Hart To Hart

1979 • ABC
29 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (19)

1 Murder, Murder On The Wall
A bank robber's death unleashes a search for the five million dollars he stole from his accomplices. © 1980 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
2 What Murder?
Jonathan recalls witnessing a murder. © 1980 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
3 This Lady Is Murder
A case of mistaken identity results in Jennifer being kidnapped and held for ransom. © 1980 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
4 Murder Is Man's Best Friend
When he is asked to let Freeway taste test a new brand of dog food, Max is certain that he won't like it. However, Freeway's enthusiastic reaction to "Doggone Its" results in an offer to star in a commercial. But, when their dog suddenly won't eat anything else, the Harts and Max begin to worry. Meanwhile, unknown to anyone outside a small circle in the company, the new dog food contains a powerful drug. Concern over Freeway's sudden sluggishness sends Jonathan to see ad agency executive Ken Davern, who promises to deliver some more dog food at once. However, when the dog food's creator, Dr. Cobb, warns of trouble if they continue meddling, Davern tries to warn the Harts. Meanwhile, a chemical analysis of Doggone Its suggests the presence of a combination of ingredients that could be very addictive. © 1980 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
5 'tis The Season To Be Murdered
The Harts go undercover at their toy company to expose a costly security leak. © 1980 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
6 Murder Wrap
Prior to the opening of a major exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts, Dr. Fred Whitlock mysteriously disappears. And on the evening of the gala premier, Dr. Whitlock's body turns up in a sarcophagus that was supposed to contain the mummy of Prince Metakortas. Meanwhile, the Cairo Antiquity Service's Mustaff Assad claims that Jennifer is an exact likeness of the Prince's true love, Princess Tarkahti. When her concerns over an ancient curse and Whitlock's murder keep her awake late into the night, Jennifer is certain that she saw the missing mummy outside her window. And while Jonathan finds evidence that seems to suggest the mummy's presence, he blames Assad for frightening his wife. However, during a late night visit to the museum, Jennifer is sure that she's seen the mummy again. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
7 Murder In Paradise
The Harts find spies in Hawaii. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
8 Ex-wives Can Be Murder
Max's ex-wife makes an unexpected appearance that draws him and the Harts into a battle for a stolen necklace. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
9 Murder Is A Drag
Jonathan is mistaken for a hit man and hired to carry out a contract killing of the District Attorney. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
10 The Hart Shaped Murders
After buying some special Valentine's candies as a thank you for some friends, Jennifer and Jonathan are puzzled when they are destroyed in a series of unexplained home break-ins. To get the bottom of the mystery, Jennifer calls on Mrs. Bittersweet, the owner of the candy store who sold her the custom made chocolates. Meanwhile, three spies are carrying out a clandestine effort to recover a box of the chocolates that are being used to hide secret messages. After a government agents dies after eating some of their chocolates, the Harts find themselves at the center of an investigation into international espionage. Because their friend Roberta Geller doesn't realize that she has the chocolate that the spies are after, the Harts try to warn her. However, claiming she's allergic to chocolate, Roberta says she gave the candy to a child named Herby. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
11 Slow Boat To Murder
An illegal card game leads to a framing. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
12 Murder In The Saddle
Ranchers think their land is contaminated. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
13 Homemade Murder
Posing as Jonathan, a murderer takes refuge in the Hart mansion as he searches for the incriminating evidence that could send him to prison for life. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
14 Getting Aweigh With Murder
The Harts and Max go undercover on a gambling cruise to expose a counterfeiting ring. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
15 The Murder Of Jonathan Hart
Jonathan fakes his own murder in order to find out who has been trying to kill him. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
16 The Latest Fashion In Murder
After agreeing to model for a high fashion magazine, Jennifer becomes a deranged killer's next target. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
17 Operation Murder
Jennifer cannot convince anyone hat she witnessed a murder during a brief hospital stay. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
18 Murder Takes A Bow
Jennifer is the only obstacle to community theater director's plans to make the work of a murdered playwright his own. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
19 The Blue Chip Murders
Following an attempted burglary at their home, the Harts are surprised at the fact that nothing was taken. But what they don't know is that the house has been targeted by a stock broker who suspects that the previous owner, architect Lawrence Freeman, hid a fortune in bearer bonds somewhere in the house before he died. And in an effort to find them, Mr. Barbara sends his accomplice, Ronnie, to the Harts posing as a magazine photographer who is doing a story on the Freeman house. After contacting the brokerage firm that handled Freeman's account, the Harts are told that the architect's secrecy and paranoia led him to keep almost everything he owned hidden at home. And from the brokerage firm's longtime archivist, Ida Cox, they are told of a safe that Freeman was rumored to have installed. Worried that the Harts are getting too close, Mr. Barbara sends Ronnie back to find the safe and steal the bonds. And though Ronnie is killed before the bonds are found, the Harts know that his partner isn't about to give up. A call to Paris where Freeman's blueprints are stored provides the Harts with a clue as to the location of the hidden safe. And upon finding it and the bonds, Jonathan and Jennifer decide that Ida should be the one who inherits the late architect's fortune. When Ida brings her boss along with her, Mr. Barbara locks her and the Harts inside the safe and makes off with the loot. But after engineering an escape with some help from Max, the Harts manage to stop Mr. Barbara before he can get away with the caper. © 1981 CPT Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Jonathan and Jennifer Hart are rich, stylish supersleuths who roam the world, hobnob with the rich and famous while always solving the crimes along the way.

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29 reviews
Chantal Williams
April 13, 2020
I tried to escape( run away from) summer camp when I found out I was gonna miss an episode.
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Tammy Wood
August 12, 2020
Wonderful show. Wished all episodes were available on Google Play
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Trisha Wilsoñ
April 10, 2020
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