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2012 • Lifetime
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 The Rub Of Sugar Land
With her husband Kyle out of work and on disability, things for Riley Parks and her Beaumont, Texas, family couldn't be tougher. They are behind on their mortgage, and Riley has to find a job fast. When her massage school classmate Selena recommends she check out The Rub of Sugarland, a spa an hour away in Sugar Land, Riley meets its sexy owner Georgia Cummings and decides to give it a try. On her first day, she's stunned to discover that select clients get "special" treatment. After making it clear that she will not sexually service anyone, Riley hurries home to find that Kyle has left her. Not wanting to take a job at the hair salon where her mom Linette and best friend Lacey work, she heads back to The Rub of Sugarland intent on doing whatever she has to to keep her and her seven-year-old twins Katie and Travis in their home. Saying Kyle might be in Colorado, Riley's brother-in-law Evan encourages her to accept that her husband is gone. Trying her best to keep her family drama private, Riley throws herself into her job and develops a reputation as someone her clients can talk to. After counseling Jared Dawson to open up to his angry wife Valerie, she discovers that the woman has defaced her van with the word "whore." And when Riley complains, Georgia says that this isn't the first time Valerie has lashed out. When Evan confronts her about all the cash she's bringing home and accuses her of having a sugar daddy who's supporting her, Riley makes it clear she works hard for what she has earned. And when he tries to kiss her, she sends him packing. After apologizing for coming down hard on Georgia in the wake of the vandalism, Riley heads back to work to find her colleagues shocked that she talks to customers instead of just servicing their sexual needs. After a showdown with Valerie leads to an unlikely friendship between them, Riley is even more surprised when Kyle calls. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
2 Turn The Page
One month after her husband Kyle walked out, Riley struggles to accept the fact that he may never come back. While getting ready to join Georgia and her co-workers for drinks, she comes across a phone number for someone named Max in a jacket Kyle left behind. When she calls to ask if he knows anything about Kyle's whereabouts, Riley quickly hangs up when a woman answers. Meanwhile, as Riley gets acquainted with her new client, offshore oil worker TJ "The Camel" Braswell, Linette tries to keep her new suitor, Garrett, a secret. After leaving a series of voicemails at the number she found in Kyle's jacket, Riley leaves her kids with Lacey and heads out with her friends. When Riley gets too drunk to drive, Georgia calls her brother-in-law Evan to give her a ride home. And as Evan is putting her to bed, it becomes clear that they have feelings for each other. When Evan expresses an interest in getting to know her co-workers at The Rub of Sugarland, Riley worries that he'll find out about the details of her job. Meanwhile, as Lacey takes it upon herself to leave more phone messages for Max, Linette makes the most of her first date with Garrett. Back at The Rub of Sugarland, Riley learns the sad truth about the marriage proposal gone awry that left TJ living on his own. But when she tries to help him find the woman who turned him down, TJ politely asks her to stop. Meanwhile, after telling Linette what she's done, Lacey owns up to Riley about leaving messages for Max. When Lacey uses the Internet to find Max's address and they see a woman driving his old car with a child who looks a lot like Kyle, Riley is convinced that her husband has another family. But when she confronts the woman face to face, Riley is shocked to learn that Kyle is a drug addict and that Max is someone he met in rehab. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
3 Tough Love
As she struggles to tell Travis and Katie the truth about their dad, Riley finds her financial situation growing dire. When Selena invites her to a hotel where she is seeing clients off the books, Riley doesn't want to go behind Georgia's back. Instead, she keeps her appointment with Don Jordan, a corporate executive who is excited about being promoted in the wake of a big business deal. When their session is interrupted by a call from her children's school, Riley rushes off for an emergency meeting with the principal, where she's surprised to learn that Katie is being suspended for fighting with classmate Zack Singer. Meanwhile, as Linette takes a go-slow approach with her new suitor, Garrett, a friend on the police force tells Evan that Kyle has fled to Mexico. Though everyone worries that she'll be fired for running out on Don, Georgia surprises them all by asking Riley to manage The Rub of Sugarland. After making good on her cancellation with Don, Riley tells Selena that she can't keep her outside clients. Upset at being trumped by a newcomer, Selena secretly reschedules Don's next appointment. Meanwhile, Riley's plans to have a weekly family dinner are thrown into disarray when Linette invites Garrett. As the first dinner gets off to a rocky start following an argument between her kids, Zack and his dad, Mark, show up to apologize. Making matters worse, when Don shows up drunk at The Rub of Sugarland for his rescheduled appointment, Jolene sees Selena try to snag him as a client. After learning that Katie's fight was due to Zack saying that her dad was dead, Evan breaks the news about Kyle's disappearance across the border. Back at school, Riley discovers that Zack lost his mother to cancer two years earlier, leaving Mark to raise him on his own. After getting some sound advice from Mark, Riley hears that Selena has arranged to meet Don at a hotel. To undercut her, Riley calls Don in for another appointment, leaving Selena waiting at the hotel bar. After learning that Don is upset over being fired, Riley tells Georgia the truth about Kyle and says that she doesn't have the time to take over as The Rub of Sugarland's manager. And while Linette worries that all the family drama has driven Garrett away, she's pleasantly surprised when he wants another date. As Riley looks to hold her family together, she tells Travis and Katie that their dad won't be coming home anytime soon. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
4 Ring True
When her fiancé Bobby brings his best friend and law school classmate Grant in for a massage, Kendra worries after Riley unwittingly gives him some extra special treatment. In an effort to head off anything that could damage Kendra's reputation or threaten her engagement, Riley tracks Grant down at the law school library and warns him not to tell Bobby about what happened at The Rub of Sugarland. Meanwhile, still unwilling to publically acknowledge Kyle's disappearance, Riley opts out of the annual Beaumont Belles benefit dance, even though her mom has been named co-chair. As Lacey reveals that she and her husband Dale are trying to have a baby, Riley fields a call for Kyle with an offer to interview for a high school coaching job. When her nosy co-chair Taylor Berkhalter continues to pry about Kyle's whereabouts, Linette claims he can't come to the dance with Riley because of a big promotion at work in Dallas. But when Taylor refuses to back off, Riley blurts out that she will be coming to the dance alone. After learning of her predicament, Evan offers to be her date. As Kendra balks at facing Bobby again, Riley encourages Evan to apply for the coaching job. Just as Riley is about to leave for the party, Evan calls to say that he has been delayed by the interview and won't be there after all. Flush with memories of attending the benefit with Kyle, Riley tries to make the best of the situation. As she prepares to be on her own, Georgia shows up unannounced to be her date. And after a tense introduction, Georgia is left with the feeling that she knows Linette's new boyfriend Garrett from somewhere. Back at The Rub of Sugarland, Kendra is pleasantly surprised when Bobby shows up to ask that they move up the date of their wedding. When Taylor's relentless suspicions and innuendo push Riley into announcing to the crowd that her husband has left her, Linette is both relieved and proud. And when Evan shows up to escort Riley home just as everyone is leaving, he says that he turned down the coaching job. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
5 Try, Try Again
Both Riley and her client Josh Harper are embarrassed when a momentary distraction during a massage leads to some contact that is far more intimate than either of them were expecting. And while Josh's regular masseuse Jolene is smitten with him, it's Riley who the normally shy and reserved Josh asks on a date. Meanwhile, already worried that Lacey is trying to get pregnant without telling her husband, Riley is concerned when Linette announces that she and her new boyfriend, Garrett, are taking a trip to New Orleans. And while Evan vows to press his boss about a raise he promised, all Garza wants to talk about is Riley. Despite the pressure she's getting at work to start dating, Riley puts off giving Josh an answer. But after he sends her a cell phone that she can use exclusively to call him, she agrees to a date. And while things seem to be going well during their dinner together, Josh is troubled to learn that Riley is still married. Meanwhile, Garrett intends to ask Linette to marry him, but only if Riley approves. Though Riley's fears about her mom's jumping too quickly into another marriage are eased, the feeling doesn't last after Georgia discovers that Garrett was arrested for fraud 15 years ago. And after receiving some good-natured ribbing about a secret admirer, Jolene arranges for a date with the son she gave up for adoption 18 years ago. When Riley breaks the news of Georgia's investigation, Linette jumps to defend Garrett and their relationship. However, just as they are about to leave for New Orleans, Garrett tells Linette about his trying to raise money to build a church in Brazil -- the very same project that led to his arrest in Laredo. And despite his efforts to explain, Linette sends him packing. Meanwhile, Evan gets the promotion he was after, only to have his hotheaded reaction to Garza's lurid remarks about Lacey get him abruptly fired. Finally, as Josh makes it clear that he doesn't see a future for them right now, Riley does her best to comfort her wounded mom in the wake of her unexpected breakup with Garrett. And as Riley tries to convince her that getting pregnant without telling her husband is a bad idea, Lacey is left to wonder just what goes on at the Rub after she stumbles upon the thousands in cash that Riley has stashed in her freezer. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
6 The Cold Hard Truth
In the middle of a heat wave that's paralyzed both Texas and Riley's air conditioner, business at the Rub is hurt when Georgia suspects that new client Nathan Young is an undercover cop. So to avoid being shut down, Georgia bans any "extras," putting a serious crimp in the girls' earning power. Meanwhile, after convincing Lacey that the cash she found in the freezer was an inheritance from Kyle's reclusive uncle, Riley is prodded into a play date with Dr. Mark Flemming and his son, Zack. And as Evan struggles to get back on his feet after losing his job, Lacey's husband, Dale, encourages him not to give up on the idea of a romance with Riley. As the girls look for ways to keep their regular clients happy, Georgia presses a local cop for tips about any upcoming raids. Though Georgia doesn't learn enough to call off the ban, Selena still finds a way to satisfy her demanding clients without doing anything illegal. When Georgia thinks that the spa is being staked out by the police, Riley realizes that the suspicious car parked outside belongs to Lacey. But when Riley confronts her in the parking lot, Lacey reveals that she knows the story about Kyle's late uncle was a lie. So when Riley comes clean about her new job, Lacey gets upset and bolts. Meanwhile, as Riley looks to keep things with Mark strictly platonic, Selena's co-workers suspect that she's defying Georgia's orders. As Riley and the other girls finally press her about how she is satisfying her customers without violating Georgia's ban, Selena admits that she's found ways to help her clients help themselves. Fretting over driving her best friend away, Riley hurries to make things right and is surprised to find that Linette is at Lacey's house. All too aware of the tension between them, when Riley leaves the room for a moment, Linette presses Lacey for details. Riley is certain that Lacey will tell Linette everything, but is relieved to discover that, despite her anger and dismay, Lacey didn't divulge her secrets. And, when Dale finally agrees to start trying to have a baby, Lacey sets aside her feelings about Riley's job in order to share the good news with her. Finally, after Georgia announces that it is safe to return to business as usual at the Rub, Riley discovers that Nathan was, in fact, a cop. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
7 Life Of Riley
As Georgia warns the girls to be careful now that they are being watched by a rogue cop, Riley thinks fast when client Geoffrey Preston tries to bolt just minutes into his first treatment. When Geoffrey admits to wanting to get over his awkwardness with women so he can ask his neighbor out on a date, Riley takes him to a nearby coffee shop for some practice. However, things become uncomfortable for Riley when her friend and prospective suitor Mark Flemming shows up as she's coaching Geoffrey on his social skills. And it gets worse when Selena rats her out to Georgia for meeting a client off site. Meanwhile, as Kendra reveals that she and her fiancé Bobby are looking to save money on their wedding by eloping, Lacey admits to Linette that she never told Riley that she knew Kyle was planning to leave. Still reeling over Selena's betrayal, Riley learns that Evan is being offered a job by construction contractor Beau Berkhalter. Though Riley is happy that Evan is going back to work, Linette is upset after finding that Beau's backstabbing wife Taylor is preparing to buy the Curl Up & Dry. Meanwhile, when Riley tries to get their working relationship back on track, Selena refuses to cooperate. And as Evan is out celebrating his new job with the Berkhalters, he's surprised when Selena shows up, too. As Riley ponders her future at the Rub, she is left speechless when Lacey blurts out her secret about Kyle. And just as Riley is sending Lacey and Linette away so she can be alone, Mark suddenly shows up at her door to make it clear that he wants another date. While Riley manages to clear the air with Lacey, another attempt to do the same at work falls flat when Selena suggests that there's something going on between Evan and Taylor, his new boss's wife. Recalling how Kyle left her more than once during their marriage, Riley tells Kendra to listen to her gut as she tries to make sense of Bobby's reluctance to finalize their wedding plans. Finally, as Linette makes her own offer for the salon, Riley decides to give Mark another chance. And despite Georgia's warning to stop making trouble at work, Selena shows up on Evan's arm when Riley and Linette throw a dinner party to celebrate his new job. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
8 Games People Play
When it's clear that Travis is struggling with his father's absence, Riley asks Evan to be a role model for her son even though their own relationship is complicated by his attraction to her troublemaking co-worker Selena. On a friend's advice, Derek West uses an appointment with Riley to complain that his girlfriend Skyler has threatened to stop having sex until he gives up his dangerous job as a rodeo cowboy. After an angry Skyler drops in at the Rub to warn Riley to keep her nose out of their business, Derek reveals that she's making good on her threat to ignore him in bed. Meanwhile, upset that her archenemy Taylor Berkhalter is planning to take over the Curl Up & Dry, Linette looks to buy the salon herself. But when Riley offers to put in some money to help her mother get a bank loan, she reconsiders when asked to submit the details of her finances. While at a restaurant with Travis after spending the day fishing, Evan is accosted by Selena's surly ex-boyfriend Danny. Though he doesn't want a confrontation, Evan is provoked into beating up Danny as Travis listens from inside the truck. Upon learning of the fight, Riley makes an already difficult situation even worse when she warns both Evan and Selena to steer clear of one another. Meanwhile, when Riley admits to being worried about disclosing the details of her finances in order to help Linette get a loan, Georgia suggests a night out with the girls to help clear her head. While drinking with her co-workers, seeing the bar's mechanical bull gives Riley an idea. And after inviting Derek and Skyler to the bar so that she can watch him do what he does best, Riley recounts how she used sex as a weapon in her own failed marriage in order to help Skyler see what's at stake. Finally, as Riley and Evan look to patch up their relationship by resolving to work together to help Travis cope with not having his dad at home, Linette learns that even with her daughter's help, there's no way she can outbid Taylor for the salon. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
9 Acting Up
When a loud argument at work forces Dee Ann to admit that she's involved with client Ray Stirland, Riley encourages her to tell Georgia that she's broken the rules by seeing a customer outside the Rub. What neither woman expects, however, is that Georgia would fire her. While Riley is certain that she will change her mind after she's had time to cool off, Georgia stands her ground and starts looking for information she can use to blackmail the politically connected Ray. Meanwhile, unwilling to live with the changes that new owner Taylor Berkhalter is making at the Curl Up & Dry, Linette quits her job at the salon. And when the Rub's yoga teacher Luke Jurgenson admits that he's in love with his best friend Kendra, Riley insists that he tell her. When Mark Fleming asks her to a dinner at the country club where she and Selena used to work, Riley must keep her romantic interest in check after her daughter Katie says that she doesn't like him. Already anxious about her date, Riley snaps when Evan mentions that he is still seeing Selena. And at the club, she's unnerved to find that Selena has talked Evan into crashing the party. While she doesn't approve of Selena's brazen attempt to get invited to join the club, Riley is even more disturbed by Mark's snobby attitude. But after sneaking away from the dinner to spend the rest of the evening with Evan, Riley learns that Katie has run away from home. After Linette arrives at the house to join the search for Katie, she's stunned when Taylor drops by and offers to help, too. When Riley and Evan find her at her school's soccer field, Katie makes it clear that she doesn't want Mark to take her dad's place. And after apologizing for her ham-fisted effort to change the salon, Taylor asks Linette to come back to work. When he's warned to stay away from the Rub, Ray issues a threat that leaves Georgia reeling. Finally, Luke takes Riley's advice and tells Kendra how he feels, leaving her wondering what she should do about her engagement to Bobby. And after Riley is surprised when Evan kisses her, she's even more shocked when her missing husband Kyle shows up on her doorstep. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.
10 Past Is Prologue
After Kyle's reappearance, Riley looks to escape the tension at home by going to work, only to have to endure Selena's story about crashing the country club dinner once she arrives. When no one else will talk to him, Kyle turns to Lacey's husband Dale, who admits that everything that's happened is giving him second thoughts about becoming a father. Meanwhile, when her run-in with Ray Stirland prompts Georgia to take a leave of absence, she turns the business over to Riley and insists that she keep the client list in a safe place. When the elderly Earl Hudson dies at the Rub, Riley is stunned when his wife Ruth admits that she has been seeing another man for years. But after Ruth leaves to meet her longtime boyfriend, Earl unexpectedly regains consciousness and reveals that he heard everything his wife said about him. After Riley returns home to find that Travis and Katie have arranged a surprise family dinner with their dad, it soon becomes clear to everyone that it was a bad idea. Retreating to his motel to find Evan, Kyle realizes Riley and the kids weren't the only ones he abandoned. And when Lacey promises to help her through the crisis at home, Riley further complicates matters by admitting that she may be in love with Evan. Now that she's in charge of the Rub, Riley doesn't hesitate to rehire Dee Ann and fire Selena. However, when the cop who once tried to shake down Georgia returns to try again, Riley worries that she's in over her head. Meanwhile, when Kyle comes home to beg for another chance, Riley explodes in anger. But as Evan steps in to comfort her, they don't notice that Kyle is still watching. Finally, when Georgia calls to remind her to secure the client list, Riley hurries to the Rub where she accidentally sets off the burglar alarm while trying to recover the book. Before she can get away, Kyle suddenly appears. And when he admits that he came back home after hearing she was in trouble, Riley suspects that Kyle has a friend on the police force who told him about her recent problems with the law. © 2012 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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The series follows Riley Parks balancing two worlds - one that revolves around her kids and family - and the other that revolves around the massage parlor and it’s special clientele. These two worlds couldn’t be farther apart, yet she’s totally comfortable in both. Keeping them separate … now that’s the tricky part as she discovers she’s not the only one with secrets.

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537 reviews
Kimberly Boston
April 10, 2014
I'm really upset they cancelled the show it was very Entertaining I loved Riley and her best friend they mad me laugh and cry. Please bring it back It's not good to leave us viewers in suspense....
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Alicia Dawn Lunz (Allie)
May 24, 2014
I just loved it from day one.Jennifer love is cute and sexy and the girl next door all in one the drama is exciting.the hurls of what women have to go through being single parent. And still have a life of her own demonstrates the strength she had and all women have to survive.amazing show
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virginia kepner
March 29, 2013
You are on a ride of emotions from beginning thru thee last second of the show. Emotions arrayed vastly till your exhausted from being highly super charged with excitement, to seeing out anticipation on thee levels of intense love, anger, hope and sex. <3
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