This Is Us

2.88K reviews
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Season 6 episodes (18)

1 The Challenger
The Big Three celebrate their 41st birthday.
2 Lovebirds
Nicky, Rebecca and Miguel go on a road trip.
3 Four Fathers
Jack, Randall, Kevin and Toby struggle to connect with their children.
4 Don't Let Me Keep You
Jack visits Ohio.
5 Heart and Soul
Kevin visits the construction site. Malik and Deja share controversial news at dinner.
6 Our Little Island Girl: Part Two
Beth prepares her dancers for the first big dance recital at her new job.
7 Taboo
Rebecca has a big announcement to make at Thanksgiving dinner.
8 The Guitar Man
Kevin takes the twins to the cabin in hopes of proving himself as a father.
9 The Hill
Kate visits Toby.
10 Every Version Of You
Randall and Rebecca embark on a road trip and reflect on their past.
11 Saturday in the Park
Rebecca and Miguel's anniversary barbecue does not go as planned.
12 Katoby
Kate and Toby's relationship evolves over a few years.
13 The Day of the Wedding
The Pearsons gather for Kate's wedding.
14 The Night Before the Wedding
The night before Kate's wedding, Kevin's love life takes an unexpected turn.
15 Miguel
Miguel over the years.
16 Family Meeting
The Big Three make a plan for Rebecca.
17 The Train
The Pearsons gather around Rebecca's bedside.
18 Us
The Big Three come to new understandings about life.

About this show

A dramedy made up of a unique ensemble of characters all born on the same day.
2.88K reviews
Diane Moses
January 16, 2019
I absolutely have fallen in love with this show Being a flower child in 1969, going to Woodstock. Brought back soo many memories. I cry a lot. so glad I did not miss tonight. Randall won. This family is so great. Chrissy so cute trying to get back her hubby's Star wars stuff. Which reminds me I need to get out all my Star Wars. Actually they were my husbands. I am going to miss living on2 acres. moving trying to find an apt. I can afford. Anyway live "This is Us"will be following. 🇦🇹💗
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Lisa A
September 21, 2016
I feel such a connection to this show. I connected with the pregnant lady because my daughter just had a baby. Since I too am over-weight and never got married, I have a special connection with the lady. I connected with the black guy because I was also adopted and found my bio parents. Then my heart strings just made a neat, smiling bow when I found out the 3 "kids" were siblings. I've needed to smile. l won't miss one episode of this show. Please don't cancel this one.
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Ken R
December 31, 2019
After the mid-season 4 episode 9 break: The show has become too confident in itself and is no longer enjoyable to watch. Too many new characters, and too many episodes concentrated on one or two of them, we don't see every character in every episode. I know the producers love doing this sort of thing, but it is not enjoyable. The whole plot with Randall's family and City Council is gone. The show is just trying to do too much in one hour, and it doesn't work. Original Review:The show is critically acclaimed. Everyone loves it. Admittedly, the show is very well written and the acting is excellent. Season one was quite good. The problem is, the audience is being held hostage waiting to find out how Jack dies. We thought we might find out at the beginning of Season 2, but now we have to watch very little happen each week waiting for the answer. There will be a cliff-hanger at the end of season 2. So we may not even find out until Season 3 ... The show is still good, it just does not live up to its reputation.
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