We Need To Talk About Cosby

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Season 1 episodes (4)

1 Part 1
In the 1960s Cosby is collecting accolades for his comedy, breaking barriers for Black stunt performers and finding his own ways of participating in the nation's sexual liberation and civil rights movement. All the while, he allegedly begins exploiting his power. How do we reconcile everything we knew and loved about Bill Cosby with what we now know? Series premiere.
2 Part 2
"Hey, hey, hey" it's the 1970s and Bill Cosby's on a circuitous path to becoming an on-screen educator and moral authority – a man we thought we could trust. Whether he's telling kids to say "no" to drugs or allegedly offering pills to young women, Cosby proves himself relentless, and his ambition propels him to new levels of acclaim with 1983's stand-up special "Himself".
3 Part 3
Cosby strikes gold with "The Cosby Show," a genre-defining family sitcom and monument to Black excellence. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, he parlays our affection for his characters into even more affection for him and leverages his growing power inside the entertainment industry to allegedly commit and conceal a multitude of sins. As the beloved sitcom comes to an end, Cosby's persona warps from America's Dad into America's Angry Grandpa.
4 Part 4
After spending the early aughts perched on the high horse of respectability politics, Cosby falls down to Earth. Hannibal Buress tells a joke in Philadelphia, a chorus of survivors speak out, and a culture is ready to listen. There are two trials, a conviction, incarceration, appeal – and in 2021 – an overturned verdict. Now, we must debate what to do with the art we loved and the larger systemic problems Cosby's story lays bare. Series finale.

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A revealing four-part documentary series from writer/director W. Kamau Bell offering a deeply personal exploration of Bill Cosby's descent from "America's Dad" to alleged sexual predator. Exploring the complex story of Cosby's life and work, Bell invites comedians, educators, journalists and Cosby survivors to have a refreshingly candid, first of its kind conversation about the man, his career and his crimes. Bell takes an unfiltered look at his legacy and the unexpected ramifications for an industry that enabled him.

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