Celebrity Ghost Stories

2013 • LMN
259 reviews
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Season 8 episodes (8)

1 Jillian Barberie, Dan Cortese, Bruce Boxleitner
Jillian is reunited with her birth parents and discovers the origins of the ghost who visited her throughout her childhood; his life in a downward spiral, Dan Cortese gets some help from the other side.
2 Michael Madsen, Linda Dano, Joanna Cassidy, Rae Dawn Chong
Michael Madsen has a terrifying encounter with the paranormal while visiting a hotel in Texas; a frightened Linda Dano discovers she is sharing her new home with a child spirit; actress Joanna Cassidy finds a secret tunnel underneath her home.
3 Andy Dick, Justin Henry, Nick Turturro, Betsey Johnson
While exploring the wilds of California, comedian Andy Dick discovered an abandoned homestead guarded by a long-dead pioneer with hatred for trespassers; shooting on location at an abandoned insane asylum.
4 Cherie Currie, Joseph Bologna, Diane Farr, Estella Warren
Singer Cherie Currie is possessed by a terrifying evil entity who transforms her into a violent teenager; actor Joseph Bologna is frightened to death when he is visited by his grandmother who had recently passed.
5 Jim Norton, Penny Johnson, Peter Scolari, Steven Williams
While staying in a Las Vegas hotel suite, comedian Jim Norton encounters a spirit brutally killed by the mob years before; actress Penny Johnson is attacked by a demon that feeds on the pain and vulnerability of young women.
6 Marlee Matlin, Kim Carnes, Robert Carradine
Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin has a powerful and moving experience as she loses a loved one; singer/songwriter Kim Carnes finds her muse in the spirit of a young girl who once inhabited her home;
7 Louis Gossett Jr., Carolyn Hennesy, Nathan Morris , Kevin Nash
While filming on location in Louisiana, Louis Gossett Jr. is attacked by a terrifying band of violent ghosts. Actress Carolyn Hennesy is relieved of the suffering caused by her emotional turmoil after a visit from a deceased loved one. Musician Nathan Morris quickly discovers his street smarts are no match for a ghost that met a tragic end. Professional wrestler Kevin Nash is comforted by the spirit of his mother.
8 Julie White, Roger Bart, Dominique Swain, Thomas Ian Nicholas
Julie White is terribly shaken by a spirit she encounters backstage in a theater; after buying a new home in the country, actor Roger Bart's peaceful existence is shattered by the presence of a deranged ghost; actress Dominique Swain brings an antique chair into her home and unbeknownst to her, there is a vengeful spirit attached to it; while filming a horror movie in a remote cabin in the woods, actor Thomas Ian Nicholas and his crew are terrorized by an unseen entity.

About this show

Famous personalities share their real-life personal encounters with the paranormal.
259 reviews
Jeana Knode
December 24, 2013
I love all the shows that are true with ghosts and the stories with celebs or ordinary people!! I love this one as you would be surprised always at who the next celebrity will be with real hauntings!!! Always one of my favs.. . J.Knode VA.
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Eduardo Luna
December 25, 2016
I enjoyed every moment of these stories. ... Who could've ever thought that celebrities would have an experience of their own. I only wish there was all the season in which I can buy. There's only one here. Please, I want more.
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Annette Gallo
March 22, 2014
i love this show. i want more seasons and the spin off, (i can't remember the name of that show)
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