Happy Together

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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 Pilot
Damon Wayans Jr., Amber Stevens West and Felix Mallard star in a new comedy about a 30-something, happily married couple who begin to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when a young pop star drawn to their super-ordinary suburban life unexpectedly moves in with them.
2 Scrubbing
Jake and Claire attempt to follow Cooper's minimalist lifestyle by "scrubbing" their home of all their old and forgotten belongings. However, they find that letting go of the past is harder than it seems.
3 Let’s Work It Out
When Cooper has to get in shape for an underwear ad, Jake and Claire are inspired to ditch their junk food and join his ultra-healthy lifestyle. With the help of Cooper and his trainer, Antoine (Anders Holm), Jake and Claire go on the most intense diet and exercise program of their lives.
4 About Your Parents
When Claire gets sick, Jake is determined to prove that he can take care of her without relying on her parents, Bonnie and Gerald.
5 Like Father, Like Son
When Jake's father, Mike (Damon Wayans), visits, they are excited to spend quality father-son time together. Also, Jake and Claire awkwardly attempt to keep their romance alive while she is traveling on business.
6 Bland Gestures
When Cooper turns to Jake and Claire for advice on a big romantic gesture to impress a popular singer, they realize they should start making grand gestures in their own relationship.
7 How Jake and Claire Met
When Cooper asks Jake and Claire how they met, Jake keeps embellishing the story of their college romance, while Claire points out the real details of their early relationship.
8 Til Death Do We Party
Jake and Claire worry that Bonnie and Gerald are partying too hard in their retirement. Also, Cooper seeks inspiration for a new song.
9 The Power of Yes...Men
When Cooper helps Jake prepare for a big work presentation, they both realize that everyone always agrees with Cooper only because he is famous. Jake asks Claire for the same kind of encouragement, while Cooper decides to seek out more honest opinions of his work.
10 Home Insecurity
When one of Cooper's stalkers sneaks into Jake and Claire's house, they reluctantly decide to install a home security system.
11 A Claire-Free Lifestyle
Jake worries about their finances when Claire quits her job to pursue her passion. Also, Cooper turns to Bonnie and Gerald for financial advice.
12 Vows
When Cooper gives Jake and Claire an anniversary gift featuring their original wedding vows, tensions rise as they attempt to take their vows literally.
13 Backstage (P)asses
Jake and Claire decide to leave the comfort of their cozy bed for a wild night out as Cooper performs an intimate concert to debut new music.
101 Get Cozy with the Stars of Happy Together
The new CBS sitcom Happy Together takes us inside a typical home of a typical accountant-until your not-so-typical pop star moves in! In this behind-the-scenes video, series stars Damon Wayans Jr., Amber Stevens West, and Felix Mallard give us a taste of the shenanigans that are about to go down.

About this show

Happy Together stars Damon Wayans, Jr. in a new comedy about a 30-something happily married couple who begin to reconnect with their younger, cooler selves when a young pop star drawn to their super ordinary suburban life unexpectedly moves in with them.

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13 reviews
A Google user
December 10, 2018
I paid for the whole season and am now 3 episodes behind because it's not being updated
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Lorena Delgado
November 6, 2018
Love it. The characters always make me laugh
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cathy turner
December 28, 2018
i love thks show it has the feel of a 80s sitcom i dont know why this is being cancelled
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