat pilot Brice Barnes helps rebuild a homestead destroyed by wildfire, rescues a driverless boat drifting close to a rapid, and learns the hard way how the Snake River got its name.
3 Stranded in the Tundra
Horse packers Andy and Chuck race to the rescue of an old friend going through diabetic shock. Jet boat pilot Brice Barnes does his bit for Hells Canyon history by helping an off-gridder renovate a 130-year old ranch. Alaskan bush pilot Rob Kinkade lands himself in trouble out in Bear Country.
4 Grizzly Goner
Alaskan bush pilot Rob Kinkade gets a rescue call from a stranded friend, but a broken landing gear keeps him on the ground. In Montana, packers Andy and Chuck ride into the wind to deliver supplies to an off-gridder who’s on the move. Jet boat pilot Brice Barnes must get creative in his attempt to recover a helicopter that’s been stranded in Hells Canyon.
5 Alaskan Madness
In Hells Canyon, jet boat pilot Brice Barnes negotiates the Snake River at night to reach Temperance Creek ranch, where a prowling cougar has been spotted. Alaskan freight-hauler, Roger Phillips trades to secure much-needed fuel for his off-grid neighbors, but must take on the unstable ice of the Yenta River to make the delivery. Dog mushing team, Jeff and Paul Hemann must deliver live chickens to an off-gridder stranded in heavy snow.
6 Outlaws & Frostbite
Freight hauler Roger Phillips battles snow machine failures in plummeting temperatures; dog mushers Jeff and Paul Hemann struggle to control their lead dog en route to an important delivery; packers Andy and Chuck pay off some unpredictable locals and dodge predators on their final delivery of the season.
7 Fueling the Fire
Jet boat pilot Brice Barnes negotiates with mules and an unwieldy tank of propane; dog mushers Jeff and Paul Hemann combine their dog teams to battle deep snow; freight hauler Roger Phillips takes his wife on a tough delivery.
8 End of the Road
Freight hauler Roger Phillips must deliver groceries to a family living 85 miles away, but his buddy's aging freight sled gets him stuck in the wilderness. Father-and-son dog mushers Jeff and Paul Hemann are throwing a wilderness wedding for their sick friend Steve. Jet boat pilot Brice Barnes travels alone on a first-time mission to collect a season’s worth of firewood for an elderly off gridder.

About this show

On the edge of the American frontier, a few brave men risk their lives delivering vital supplies to people living off-the-grid. Follow five rugged adventurers as they live and breathe the high-stakes of hauling critical cargo into unique tracts of wilderness. Whether by bush plane, jet boat, snowmachine, dog-sled or pack horse, they’ll overcome all obstacles and do whatever it takes to make their delivery.

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15 reviews
Christi Nash
July 9, 2015
It shows the real risks of living in places like the Alaskan wilderness, and introduces a cast of real people who live off the grid.
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Karla Dahl
April 2, 2016
Dead end express
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