Deadwater Fell

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Deadwater Fell: Series 1 episodes (4)

1 Episode 1
When a house fire devastates a close-knit village, a community must pick through the ashes to find answers. Was it a tragic accident or something more sinister?
2 Episode 2
When the village takes to the streets to grieve, Jess wrestles with her part in the tragedy. And as the police close in on their prime suspect, intimate secrets come to light.
3 Episode 3
Armed with new evidence and a witness, the police bring Tom into the station for questioning. When his story doesn’t add up, they arrest him, but Tom believes Steve is setting him up.
4 Episode 4
As the villagers try to rebuild their lives, Jess makes her toughest decision yet. But will she ever get to the truth? And more importantly, can the truth ever really set you free?

About this show

David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) and Cush Jumbo (The Good Fight, The Good Wife) lead 'terrific performances across the board' in this 'complex and fascinating mystery' (Radio Times, UK).
Respected physician Tom (Tennant) and his schoolteacher wife, Kate (Anna Madeley, Patrick Melrose), have a seemingly perfect life in their small Scottish community with their best friends, Jess (Jumbo) and Steve (Matthew McNulty, Versailles). Until one night, when a fire ravages Tom and Kate's home, and Steve makes a disturbing discovery while attempting to save them. With evidence building that the fire was deliberate and perpetrated by a local, mistrust and suspicion begin to tear the town apart, forcing Jess and Steve to question everything they know about their friends.

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