Concrete Revolutio

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Season 1 episodes (24)

1 The Witch Girl of Tokyo
Nobody knows that Kikko is the witch girl of Tokyo! But there are also things she doesn't know - an evil alien trying to sabotage Earth's astronomical research, the transforming hero named Grosse Augen, and the mysterious Superhuman Bureau…
2 Inside the 'Black Fog'
Things are getting buggy for the Superhuman Bureau, and the organization questions whether or not to allow a newcomer under their wing.
3 An Iron Couple
Yatsuka Heavy Industries has been the target of a string of high-profile bomb attacks. Shiba, the android detective, is on the case. Will he catch the culprit, or will the Superhuman Bureau beat him to the punch?
4 Japan 'Beast' History Part 1
Throughout Japan, giant beasts rampage - products of pollution, warfare, and horrific experiments. Superhumans are building their reputations fighting the new threat, gaining the public's respect… and the attention of the Superhuman Bureau.
5 Japan 'Beast' History Part 2
The beast broker has been taken down, and beast attacks are on the decline. However, when the corpse of a military beast goes missing, the Superhuman Bureau suspects that the beast-related incidents are not yet over.
6 They Are Always Laughing
A comic band of mediocre popularity is more than what they seem - they are actually a band of superhumans! However, they are not willing to use their powers in any way outside of comedy.
7 Go Beyond the Sky and Stars
Earth-Chan has many powers, but the one power that drives her is the ability to determine good and evil. When help calls, Earth-Chan will rush to the rescue, but in a world where good and evil are unclear at best, who will Earth-Chan save?
8 Nobody Knows About the Rainbow Knight
The BL Club, a group of juvenile superhumans, are a modern-day hero squad not affiliated with the Superhuman Bureau. However, when they tackle a case related to the Rainbow Knight, Jiro, a Rainbow Knight fan, cannot help but get involved.
9 End of the Endless Family
The Superhuman Bureau encounters a strange family, who they suspect are completely immortal. Unlike other superhumans, they seem to be attracting unnecessary attention to themselves on purpose, and the Bureau seeks to find out why.
10 Mirage of Destiny
The Superhuman Bureau faces a new enemy, the Infernal Queen, an organization determined to kill everything it sees as evil. One of their own members, Hyouma "Jaguar" Yoshimura, seems to be involved in some way.
11 Justice / Freedom / Peace
Another American superweapon is revealed to the public, but this time, its inhumane nature is revealed by a solo superhuman name Claude, not by the Superhuman Bureau. As controversy stirs, the Bureau members cannot agree on how to interpret this.
12 Hakko Superhuman Crash Incident
The Superhuman Bureau investigate Claude's latest crimes, inching closer to his true identity. Meanwhile, a flying superhuman crashes into a high school in Tokyo, stirring up unrest.
13 Riots in Shinjuku
With the government atrocities now in the open, violent protests are at an all-time high. All over the world, superhuman youths take up arms against their governments. Claude leads the riots in Tokyo, threatening a revolution.
14 The Superhumans of November
Raito, now a member of the Superhuman Bureau, begins to question his way of life. One day, he meets Washizu, a similarly built android sheriff from outer space, without the questions plaguing Raito's mechanical mind.
15 The Ones Who Look Onto Space
A series of murders takes place. All of the victims were visitors from outer space, disguised as humans. The prime suspect is Aki, who used to be part of the Angel Stars idol group.
16 Calling Your Name in the Town of Flowers
The city of Sapporo is excited about the upcoming international winter sports event. The Japanese superhuman ski jumping athletes are expected to win medals, but dark clouds gather over the venue.
17 Devila and Devilo
The human race begins developing the region beneath the Earth's surface. However, the area is inhabited by powerful monsters, led by Queen Devila and her little brother Devilo.
18 Canada Goldenrod
The Canada Goldenrod, a non-native plant, rapidly grows in many areas all over Japan. Wakamura seems to be allergic to the pollen, but he soon finds out there is more to this plant than the sneezing.
19 Iron Mask Arrives
A superhuman is discovered, still alive, in a block of ice. She is Koma, the legendary Iron Mask Fencer from the Sengoku period of Japan.
20 The Endless Battle
The Superhuman Bureau is tasked with the mission to find a soldier who escaped from a US army base. Jiro does not agree to the inhumane practice of military superhuman use, and teams up with Raito to try and return Jonathan to his home.
21 Steel Ogre
Three "super robots" are imported to Japan as part of a new project for public safety. Raito and Aki attack one of the robots during transit, but neither their attack nor the super robot project goes as planned.
22 The Age of Giant Gods
A new movie is released in Japan, instantly filling theaters. The movie stars lookalikes of the Superhuman Bureau, and claims to reveal a hidden truth.
23 Beast and Maiden
The Superhuman Bureau is officially disbanded, and its former members either go into hiding or join the government. Then, Master Ultima hosts the Okinawa Superhuman Expo, a major event showcasing the benefits that superhumans possess.
24 Can You Still Sing
Superhumans are now divided into two groups, and every superhuman is forced to choose a side. Jiro, as a beast, leads the war against humans, and now Kikko must face him - all according to Satomi's plan.

About this show

What if superhumans were real? Even better, what if every fabled superhuman existed at the same time, in the same place?

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4 reviews
A Google user
March 15, 2019
it is a good show but alao say sad at the end of season 2
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