Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 106
In Hollywood, newly single agent Shannon McLeod tries to sell her ex-fiance's house without ruining their relationship. But the buyer makes life difficult for both of them. In Malibu, new agent Madison Hildebrand tries to get top dollar for a dream estate in disrepair. When the deal gets complicated, he has to make a tough decision.
2 Episode 101
In Malibu, Condo Queen Lydia Simon tries to get top dollar for a beach front condo before her wedding. Her client is a major force in the Malibu condo market, so he'll settle for nothing less than top dollar. Lydia needs to plan her wedding, sell the condo and make it to the altar on time! In Hollywood, married super agents Dia and Ray struggle to deal with a desperate divorcee who has to sell the home she loves.
3 Episode 104
In Malibu, top agent Chris Cortazzo wants top dollar for his hot new beach house. His protégé, Madison Hildebrand, thinks he has the perfect clients. Can he make the deal happen or will Chris decide not to sell? In Hollywood, super agent Michael Wegmann tries to deal with a reluctant seller with a wife who's eager to move on.
4 Episode 102
In Hollywood, married super agents Dia and Ray try to make ends meet with a frustrated homeowner who decided to leave the country when George Bush was elected to a second term. But the house isn't selling and the homeowner keeps changing the rules. In Malibu, smooth-talking agent Scotty Brown tries to get top dollar for his latest seller, a stubborn socialite. When the market doesn't respond, he has to convince her to slash her price or walk away from the deal.
5 Episode 103
In Hollywood, new agent Chase Campen tries to navigate a big listing but the buyer is playing hardball and the owners are having second thoughts. The deal tests every ounce of his patience and knowledge. In Malibu, smooth-talking agent Scotty Brown wins a bet and gets a great new listing. However, the homeowner's wife is getting cold feet and Scotty gets stuck in the middle.
6 Episode 105
In Hollywood, married super agents Dia and Ray are eager to unload the family home for a lonely daughter who needs to move on. In Malibu, top producer Carol Bird tries to sell a horse estate and recording studio for a world famous violinist who makes it very difficult for her to show buyers around.

About this show

When it comes to the Million Dollar Listing, it's all about the big houses, big personalities, and the even bigger deals -- especially when it's about homes in the high-priced, flashy fantasylands of Hollywood and Malibu. This series follows two top real estate agencies and their hungriest powerbrokers as they try to reel in the biggest bounty possible. You'll ride shotgun in their expensive luxury cars as they chase down the hottest listings, match up buyers and sellers, and then get everyone to the negotiating table as fast as possible. But you won't believe what these agents will do to seal the deal. Each episode will feature a listing in both Hollywood and Malibu as viewers are taken through the life of the sale, from open houses to final offers and all the deal-icious drama in between.

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351 reviews
Linda Busick
September 15, 2015
Los Angeles and New York are the best, I miss Madison, but there are no better than these guys.You need to get the Million Dollar San Francisco off the network they are the worse with no personalty and just plain dumb. Los Angeles and New York are entertaining and again simply the best of all. San Fran was wrong there are only 4 agents in California,(and it isn't any on San Fran) and to me really only 2 Josh and Josh (and Heather she 's great and her and Josh are perfect for each other) these guys do all the work and they make all the money an worth every bit of their success!!!!
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Guy G. Gachelin
September 4, 2014
I like the British guys. The show is still exciting to watch. If not more exciting than before.
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Yvonne Warr
December 31, 2015
I truly enjoy watching this show better than any show they have on TV. It gives me a peek into the lives of rich people selling their property.
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